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    Plugin category: [MECH]

    Suggested name: For viewing only(fly)

    A bit about me: i'm a server admin for a server for my friends. They are always asking.."thibault, can you give me gamemode 1 for a bit, just to see from above how my creation looks like...", all of the times i say no because they may cheat(they will). I saw a plugin request for flying in survival mode, but that's not what i want...(see next line)

    What I want: I want the players on my server to use a command to put them in "viewing-mode", this will get them in gamemode 1(so they can fly), but they can't spawn items,drop items or place blocks until they go out of the "viewing-mode", when they do they will be teleported to the original location where the player went in "viewing-mode".

    Ideas for commands:
    "/flyview" to disable or enable "viewing-mode"
    "/flyview on" to enable it
    "/flyview off" to disable it
    (the first one does the same ass /flyview on and /flyview off,but then combined)
    Ideas for permissions:
    Willing to pay up to: $0 ,sry

    When I'd like it by: the coming months

    Similar plugin requests: None

    Devs who might be interested in this: i don't know
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    Too complicated for me
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    Exactly what i want a plugin that makes my admins able to fly but not to take items from creative :) can you make it? But can you change it so you just fly and can break add blocks? like survival but the people with the permission can fly when they make something in survival...
    i really would like to have that!

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