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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by ccrama, Jul 20, 2014.

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    Hello Bukkit,

    I am currently mid-development of my newest plugin, Paths. I got the idea for this plugin when thinking about how users always build roads from main spawns to mark destinations such as cities, houses, or other important structures on Multiplayer servers. Thus, the idea for Paths was born.

    Its use is really easy. As a player walks a path, the plugin recognizes where he/she was, and the path they walked slowly gets packed down over time to expose the stone underneath. The more wear it gets, the more noticeable the trail is. After many crossed paths, the plugin would begin creating a road of cobble, and the path will slowly expand to accomodate more traffic.

    Admins will be able to force path creation of their choice, and the path would follow them by using a very simple command.

    Some screenshots are below:


    The beginnings of a path


    Path development of two players after about 30 mins of use


    Path testing as it gets used more/becomes more developed.

    The plugin is still in active development. Towny integration will be added soon.

    IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP TEST THIS PLUGIN: Send me a private message with some information about your server, and I can give you a beta version of the plugin.

    Any comments/questions/feature requests would be great, comment below.


    EDIT: Find this plugin on Reddit
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    My suggestion would be a command that instantly removes a path and returns the land to its pre-path state.
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    Garris0n Im also making a command to NOT trail you unless you are on someone else's trail.
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    Oh wauw, really like this idea! Could you possibly create a git repository (e.g. on Github) for it, and keep it updated there?
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    I agree with this - open-source is cool :p
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    Another suggestion:

    Instead of creating multiple paths, get the nearest path (within 10 blocks?) and add on to it, instead of creating a path where every player walks. This might remove messy paths and make one beautiful path..
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