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    Hello! I am KidKardinal. I wanted to ask if someone wanted to make a plugin for me based on the stuff from The Last Airbender. Here are my ideas that I hope you can improve or make or both.

    The Fire Nation cannot be affected by fire or lava. The Water Tribe cannot drown and are stronger in the Snowy Biomes. Air Nomads cannot take fall damage and run faster and jump higher than all the other nations. Earth Kingdom will be stronger on the the land and can mine and dig faster but are not as strong on the deserts. And for the Avatar maybe you can fuse all those together.

    Thanks for reading. BTW I will use this for my new server that I am starting called The Last Blockbender. Don't worry I will credit you if you want. I am currently making Ba Sing Se. The building will be different due to the massive size of Ba Sing Se.
  2. Interesting server idea! (PS, don't get too excited -- I'm not a plugin developer).

    You said
    Why would Earth benders not be as strong on deserts? I would think they would be more powerful...

    For Air Nomads, would you give them Swiftness II?

    I want to see Ba Sing Se! :p
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    I made the Earth Benders not as strong in the deserts because Toph had problems in it and she was the best Earthbender at the time due to the fact that she discovered Metal Bending.
  4. Oh yeah, I remember that! :p

    Good luck finding a developer!

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