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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by M1sT3rM4n, Aug 25, 2011.

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    Just provide us with more feedback if you run into any issues!
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    was thinking one point you guys don't have covered, server advertising to get your name out there and get players
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    There's no one-size-fits all solution. Each community has unique traits that also creates many variables when it comes to advertising and marketing apart from the standard procedures of spamming posts on forums and online query sites.
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    I know, but even s small excerpt on the different types of advertising and some list of sites would help people immensely
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    Bump because I like bumping useless threads.
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    But this isn't a useless thread.
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    Hello. I have a problem mostly involving server structure, so if I understand correctly, I should be tagging @M1sT3rM4n

    All right, so it's actually two issues. My economy has been starting out all right. Accounts start with 250 Silver (our currency), and there are stations that pay 10 Silver per gold ingot, with stations that sell diamonds at 150 Silver, in effort to have a way to feed and suck money from the economy. What seems to be the problem, though, is that there is no incentive to participate in community build projects, since it would be "wasting" your money (resources, tools, etc.). My idea was to make a shop that people would want to use, specifically an equipment shop in the small town that borders on our PvP area. It would sell weapons and armor, but some percentage of the money would go to a community fund that could be used for community projects. My problem is that I don't know of a way to have a shop give 10% (or whatever it would be) to an account that only admins have access to, and delete the rest of the income. We are using ShowCaseStandAlone, which despite all the current bugs, is the best-looking shop plugin I can find. Can anyone make a suggestion as to how to get this to work, or another, completely different way to get a community fund going?

    Actually, if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to ask a different, more urgent question instead. I thought I had fixed it, but it's back.

    I keep getting server crashes, and they almost always produce this in the server log:

    I was getting it on build 1321, so I downgraded to 1318, then down to 1240, now to 1317. Same problem every time. Our plugins are iConomy, Essentials, Residence, CFBanner, ShowCaseStandAlone, and GroupManager. This has been happening regularly fairly recently, and I can't seem to figure out why.

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    Try running it without plugins, then add them one by one to see what the problem is.

    The error you are getting is a plugin or craftbukkit accessing/modifing a file at the same time as a different plugin or a different portion of craftbukkit.
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    LIES! It's all opiniated!!!

    Community funding's driven by the quality of the server you provide. You can offer building competitions to spur creativity or be more selective with who you let into the server (although this option will definitely limit the amount of players you have in the server, the quality of work done will reflect the refining).

    So it's up to how you want your server to be structured. Do you want a lot of useless people in the server, or do you want dedicated players?
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    Ok so I did get the main commands and everything working all nice with SimpleServer using the command forwarding, but now I am having some issues with events. Basically, I am trying to have the plugin do something when the player right clicks a sign (I will be using this for various things), however I have followed the tutorials for it and nothing happens when I right click on a sign. I am thinking that it has something to do with SS hiding the event from Bukkit, but it shouldn't be as SS doesn't do anything with events. I am using the PLAYER_INTERACT event and an external class for the listener, here is my code:

    This is the code from the main class

    PluginManager pm = this.getServer().getPluginManager();
    public final MoneyPlayerListener mListener = new MoneyPlayerListener(this);
    pm.registerEvent(Event.Type.PLAYER_INTERACT, mListener, Priority.Normal, this);

    The registerEvent is under onEnable, and the PluginManager is at the top with the other variables.

    This is the method in the listener class:

    public void onPlayerInteract(PlayerInteractEvent event){
    //set up event info
    Action act=event.getAction();
    Player p=event.getPlayer();
    Block block=event.getClickedBlock();
    Location location=block.getLocation();
    //see if object is a sign
    //get signs data and location
    int x=location.getBlockX();
    int y=location.getBlockY();
    int z=location.getBlockZ();
    Sign signB=(Sign)block;
    String[] sign=signB.getLines();
    p.sendMessage("Line 1: "+sign[0]);
    p.sendMessage("Line 2: "+sign[1]);
    p.sendMessage("Line 3: "+sign[2]);
    p.sendMessage("Line 4: "+sign[3]);
    p.sendMessage("Location: "+x+", "+y+", "+z);

    This is just a test thing I was trying to get to work, basically to see if I was using the signs correctly and display the text back to me in the game. When I click the sign, nothing happens. Do I need to be using the PLAYER_INTERACT_ENTITY for a sign that is already placed? Or is it something that I am just missing?

    EDIT: I just thought of something, maybe I need to have it in a different project for Bukkit to interpret it properly... I don't think that should be causing it to ignore it completely, but I'll see.

    EDIT 2: I did get it working by setting everything up again and putting it in a different plugin. I assume this must be because Bukkit was only using that plugin when a command was called, so it wasn't able to see the events.
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    All right, I am in the process of trying to root out the culprit plugin, but is it also possible that it is the specific build of CB itself? I have been hearing about the last few builds having serious problems.

    EDIT: If it turns out to be Essentials, then what would be the best plugin configuration with which to replace each part of it? I'm assuming WorldGuard is pretty obvious, but if I recall correctly, using MyWarp or other related plugins doesn't give you the smooth warping that Essentials does.

    I replaced Essentials and Residence with WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and Commandbook. Everything has been running smoothly for about 2 hours, with none of the warning signs that were showing before leading up to a crash. Not entirely sure yet, but it looks like it is now fixed. For anyone interested, I noticed that the crashes stopped happening when we removed our shop plugin (ShowCaseStandalone) and left everything else (including Essentials). Because of that, it seemed like it was conflicting with Essentials Eco, so we replaced Essentials, put back ShowCase, and everything seems fine so far. Thanks for identifying what produces that error, ty, as I would not have realized it was a conflict otherwise.

    Well, the server is currently composed almost entirely of members of Triumph, which is gaming community that just recently started playing Minecraft, so we all of us know each other, for the most part. We let friends of members join, but we aren't publicly recruiting. Still, I don't see how that has an affect on gathering money for a community fund.

    EDIT: Server just had the same crash. I'll move this to its own thread, given that it's taking up a lot of room.

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    People tend to invest money into a server that has a good structure.
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    I recently Added a free build world to my server but i don't want players waltzing into the world using /i and loading up on items then coming back to the other worlds. what plugin would you recommend for separate inventories per world or some way to restrict them.
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    I have managed to get the sign right clicking event working by putting it in to a separate project and compiling it into a different .jar, but I need some help as to interacting with chest inventories. Basically, I can't seem to find anything on what the actual syntax is for using a chest. I have gotten it to find the number of slots in a chest, which is always 27, but never figured out exactly how to access and edit individual slots.. any help would be much appreciated :D
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    You can always try Essential to limit people's abilities to control item command behavior or Multiworld to control inventories.
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    This, and to add to it, if you provide enough incentive to have more reason's to be more than a regular member, well than.

    [diamond] = $ IRL.

    Premium members, with benefits.
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    I usually don't run a model where someone can get an unfair advantage over another player by paying IRL money. Instead, I design the system so you can achieve it both through donations and through committing yourself to the server (for example, being able to warp if you donate, but also if you spend enough time on the server [say 12-24 hours of playtime]).
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    I have hardly any monsters and animals on my server, how can I increase the spawn rate?
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    I just set up a server and for some reason when I go to the nether through a nether portal I can't build or break blocks in the nether. We have tried this away from spawn too. We are both OPs.
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    Are you using a multiworld permission handling system?

    Try looking in the file generated by Bukkit.
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    ....specifically which setting?

    Changing the difficulty does not change spawn rate by the way.

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    I do believe there's an option to change spawn rate. Let me look for you.
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    Sorry, but I have no clue. All I did was start a server install Bukkit and permissions and world edit. After that we built a spawn point. Then we built a normal Nether portal and went to the nether. Once we were in the nether we tried to place blocks and they would just disappear and go back into our inventory. We also tried to break blocks and they would just reappear. So, I'm here wondering how to fix this so that we can build in the nether and break blocks in the nether.
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    Finally somewhere to post this.
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    Mosh Mage

    Is this awesome bunch still kicking? If so, could you drop and eye in this thread?
    Thanks in Advance.
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    Well I don't see one in mine, please tell me if you find it :D
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    NO U.
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