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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by M1sT3rM4n, Aug 26, 2011.

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    Hey! I've been trying to start a server... but I cant install plugins :(
    there is no plugin folder... Help!
  2. Have you run the server yet? After you run the craftbukkit server the first time it should generate a plugins folder.
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    My server is fucked.
    help .-.
  4. When you have only WorldEdit on the server, do you get that same error? Where did you download the plugin from?
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    Yea... I ran it and it didn't create a plugin folder :(
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    Hello, I was searching for two specific Plugins:
    1. Custom Message when a user types /plugins or /pl
    2. Newbie PvP Protection for a set amount of time
    Thank you in advance!
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    1. PluginList
    2. CampFire
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    Hey, whenever I'm op on a server of my friends, I can't use any commands, even vanilla bukkit. They're all unknown commands. No matter what IP.
  9. What commands are you trying to use?

    Does /me work?

    what does /plugins say?
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    You sir, are a genious!
    Thank you so much!
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    New Request:
    1. Plugin to warn people (with TempBans Support!) and set specific amounts of warnings, and decide how to ban the User. Example: 1 Warn - 2 Hours TempBan, 2 Warns - 24 Hours TempBan, 3 Warns - Permanent Ban
    2. Support-Chat, where the User types /support to request help, and if the Admin accepts, they get pushed into a "SupportChat"
    3. PvP Stats without having to create a Clan, with commands like /kills , /deaths etc.
    I know TopPvP has it but it is lagging out my Server.

    Thank you in advance!
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    All commands including me and plugins say "Unknown command"
    I'm trying /help, /me, /plugins, /spawn, /kill, /god, etc. None work.
  13. Is he running bukkit?
  14. /help and /kill should work in the vanilla server...
  15. Good point.

    Have you asked your friend about this? It's possible he disabled them.
  16. Are you sure it's craftbukkit? What version? How do you start up the server? Are you using a .bat file to launch it?
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    No. He's the owner, and has no idea what's going on. The console syas I'm typing them, but nothing happens, just "Unknown command" It only happens to me.
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    Do you use a permission handling system?
  19. Does it say "Unknown command" or does it say "Unknown command. Type "help" for help."

    Also when you say that he has no idea what's going on, do you mean that he isn't aware of it? Or that he doesn't know why it's happening?

    Have you considered the possibility that this friend may be trolling you?

    This just seems strange to me, normally if this happens it would happen to everyone on the server.
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    Something probably broke. If he can't toggle commands it should have said insufficient permission.
  21. You're probably right, but the fact that's it's happening to him and only him is just plain bizarre.

    Were any changes made to the server files around the time it broke for you? Perhaps a change in configuration, or the adding/removing of a plugin?
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    Unless there's a chat toggle modifier for command executions that I am unaware of, that shouldn't be happening.
  23. There isn't, I can only think of a few possible reasons for this:
    1) A plugin is not loading properly. Some of the commands he mentioned are Bukkit defaults.

    2) A command registration issue. Same as reason 1.

    3) A permissions issue. He said he's an Op, and that doesn't explain the "Unknown command" messages.

    4) A plugin that uses PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent is for some reason altering the command he typed. The commands he typed are visible in console (meaning they weren't altered using PlayerCommandPreprocessEvent).

    5) Bukkit is having an internal issue where it can't intercept the command. (Bukkit doesn't handle commands like plugins do, so it's possible for it to cause this) It only happened for him. And if this is the case there's nothing we can do about it but tell him to update craftbukkit.

    6) It's intentional.
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    Yes, it says unknown comamnd type help for help, and I seriously know he isn't trolling me. This has happened b4 on a different map, so I seriously doubt it was intentional. My other friend has console access and he didn't see anything funny. I heard it was just a funny glitch.
  25. Try having him removing his playername.dat file from the main world's players directory.

    i.e. delete /world/players/<playername>.dat

    This will clear his inventory.
  26. For the same reason as I posted above, it could be a problem with his playername.dat file...
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    Can any of you fine gents help me with this? Basically, I have an error that always starts out with "Failed to check session lock, aborting". The server runs perfect until about 10 minutes in (It varies), and then I hit that error. All details are listed with other info in that thread up above. Running latest RB, have already tried running that world as a Vanilla server with the same result. Have also run bukkit with no plugins and have run worlds through Chunkster.

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  30. Did you try opening and re-saving the world in MCEdit?
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