The LightCore initiative - lightweight, efficient bukkit plugins.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by PhonicUK, Feb 21, 2012.

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    The LightCore Initiative

    What is it?

    The LightCore Initiative is a project to provide lightweight equivalents to the major Bukkit plugins, free of any unnecessary bloat and complex features.

    The development of the LightCore plugins is being commercially funded, however all the plugins will be free and open source for anyone to use or adapt.


    As some of the more common Bukkit plugins have aged, many have become more resource intensive and difficult to use as authors attempt to cram in more functionality and support for other plugins that the user may not even have or want.

    The goal of the LightCore project is to provide the 'bare essentials' of what the majority of server admins need, without forcing unwanted functionality or complications upon them. All LightCore plugins will feature consistent and well documented configuration to help users get going quickly.

    The design principle is simply that the plugins will do what *most* people need and do so extremely well, instead of trying to fit in every possible use case.

    Who is funding it?

    Development is being funded by the McMyAdmin Project. While the plugins will be designed with McMyAdmin in mind, they will not in any way require McMyAdmin and will be useful for all server owners regardless of their choice of setup. These are plugins being built for server admins.

    What plugins are being developed?

    First up is a simple chat plugin, with support for custom chat formatting and in-game channels. More will be added as development continues.

    As a general rule, LightCore plugins will mostly be for server administration and not for changing gameplay mechanics.

    You can expect to see the first LightCore approved plugin within the next few weeks.

    Your thoughts, comments, encouragement and criticisms are all welcome!
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    Good luck with this, I'll be the first one to test them :p
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    I triple dog dare you to redo Essentials.

    I use CommandBook, just would be cool to see if someone can make Essentials skinny.
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    I don't even think that would be worth the time.. CommandBook is much better in my opinion.
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    Don Redhorse

    and so it begins... well one thing you should keep in mind.

    Before asking a plugin to be created new... ask the original developer of the plugin if he wants to change it or make a second version of it.... he / she also deserves some money.

    For example... DeathTpPlus... if you just need a DeathChest / TombStone ask the CenoTaph plugin developer... he is active again and it will be easy for him to trim down the plugin.

    just my 2 cents..
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    Nathan C

    Holy cow, this would be amazing.

    For example maybe do: Teleport request plugin, where people can request teleports plugin, without all the other junk of Essentials.
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    iConomy? Since the dev is doing other things?
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    Good point, noted.
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    CommandBook does that, it's /call
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    Nathan C

    Yeah, but it isn't standalone is it?

    It comes with all the other junk that CommandBook has.
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    There has to be a balance between a "slim" plugin and a plugin with many features. If you tried to make a plugin for each and every "feature" you'd end up having to juggle thousands of micro plugins - all of which will have to be updated for major changes to Bukkit (like R5).

    As an example: OtherDrops was specifically designed to combine the abilities of a whole bunch of different "slim" plugins as it's actually more efficient for one plugin to handle multiple custom block drops than 20 different plugins for each different custom drop. I'm also aware that overloading a plugins functionality can make it more confusing and there is a danger in that if the plugin breaks all of it breaks - this is why it's a balancing game between staying "slim" and adding features.
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    If there's a plugin that is not full of junk, it's CommandBook.

    Not to mention that you can compile it to your liking on sk89's page, you can compile only those commands and elements into it that you like.
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    Great ideas. I had this sort of thing in mind when I made Simplicity. It was designed to be a trimmed-down CmdBook/Essentials with the absolute minimum required to run a decent server. Big plugins such as CmdBook and Essentials create lazy server owners. Simplicity allowed other plugins to be used alongside it without fat of commands the owner didn't ever use, or want. I wanted a few more commands like home cmds to be added but I never got round to this. DanielHep. now owns it :)
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    How about you just submit usability patches to existing projects instead of reinventing the wheel?
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    Essentials over commandbook anyday. Commands book is for nubs.
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    Are you serious or just trolling? Essentials is for the noobs.. Just go to any xbox gaming forum that allows Minecraft server advertisements.. All the kids use Essentials.
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    I actually use essentials and I love it.
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    It has too much stuffed into a single plugin in my opinion.
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    Apart from the Economy, I use most of the essentials features, that's the reason why I like it so much.
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    Wow, this could really be effective if executed properly.
    I look forward to see what life this project may bare.
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    Bump - Want to see this happen.
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