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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by M1sT3rM4n, Aug 25, 2011.

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    hi @hammale

    wow. lol

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    vault is only a replacement for Register if a plugin developer actually chooses to use it. It doesn't work as a replacement for a plugin that already hooks register.
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    Would you mind adding Colors as a recommended chat plugin on your OP?

    I promoted you to Moderator on the experimental forum

    The forum seems ready. I fixed some minor css issues, but whenever you want to transfer operations there, we are ready.
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    @tyzoid what is the forum URL again?
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    the bukkit consulting firm no longer will haz bukkit thread? how will peoplez find us?
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    We will eventually. When we do, we will just direct traffic over to the forum.

    We will change the links on the signatures to go to the forum, and we will put a rather large banner on the OP to tell people to go to the new location.
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    I am New to running a MC server and have downloaded and run crafbukkit (whats the difference between craftbukkit/bukkit?)
    I also have a few plugins too , just what i read are good
    This server is for family and friends and will not be open to public but i want to be able to set some permissions as some of my (7!!) Kids are likely to attempt to steal from others hard earned chest stock and they WILL try to use Xray to get to diamonds etc
    I want to be able to let them TP to each other and TP to home etc
    I can do this as i am OP but i am not sure how to set them up to have limited access to commands

    My plugins are as follows
    permissions ex
    pail plus
    modify world
    group manager
    Chat manager

    [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-1.8.1-R4-17-g04a14f7-b1493jnks (MC: 1.0.0) (Implementing API version 1.0.0-R1-SNAPSHOT)

    Windows 7 x64

    To be honest i am not sure if i need all these or what they actually do
    I am no computer genius and am having a hard time getting access to the server from outside the home network (ports forwarded with PFC software) but i am willing to learn
    Any help you could offer on any of these issues would be gratefully received

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    but we will be burried.....BUMP :D
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    For your purposes, I would recommend the following plugins:
    PermissionsEX - (You already have this)
    SimpleHome - (This is the updated version)
    NoCheat -
    Pail - (You already have this)
    Colors -
    Orebfuscator - (You already have this)
    Worldedit -

    You shouldn't need essentials. If you need an economy, use iconomy (

    Also, about your port problem... Turn the server on, then go here:
    Type port 25565, and click check.

    We won't get buried if an admin stickies us (or, perhaps even better, puts a link to us in the navigation bar)

    Just restart your computer.

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    Thanks for the reply
    I will download suggested plugins, is it ok to just delete the plugins i dont need (esentials etc?)
    I tried the port checker and it came up as open !
    Would you please try to connect to verify it is ok ? or
    Many thanks
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    trying now...

    hmmm the ip worked but the URL didnt....

    that would be GREEEEAT!

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    its back up again .. sort of
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    Yes you can delete the plugins you don't need.
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    This is probably a stupid quest.(I have never used bukkit)
    I downloaded the wrong server start key. In my folders that I put them in I can't delete them: "This folder is opened on another program," is what is says... Can you help me?
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    A shameless -bump- to help people.
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    Does it require an SQL database?
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    Yes. I personally use mysql.

    Is that a problem?

    Another shameless -bump-

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    Bumping a nice thread.
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    How do I use the permissions.yml file to set permissions?
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    I open the file and change "KlasVonKlas" rank from Citizen to VIP, then I login to the server with my second account (which has OP/admin rank) and do /pex reload. Then when I login to the server with KlasVonKlas when Im chatting it says Im VIP (OKChat uses %prefix in PEX), but MCDocs keep showing the Citizen MOTD when it should show the VIP MOTD. It shows the Citizen MOTD both when I join the server and when I do the command /motd.
    Here is a basic version of my permissions.yml as requested:
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    This appears to be your problem:
    Admin inherits from mod, mod inherits from svip, and so on.
    This means that they are also inheriting the group for MCDocs.

    I would recommend copying and pasting the permissions into the correct groups instead of relying on inheritance.
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    @tyzoid Ok thanks, I'll test if it works later, and get back to you. :)
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    No problem.
    Glad to be of assistance :)
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    Hi can someone post a link to craftbukkit.jar 1597? or the newest one if 1597 is not it? it says my craftbukkit is not the right version for essentials
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