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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: The AntFarm Survival Plugin

    What I want:

    A lightweight plugin with multi-world support that allows players to create their own Antfarm as seen in: Antfarms should be in one world defined in the config. I was thinking of something like the Plotme plugin where there are already farms and you just have to occupy them. This will save resources and RAM on the server.

    Players should be able to visit each others farms and each is protected by a worldguard region which you can flag using /antfarm flag <player>

    Ideas for commands:

    • /antfarm create (creates an Antfarm)
    • /antfarm delete [player] ( deletes an Antfarm)
    • /antfarm visit <player> (visit an Antfarm)
    • /antfarm add <player> (adds a player to an Antfarm)
    • /antfarm remove <player> (removes a players from an Antfarm)
    • /antfarm leave (leaves the Antfarm of the other player)
    • /antfarm flag [player] <flag> (flags an Antfarm with a worldguard flag)
    • /antfarm tp <player> (teleport to an Antfarm)
    • /antfarm sethome (set the home of the players Antfarm)
    • /antfarm delhome (delete the home home the players Antfarm)
    • /antfarm home (teleports to the Antfarmers home)
    • /antfarm expell (gets everyone out of your Antfarm)
    • /antfarm info (shows info about your Antfarm)
    • /mv create Antfarm normal -g Antfarm
    Ideas for permissions:

    • antfarm.create
    • antfarm.delete
    • antfarm.delete.others
    • antfarm.visit
    • antfarm.add
    • antfarm.remove
    • antfarm.leave
    • antfarm.flag
    • antfarm.flag.*
    • antfarm.flag.[flagname]
    • antfarm.flag.others
    • antfarm.sethome
    • antfarm.delhome
    • antfarm.home
    • antfarm.expell
    When I'd like it by: Anytime

    I realize this plugin is going to be hard to code and that is why I will give you a non-monetary gift. I would rather this plugin be released publicly and be open source, however my name has to be in there somewhere :p. I want this plugin because I own a mini-game survival/creative/pvp/faction/hungergame/tf2 server at: and want it to have something unique to it that you can't get anywhere else. If you happen to make this plugin please let me test it out before approval. I also have not seen any attempts at anything like this. I am starting to get into plugin development and may take over the project if I get skilled enough.

    Possible Config File:
    world name:
    Antfarm #World of the antfarm
    pvp deny #Flags possible per-world is a child of Antfarm>flags
    mob-spawning allow
    mob-damage allow
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    " however you may not claim it as your own project"

    This is not how bukkit works. Especially since your not offering any money.
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    I mean that I don't one person to have all the credit.
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    You can't control what a plugin author can do without making a payment.
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    I'm not controlling them, I would rather them do it as sort of way to respect the OP of this topic (me)
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    "I would rather them"


    Still not going to happen :p
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    Why not?
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    You don't want us to have credit and not be able to release it.

    Has to have YOUR name and be just YOUR server, seems a little arrogant to me.
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    Honestly, if anybody is deserving of the credit, it is first the dev and second the person who created ant farm survival. The idea isn't all that original as a similar thing has been done with another survival map (SkyBlock) on servers. Drop the sense of entitlement.
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    Have you read the rules for posting at all? Also, just use
    and change the schematic used for the island design to whatever your antfarm thing is. Unless, of course, you want to have a special unique plugin at which point everyone will ignore you.

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