The New CanaryMod - A Bukkit alternative for 1.8

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    Hello bukkit community! This post is to inform users about a bukkit alternative for 1.8 and beyond. Many of you might know us as those crazy fools who continued updating hMod(which we were) but we recoded from the ground up a new API of our own design.

    About us
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    CanaryMod has a strong history within the Minecraft community dating back to the hMod days and we believe, going forward, we are in a great position to resolve the current crossroads in Minecraft Server Administration.

    hMod was first released in late 2010. It was the first widely used Minecraft Server Mod. In early 2011 when Bukkit was first released the developer, hey0, decided to discontinue the project. Many die-hard fans weren’t ready to let go. Shadow386 then formed CanaryMod and built a team to continue the original project. CanaryMod has since then been present, but under the radar with a small user base.

    As the tight-knit community grew, the limitations of the original Minecraft Server Mod became more and more prominent. In early 2012, Two CanaryMod Developers, darkdiplomat and damagefilter, began working on a recode from scratch based on Canary’s core fundamental values and mission statement. To create a user friendly, open-source, and stable platform to develop plugins for, administer, and run minecraft servers whilst at the same time ensuring the day to day playing experience(s) gain in growing beyond Mojang’s existing feature(s). CanaryMod was designed using both Java and Minecraft Community best practices in mind.

    We can now fast forward to present day, where we are proud to announce a stable, production ready release that lives up to our high standards.

    Our Team and Commitment
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    Today we have a growing team within the CanaryMod crew who have a varied range of skills that aren’t just “developer” focused. We continue to always be on the look out for members of the Minecraft community who not only share all things “blocks and creepers” but also have deep rich skills in their chosen crafts that relate to CanaryMod. Although we are primarily a Java based project we however are branching out to encourage other languages to co-exist inside the CanaryMod vision (ie SCALA, JavaScript, LUA etc). The more entry points we create for the project the more immersive the overall CanaryMod experience will be for both Administrators and Players of the game.

    Our project lead, darkdiplomat provides ongoing counsel and curation of all the code written for the project and will continue to do so to ensure that we all work as a unified team but don’t drop or compromise on quality, no matter how urgent the idea or need.

    As of late there has been some turmoil within the Minecraft community specifically relating to existing projects like Bukkit. Whilst we are hopeful that going forward these set of issues will self correct, we would like to reassure our community and potential new community members that we have taken steps to ensure this type of behavior doesn’t manifest within CanaryMod (all code remains owned by individual contributors but also have granted irrevocable right to CanaryMod - essentially no DMCA issues of late can arise in this project). We are also working hard to reach out to a variety of existing Plugin community lead(s) and their respective projects to see what we can do to help them ease into any adoption of CanaryMod. We see this as being an opportunity to not only regroup but focus on the future, with grand visions and ideas around making the entire Plugin development and consumption experience that much greater than before.

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    Our immediate goals are finishing completely the update to 1.8 to a stable production build. After attaining that goal we will continue to enhance, improve, and expand our API. Our team members are extremely passionate about achieving these goals and every day inside the CanaryMod team there are always ongoing discussions about our next set of “TODO” task items.

    If you would like us to focus on something more specific or you feel you need to exercise your own personal voice/opinion on the development going forward, you are not going to be ignored and we welcome your input.

    Tomorrow we are not only focused on improving the code base but we are now working hard to build out both our onboarding experience and grow our community engagement model further. We have Team members creating tutorial videos on how to work with our unique Hook event management API whilst at the same time helping new and old programmers with their setting experiences in terms of the types of tooling they have chosen.

    In closing, welcome to the CanaryMod community if this is your first visit or if you’re a returning member, thank you for being with us thus far. I see the future of Minecraft community server and client modding as still being a positive enriched experience for both Server owners and Players. Anything we can do to help your experience further, just tell us!


    1.8 In-DevBuild:

    ~ CanaryMod Team.
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    I really hope people have begun to realize that Canary is no longer a fork of the old hMod but completely rewritten from the ground up and that its under new management.
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    A word of caution (the "new" canary seems very promising): note the features and already implemented proof, you're not going to grow if you only state "we are an open community," good luck.
  4. I have been really impressed with Canarymod, both from a server admin perspective and a plugin developer. I think you can say I have "made the move" going so far as to migrate the RaspberryJuice plugin.
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    Back in the days when cuboid was a thing.
    This should count as Necro o:

    (Welcome back)
  6. @sfxworks DamageFilter still maintains Cuboids.

    Also I have had a wonderful experience so far, with both developing, getting help, and making test servers.
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