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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by M1sT3rM4n, Aug 25, 2011.

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    People used to be able to join my server but can't now. I can though. People say it's something wrong with my configuration. What do?
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    My server has been running fine for a while, but I downloaded the new build (1.2.5 R.3) and now it says End Of stream whenever anyone (even me) tries to join. please help!

    EDIT: Also now I can't join any other servers...

    OMIGOSH. I had a facepalm moment. i had to have the 1.2.5 client, not the snapshot. ALL FIXED. sorry

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    New Motion

    My CPU is:
    Microsoft Windows XP SP 3 Verision 2002
    Intel(R) Core (TM) 2 CPU
    T7200 @ 2.00 GHz
    2.00 GHz, 2.00 GB of RAM (My friend is giving me 6 GB of ram later)

    Ping: 45 ms
    Download Speed: 2.02 Mbps
    Upload Speed: 0.42 Mbps
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    I think I solved this one--I think that notepad added a .txt to the file by default. (grins sheepishly)
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    I'm gonna try and sneak in here to try and get some help...

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    @M1sT3rM4n Is pairing server admins with other potential staff included in community building? If you could play matchmaker for myself and some reputable members of the bukkit community that would be great. Otherwise, I'll just keep waiting for mr/mrs right to stumble on my server.
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    Yep. But like a merger & acquisition IRL, you have to think about the benefits and costs of bringing said individuals into the community. The last time I attempted a M&A with another community it resulted in much sadness.

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    A merger/acquisition is probably a last resort. I don't want to cause any sadness. The last thing my server needs is drama. I am mostly looking for people to fill some moderator positions and perhaps an admin position down the road for one of those mods.

    If you get lucky and find a community which is dying due to a lack of funding and is willing to be absorbed, then I could live with absorbing some qualified staff as moderators. I want to have a way of getting to know how the potential mod handles situations so they would need to have been active members of some forum, preferably bukkit or

    I need resourceful moderators. Some who have even run servers in the past, but do not want the stress of being an admin. Those who know how to find information, which to my surprise people find harder than I think it is.
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    I, by chance, ran into an outstanding and very talented girl who has stuck with me for about a year and a half now. You just have to be patient with talent searches. But given the target age group for MC it's very easy to see through the cloud of smoke that makes up the majority of the immature community :)
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    Indeed. My biggest concern is how a person handles situations while communicating with others. I don't want someone who gives people unnecessary information about the internal workings of the server, or does not consider how the words they say will affect the users and whether or not they decide to leave the server. If they are resourceful they can learn how to use the plugins needed for catching baddies, and helping others. However; mr/mrs right would already know how to use a few plguins.

    I'll be patient in my search. I have designed my server to be fairly low maintenance and the users on my server are good at moderating each other.
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    Upsie daisie.
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    Sorry to reply so late, but I like to follow up. That ended up being a problem with our computer. We took it in after it was getting slower and slower and they cleaned up the HD, now it runs fine with no errors.
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    Glad it worked out for you :)
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    OT: 1-1 in Poland vs. Russia match.
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    So I am running a simple 5-slot server with Hamachi.

    I use a Mac, and I have EssentialsCORE, Towny (all four .jarfiles), iConomy, Randman, and WorldBorder. It's all nice and pretty, everything is updated, but I have a few questions.

    One: What other plugins should I install to make this a better server? I want this thing to be ready by the time it goes commercial.

    Two: The only thing I can figure out how to do with iConomy is /iConomy which shows my balance.
    (Btw I have no towny problems.)

    Third: My friends that aren't staff can't seem to build or destroy in the wildernes. I have my spawn radius set to 16, is that chunks? Because its definitely not blocks.

    The iConomy problem and the spawn problem were researched, and I figured out it was something with permissions.

    I looked up permissions, (btw my YouTube is restricted, I'm 11) and I found NOTHING. NOTHING AT ALL.

    I need to know:

    What permissions are, what they do, and what they look like.

    How to use them, what I can use them for.

    Will permissions solve some of my problems?

    Thanks, please reply, I DO NOT WANT LINKS. Please tell me in a new thread of just reply. I don't want links because the Internet is where I can't find info. And please, only staff reply. Last thing: If you suggest a plugin to me I need a download link and a description of what it is and does.

    I know that was EXTREMELY long, but I really need the help. Thanks! Please reply.


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    Plugin choice is dependent on how your server's run. With a player base that small I doubt you really need a permission system, especially if you're playing with friends. In order to have proper permission handling and to avoid all exploits with power abuse, I recommend you use PermissionEx.
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    I'm going to spend money on this. Answer my questions please.

    And I meant plugins like some sort of no-hack and stuff.

    Not gameplay-changing plugins, but just other good-server-needs-it kinda plugins. Also, what sign protections should I use? Lockette? IconomychestShop? Any others?

    I need to figure out especially questions two and three.

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    You can incorporate a cuboid-like plugin using WorldGuard.
  21. x ray&ta=all&au=&pno=0
    Such plugins don't exist except for security reasons (permissions, noCheat, ...) a good server needs to be unique, this goal can't be archived by copying plugin sets from other servers.
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  23. Did you click the link? The search result shows NoCheatPlus only. ;)
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    Oops, I quoted the wrong person :S


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    I posted an actual thread, please help, either respond there ( )

    or I re-posted below =] Thanks!

    Problem: I can connect to server, friends cannot.

    1. Windows 7
    2. 64bit
    3. Java Version: "1.6.0_26"
    4. Hamachi is running and correctly installed with ip and friends are connected to group. When I run the server through the vanilla client from they can join just fine. CraftBukkit is not letting them join though, it says: "Cannot Reach Server" from the multiplayer menu.
    5. CraftBukkit Version 1.2.5-R4.0
    6. I do not understand, I used an auto installer for craftbukkit ( ) I have just been double clicking on the craftbukkit.bat file to run
    7. MineCart Speed ( )
    8. None that are visible but I will post the log if requested.
    - Running craftbukkit using different .bat files (e.g. alternate 1, and alternate 2 )
    - Turning online-mode=false in
    10. Yes, ran vanilla

    Please help =]
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    You're using Hamachi. Your friend also needs to connect to your server through Hamachi.
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    I have a slight problem with bukkit. It's the post count I have.
    I think I might be addicted..
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    They are, as I said, "...friends are connected to group...", Hamachi is fine, that's not the problem, I'm thinking more of a server properties problem or craftbukkit command running perhaps
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    Interesting. What's the command line you're using to start your server?
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    Here is the bat file I use to run the craftbukkit:

    Echo OFF
    IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~-2%"=="64" java -Xms1024M -Xmx2048M -jar "%~dp0craftbukkit.jar"
    IF /I "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE:~-2%"=="86" java -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar "%~dp0craftbukkit.jar"

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