Text over the whole screen?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by viper_monster, Sep 3, 2014.

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    How did they make this text to appear on the screen?

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    I would think its a 1.8 thing though, did this really appear on 1.7 to? if it is I may would think they used a sort of resource pack (maybe even forcible)
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    xize I have no idea if it showed in 1.7 I have seen it in a video and then joined that server to see if they use a custom client, but then, it showed for me too. How do you make that kind of text using resource packs? :O

    + It disappears after few seconds.
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    xize I agree,
    .. So, viper_monster.. Did you use Minecraft 1.8 or 1.7 to play in that game server?
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    Umm.. Listen, Many servers and also (The server that I used to be an OP in it), Got the red sand feature, It's on 1.7.5, I will think about that and ask some few questions and of course I will reply to you.
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    I am pretty sure this feature is some type of custom holographic display plugin.
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    xize Peter25715 I have joined using 1.7.10 client and it doesn't show, it must be a 1.8 feature..
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    extended_clip, It's exactly the same as the Minecraft 1.8's feature.. :/
    Also, viper_monster, Please login using the Minecraft 1.7 version.

    Oww! As I expected :p viper_monster..
    You can do this in command blocks, I am pretty sure. This feature is not in 1.7 so the command block cannot do the request that you wanted to do.

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    viper_monster yes it's a feature in 1.8. Can you please pm me the server ip and what version? Meet me there.
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    Its a 1.8 feature, you can display titles with subtext on the player's screen, this can be done by a command or CommandBlocks. Seeing as this server isn't on 1.8, but using a Protocol Hack for 1.8 clients, they are sending the packet to display the titles to 1.8 players.
  13. It is the title feature. Here is a TUTORIAL on how to do it in command blocks,
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    I'm quite skeptical that it's using 1.8 features so quickly. I suspect holographic displays. Although I am STOKED for Bukkit 1.8 which adds features like that to vanilla. :D

    EDIT: I stand corrected! I logged in with 1.7.10. No title. Logged in with 1.8 and it showed me it. Since /title is a client-sided rendering command, I guess that's why.
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    It's a vanilla feature.. :D
    14w20a contains this feature :

    /titleCan make text display on a players screen in the form of a title and/or subtitle
    /title <player> times <fadeIn> <stay> <fadeOut>Set the fade in time, the stay on screen time and the fade out time for the title
    /title <player> title <raw json message>Set and start showing the title
    /title <player> subtitle <raw json message>Set and start the subtitle
    /title <player> clearClear titles immediately
    /title <player> reset
    Reset all title parameters to defaults (fade times)
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    you could /technically/ do that with 1.7.x. Using HoloAPI, create a hologram that only the specified player can see, and have it follow the player. (maybe player x y z + 1 in whatever direction he looks towards) If I knew Java better, I would attempt this myself, but I don't, so here have an idea. :p
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    Or see holographic displays plugin
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    Zarkopafilis except holographic displays are static, so no following the player, doesn't stick to the screen ( player can get rid of it by turning around), and (unless done by hand) are visible for all players within radius.
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    so if I understand this whole display thing is client sided? or does every other player see the same message?
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    guitargun it's sent and controlled by the server, but sent to a single client, similar to how chat messages or sounds can be sent to individual clients.
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    It's an extremely easy feature to use.
    Just /title and then a few parameters.
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    Which would require a Hacked Protocol, which I daresay isn't supported here.
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    I'd say there's definitely something fishy here, although if it doesn't come up in 1.7 I'd day they may even be using two identical servers, and the main server just tests the version and sends it to one.

    Either that or there's some sardines in this pond.
    (Something fishy's going on)
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    ITS IN 1.8 THE SCREEN now stop posting useless stuff
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    No need to be rude. Instead of flipping out when you think someone is wrong, acknowledge the fact that this is a support forum. We are all students here.

    Technically, there is no such thing as Bukkit 1.8. Thus, you'd need a hack in order to allow 1.8 users to come onto a 1.7.10 server (that's exactly what a Hacked Protocol can do). This means that you can dispatch the /title command for them and only them. For other players who are not using 1.8, it would simply say "unknown command".
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    That's still the 1.8 feature.
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    I'm just going to lock this before the arguing gets bad. It seems that the basic question has been answered adequately.

    The title thing is a 1.8 feature, servers that currently allow 1.8 clients to connect are not CraftBukkit servers since 1.8 for Bukkit is not out yet, and we don't support other server software on these forums.
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