Temporary permissions/commands in a specific day

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    Plugin category: FUN

    Suggested name: TemporaryPerms

    What I want: I would like a plugin that gives a player a certain permission for a temporary time on a specific day/time :D.

    For example: Free fly weekends, people get free fly in the last day of the week, and so it could be configurable when they get the command and what command :3

    Ideas for commands: No commands, everything configurable in the config :3

    Ideas for permissions:

    Example: tempperms.freefly - Gives free fly, you could rename the "freefly" into something else, change what perm(s) it gives and when it starts and ends in the config! :D


    I still can't figure out how to disable the /fly or /god or anything like that once they log out :(
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    Assuming you have your permission plugin set up correctly so that ranks inherit each other, you could just execute a command at a certain time to add a permission to your lowest set group. Because all the ranks (hopefully) inherit your lowest group, all ranks would also get that permission.

    You can use my plugin Minecron to execute a command on certain days/times.

    What permissions plugin are you using?

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    nxtguy PermissionsEx, i would just like the plugin to automatically add and then remove the permission :/
    But one problem, if they have for example fly enabled, how to disable it for them automatically when the time's up?
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    ? No?
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    Dr1nKy Just remove the permission x hours later.

    EDIT: Do mean turn fly off for them if they have it enabled? I'm not sure about that.
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    I think I know what he is saying, he wants something that could Activate and desactive in a certain time, like for example

    /pluginshortname start (name of schedule) <--(This is just an addon just to increse the verability(is written liek that(?) ) of the plugin (talk about this later).

    So this way, you could for example make a schedule in the Config.yml or the schedule.yml file:

    open de file and write:
    Commands to be run:
    (1) /fly
    (2) /kit tools
    startat: 13hs
    stopat: 14hs
    [you could also change "stopat" for "lastuntil:XXminutes/hours" or "lastuntil:command/event", also, a repeatevery: XX minutes]
    startat: 14hs
    stopat: 15hs

    (1) /gamemode creative <permissiongroup>, /kits viptools (note that the ',' separate commands that will run at the same time
    (2) /weather sun
    (3) /time day
    startat: 00hs.
    stopat: 22hs
    startup: time(1)finish
    lastuntil: schedule2(3)
    startat: 23hs
    repeatevery: 5m
    lastuntil: Shcedule1(1)

    So with the above, in schedule 2 for example, Action 2 (Time2) would stop at 23hs. when Time3 starts, and Time3 would last until 14hs. which is when Schedule1 Time(1) starts...

    What I said about the ingame pluign, would be in order to be able to forcestart or focestop a scheduler which could lead also to make "events" like a 24hs day event (you set "/time day" every 5 minutes)

    With this, You lead to what he was asking for. (sorry for all that above, I had the same asking for but got to this one which is Just what I needed so.. in order to avoid a re-request...)

    you could easily do something like:

    Commands to be run:
    (1) /promote <onlineplayer> (this would look for all the online players and run teh command X times with each player so... 5 players, 5 times the command is executed for each of them and make a 'save file" for all the players that have been affected)
    (2) /demote <savedplayer> [this way, you demote those who hwere upgraded either way they are online or not, and you dont affect those who where offline at the moment of the promotion (and promoting those who are online only you make players to try to be online at certain time, and not after it]
    startat: 00hs
    stopat: 00hs [This executes the command only once]
    startat: 05hs
    stopat: 05hs

    The idea is yet "brute" I have a better explained and with much more commands idea in my mind to be worked out... but Im not sure whether to make a new request or write it here, Dr1nKy I dont want to "take over" your request. but could it be that what I just said what you want? TLDR: promote a player for X amount of time? with promote I mean give them some new features for limited time.

    And the day, I was thinking it could be something like: Startat: 0d 05hs (monday 5am) stopat: 4d 01hs (friday 1am)


    Could this be what you ask for? http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/minecron/
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    Yup! That's exactly what i want :D
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    Is this plugin supports 1.7.x?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Chances are small that it won't support it

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