TGM - ToggleGameMode [1.2.5]

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What do you like best about this plugin?

  1. Easy to toggle between gamemodes!

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  2. Up comming permissions update

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    ToggleGameMode [TGM] is the easiest way for your players to change between creative and survival gamemodes on your server. Players will have access to toggle there gamemodes by default.

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  2. Let's ignore the elephant in the room for 2 seconds and point out something else:
    You forgot the download link.
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    Added, sorry about that..
  4. You don't follow the plugin submission guidelines, and to be honest, this has been done a thousand times before.
    I'm glad you're developing plugins and such, but not every plugin has to be released.
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  6. I don't mean to discourage you, in fact it's encouragement to try bigger and more difficult things!
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  7. Fix title, add in front [FUN]
  8. And why do you want to use Vault in the future?
    Bukkit has it own PermissionsAPI which is good enough for this.

    And like everyone else said - follow the guidelines
    And there are tons of GM Switcher plugins out there....
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    Don't discourage him!

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