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    i got the idea for this plugin cuz someone else wanted it to but he didn't explain what al the names ment so i explained now and added more

    if the plugin is done then plss contact the minecraft community : minehut on minehut.com so they use this plugin too

    this plugin is a plugin most players will die for so plsss make it

    if you use the plugin the world/server will regenerate so everything you have builded is gone

    what we want in the plugin is the following

    eye of chutulu is one of the bosses it is an giant eyeball that flies in the sky when you use the summon token from him that you can craft in an evil workbench (see blocks) when hes half HP the eye cracks open and there comes a mouth out when you kill it you get demonite ore (see items) xp and when youre lucky an eye of chutulu mask (see wearables) that you can wear and haves the same protection as an diamond helmet you can upgrade it with netherite then the teeth get black and the red lines in the eye get way much darker

    eater of worlds is a giant worm that lives in the corruption (see biomes) that you can summon by destroying purple hearts (see blocks) with TNT that are found in the corruption biome when destroying 3 purple hearts in at least 3 days he shows up his body is made out of many peaces and every part has a heart that you have to kill so you have to damage his whole body and he splits in multiple worms if you kill a part of his body and it splits it becomes 2 worms when you kill it you get demonite ore (see items) xp and a small amount of shadow scale (see items)

    wall of flesh is a boss in the nether that you summon by a cursed voodoo doll (see items) found in the skeleton dungeons (see biomes) normally it is a wall but bcuz minecraft isn't 2D you can make it an cylinder in the middle of the cylinder there is a ball formed shape that haves a mouth in it with the same teeth as the eye of chutulu on the top is also a ball shaped form but it has an eye in it and on the bottom its also an eye the mouth dusant damage until the both eyes are in their second form but then the mouth will attack too by flying in one strait line at you an leaving the cylinder behind him and then returning back to the cylinder and when their eyes are in their second form their HP is in the half the eyes crack open like with the eye of chutulu but there aren't any tooth but there are coming little minions out of the holes that look like the mouth in the middle but they aren't attached to the cylinder and fly to you but they are way much weaker then the mouth
    when you can damage the mouth you can only do that when it is attached to the cylinder so if it attacks you cant damage it when you defeat it you unlocked hard mode (see blocks and biomes) and xp

    skeletron is a big skeleton with no legs so he can fly, with separated arms that fly too and hes head will be separated from his torso when his arms are dead then he's torso just disappears when you want to kill the arms you have to hit the hands and when the hands arms and torso are gone the attack of the head is wildly spinning around while flying to you when you kill it you get entrance to the skeleton dungeons (see biomes)
    a lot of bones xp and when youre lucky a miniature of his torso that you can wear and the torso is as strong as diamond you can upgrade it with netherite and then the bones turn black

    skeleton dungeons is a biome randomly generated like villages its made out of a strange kind of blackstone that you cant destroy in any way in the dungeon you find a lot of monsters (see hostile mobs) chests that you can only open whit keys randomly dropped by the monsters that live in there it goes all the way down to bedrock
    but you cant enter any of them without killing skeletron (see bosses) otherwise you will be hunted down by the dungeon guardian that is a big flying skull that floats to dungeons if you didn't kill the boss you cant kill the dungeon guardian in survival cuz it will insta kill you and in creative every weapon dus only a half heart damage and he has like 3000 hearts so no enter before skeletron

    corruption is a biome that is not found much but its a plain like biome but the wooden logs are grey the leaves are purple the grass is purple and stone is black you cant find any ores in this biome not event diorite or andesite........ but in the caves here you can find purple hearts (see blocks) that are meant to summon the eater of worlds (see bosses) and you have a way much bigger chance to find evil workbenches cuz in the plain biome you have the same chance of finding it like you have found emerald but in the corruption it's the same chance as redstone or even iron (your choice) in the biome you can also find some mobs (see hostile mobs)

    fairyland is a biome unlocked after defeating wall of flesh (see bosses) it is created by the player by finding a magic butterfly it has 5% in each day to spawn near to your bed if you kill it you get an magical seed if you plant it the biome will spread from 50 to 150 blocks the grass and the trees have sugar like colours
    you can make good farms in it bcuz the behavior of the mobs every time you plant a magical seed the chance of finding a magical butterfly is going to 4% and then 3% then 2% then 1% and the it stops on 1

    flying islands are as you read flying islands that randomly spawn on hovering clouds with a house and a chest

    demon eye is a small flying eyeball that drops xp and 20% chance of dropping a lens

    shark is a big dangerous fish in the sea biomes

    jelly fish does no damage but if it touches you it will paralyze you for 10 sec trying to drown you if you kill it you will get 5-20 glow sticks (see items)

    unicorns are attracted to strays that also spawn in the fairyland but if it sees you it will attack you if there is no stray or player in 10 blocks it will just walk slow around it is at least 2 times faster than a normal horse
    it will have 50% chance of dropping a unicorn horn that is used in a fairy potion (see items)

    skeleton soldier is a mob spawned in the skeleton dungeons it is armed with a strong iron sword whit a whiter effect and a shield with skeletron on it, it wears iron armor with protection 0-3

    skeleton mutant spawns also in the skeleton dungeons it is 3 blocks tall 2 blocks wide holds a big hammer and haves a mask on that haves 10% of dropping you can use the mask in a crafting recipe for the skeletron resurrection token where you can fight him again for the loot (see crafting recipes)

    skeleton wizard spawns in the skeleton dungeons fires a blue fire beam at you and when he spots you he summons 1-8 skeleton soldiers

    pirate spawns in groups in sea biomes you get a lot of gold when you destroy their ship and when you kill the pirate you have 10% chance of getting hes boots but then its 20% chance that you get the captain boots that give you feather falling 5 depth strider 5 and a little more speed you can enchant the boots after you found them on an enchantment table bcuz the effects dusant count as enchantments but if you put feather falling or depth strider that enchantments will not give you anything the captain boots itself are as strong as diamond you can upgrade it whit netherite then the leather gets black and there come blood red lines on the boots
    you also have 10% chance of getting his sword and its has the same power as diamond and it has the fastest attack speed in the whole game you can upgrade it whit netherite so the handgrip gets gold and the sword blade gets the colour of netherite

    eater of souls spawns in the corruption it is an flying purple/brown beast whit 6 eyes and 8 teeth

    harpy is a mix of a human and a big bird that spawns in the flying island biome it attacks by shooting feather at you


    itz verryyyyyyy fuun

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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    We can't force anybody to use certain plugins.
    And how will that look like with vanilla assets?
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    You should also specify a minecraft version so the person that wants to take this plugin will know,because it is important to know the version for a plugin like this.But you should expect that no one will that this plugin or that this plugin will take a lot of time because it requires too much time and effort and it is not paid

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