Temporary WorldGuard PVP flag override

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by pHysteria, Mar 16, 2019.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a somewhat complicated plugin:

    I have a factions server with a spawn area connecting to a PVP area/wilderness, but not a regular drop-off like most servers. The spawn is easily accessible from the PVP area and vice versa, you can just walk back and forth. The non-PVP area is protected by WorldGuard's pvp flag.

    I'd like something that allows combat to continue in a WorldGuard area with a "pvp deny" flag for as long as a combat timer (either custom or implementing the CombatLog timer) takes to run out to zero, since the last hit outside the safe area. Basically the last hit you take in the PVP area starts your timer, and you can still be hit in the safe area until the timer runs out, as opposed to the timer resetting on every hit while continuously in PVP.

    Other players in this area are NOT flagged invincible, so either it would need to:

    1. Lock to the two/several players in combat with each other and not allow them to hit anyone else, or

    2. I could allow invincibility in the spawn area, and have the invincible flag be overridden by the PVP timer, in a similar way I'm hoping to have it override the pvp flag.

    If possible, I'd like at the very least the tag duration and messages configurable.

    Thank you!
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