The Old Permissions is Dead - Switch to PEX (How-to)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by PermissionsTeam, Aug 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm one of those people who don't like major changes :L and this is kinda a major change, i dont want to have a seperate plugin for the groups, the only reason i use Permissions+ is because the command is literally "/promote <member>" which is alot easier to explain to op's than somehting like "/p -u <player> " or that stuff. which i can imagine it will be like.
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    Ignoring permissions bukkit, cuz it really wasn't very thought out...
    bPermissions is pretty good. (Could be better)

    But like you have said, promote might be easier. =P
    I'm actually going to try and make a spout hook in (hopefully it wont be too complicated...) for advanced pail permissions. To give an in game gui for permissions. (What's easier than that? ;p)
  3. Erm... Having it do it automatically by reading your mind? ;)
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    That... is truth!
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  5. I would love this feature! :D

    btw switch to PEX today from Permissions 3 and a switch have never been easier just follow the guide... all plugins work and all permissions work. even chat is working after a little copy/paste from iChat to ChatManager that is included in PEX.
  6. except with PEX the commands are difficult and confusing, Unless you can suggest another plugin that can change it to /promote, /demote etc?
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    Why do people use PEX over the internal and official BukkitPerms/Superperms? Isnt - except if I totally misunderstand everything - PEX yet another *external* Permissions plugin?
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    from what i have gathered, and correct me if im wrong, PEX interfaces with bukkits built in permission system. Bukkit added permissions but it still needs a plugin to interface with it.
  9. Now youre being lazy
  10. lol, but still, its alot more effort to do all of that. I still like the feel to permissions. with the prefixes/suffixes etc.
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    PEX can import your Permissions files, AND it has prefixes and suffixes!
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    It would be wise to actually try the new permissions before arbitrarily saying you don't like them. Bukkit is advancing and moving forward, we really don't have time to deal with people who just don't like change and won't update because they're too lazy.

    Also I don't know what you're talking about with initiating groupsm PEX, bPerms, and PermissionsBukkit all have groups and their prefixes work with chat plugins.

    And what you said illustrates the problem perfectly. You will urge other plugins to support this? It is a huge pain for authors to support multiple permissions plugins, that's why the new system is great. Its so easy for us to imokement permissions knowing it will work automatically on any of the new permissions plugins.

    So you tell me, are you saying you'd rather have devs waste their time continuing to add legacy permissions just because you're narrow and afraid of change?

    PEX, bPerms, and PermissionsBukkit are all internal permissions managers.

    Okay we'll hold back bukkit standards because you're lazy. Seriously, grow up. Yes, being a server admin involves reading and learning sometimes, if you're not cut out for it then try something else. All your reasons why new permissions are bad have either been false or some variation or "too hard." If you really feel that way then give up and stop whining.

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  13. hmm, because of course. i'm going to waste all of my time and effort and money that has gone into my server.
    I'm not being funny, but Permissions still has potential. Just add superperms support? wouldnt that be easy? In fact, ive actually just seen quite alot of plugins on the plugin list that still support Permissions 3.x so all that crap about no plugins support it anymore, They still do.

    And To be honest, i do not believe its that much more effort required to go into plugins just to make it compatible with Permissions 3/4.x

    And with PEX, like i have said, complicated commands. Before all my operators and moderators all knew the commands, simple /promote, /demote, /groupset etc. Now they have to learn all this complicated crap, just because everyone now thinks that just because bukkit put permissions included means that everyone HAS to use those. it doesnt.

    It all just seems like a massive change that doesn't need to be changed at all. to me is seems like that anyway.

    Right okay fine, i'll switch. Just FYI i'm not happy about it! :p

    Can anyone suggest the easiest one to use? Out of the three PermissionsBukkit, PEX, bPermissions i think i'll be going with PermissionsBukkit. I think theres a way to make a plugin send commands :confused: if there is, i will definatly make one to just do /groupset, /promote etc.

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    Ok, this is my last post on this thread. We can all agree that Permissions is officially dead. I've used it for ages but it's gone and PEX is a good enough replacement for those that don't want to use SuperPerms.

    I get where you're coming from. But things change with time. Is it needed? Usually not, but it normally does some good in the long run. I've went from group management on Hmod through all three Permissions, GroupManager (briefly) and PEX. It's just part of the territory. But the learning curve is part of running a server.

    I don't normally partake in feeding the trolls. But you telling anybody to grow up is laughable. You have handled yourself very poorly on this thread. You've repeatedly decided to make your points with anger, sarcasm, and even name calling. I'll not be responding to you so save yourself the time of typing up an angry response that I'm not going to read. Some of us have been running servers for almost a year now (jeez it's really been that long?) and have gotten set in our ways. I'm truly sorry that either you can't understand that or you intentionally choose just troll.
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    Could someone help me with that migrate or make a youtube video on how to do it im a bit noob im using permissions 3.x and want it to the permissionsEX
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    @TheTekromancer @TruDan
    If you look at the beginning of the thread I made my argument calmly and tried to be civil. Their response? "YOU ARE IGNORANT." Yes that angers me especially when it's coming from people who do not know what they're talking about. Nothing pisses me off more than people who are so confident in their lack of knowledge.

    You guys still have not responded to any of the points we made, we including EvilSeph's point. The majority of the argument has been "but I don't want to change?" Not very valid. This may have no been what you said personally but there are so many unique people on this forum with the Guy Fawkes mask so I may be confusing you.

    The reason so many people are against this, at least in my case, is because every day I get 20PMs/posts demanding me to add support for some deprecated, half-assed permissions plugin like Permissions 3. When I say no, people get pissed off and start yelling and calling me incompetant. <-- That is what happens when you don't have standards.

    You can label me a troll if you want, but last time I checked trolls don't get their posts liked with people following up and saying "I agree." Especially not people who know what they're talking about. The funny thing is, after @HmmmQuestionMark bothered to try PEX, he himself admitted we should be moving in that direction and not backwards. So the entire problem was that people decide before trying.

    Have fun using IE6 since change isn't usually needed.

    I personally use PEX but I've heard good things about bPerms as well. I HAVE heard that people had problems with PermissionsBukkit but as usual this might be because of incompetence.

    I don't remember exactly but check the PEX thread, I think they have a converter.

    Sorry I was wrong. You need to either follow the PEX guide to use in game commands or look at the file format and manually copy paste over.
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  17. I understand how angry you may be, but you dont then have to take it out on other people. EvilSeph (I know you posted that later but didnt want to quote it all) did say that was his personal opinion and that wasnt on behalf of the bukkit team.

    Okay, i think i might go with bPerms, it seems the easiest, my custom plugin handles the prefixes anyway, I hope theres some form of API for this to set groups :D
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    Well he and other people have made a point and you should either explain why it's invalid or accept it. That's what I meant by no one has been responding to our points. He's not speaking for the Bukkit team but all of them would agree. Anyone who develops would agree.
  19. PEX is most like Permissions. it is as you request Permissions with SuperPerm support (of a kind) it even have a Permissions converter
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    so i can just take the permissions files i made and copy past it all to the permissions.yml or ?

    Are you from denmark ?

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    PEX does use SuperPerms.

    Please read to avoid further confusion and pain:
  22. How to convert from P3 to PEX:

    When all is done, the permissions.yml should look like this:
    plugins/PermissionsEx/permissions.yml (open)
            - Admin
            - Member
            - '*'
            - modifyworld.*
                suffix: '&8[BADASS]&7'
            - god.all
            - modifyworld.*
            - everyone
                prefix: '&a[G]&7'
            - lwc.blockinventory
            - groupspawn.spawn
                prefix: '&f[GUEST]&7'
            default: true

    I used iChat (P2 version) instead of the bundled chat-manager to get prefixes and suffixes to work how I liked.
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    After reading this thread I'm thoroughly confused, I just want to know:

    Which plugins systems is this NOT compatible with, so I know what plugins I CANNOT install?
    How long is the team planning to develop this?

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    King Rat

    Seeing this thread progress was rather lolable.
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    agreed, but it also got me to use PEX (i was still using Perm 3.x OH MY!), partly because i took over hosting a server that a friend was hosting so i was using his config
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    What @TruDan said is, in fact, a valid reason to avoid SuperPerms. You can call it 'being lazy', but some people want plugins with a simple, easy to understand syntax/interface. It's something that developers should work on perfecting if at all possible (after finishing the functionality).

    For example, if there were two competing plugins that each performed the exact same (in functinality), but had two different command syntaxes...which would you choose?

    Plugin A:
    - /derp a -b cdf345 $f

    Plugin B:
    - /derp a b

    The argument 'for' SuperPerms seems to be that "Everyone should support it because Bukkit made it, and we can't 'not' support Bukkit!". However, if server owners find it more complicated, why would they want to go with SuperPerms?

    What I'm getting at, is that there's nothing wrong with being against SuperPerms due to a more complicated syntax. It's not users being 'lazy', it's users having standards.

    This is just my humble opinion, of course.
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  27. Det kan du tro :) (yup I'm danish)
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