Temporary Alternative to Bukkit? (Mostly just want cuboid protection working..)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SamiAji, Apr 22, 2011.

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    Hey there.

    I've been having HUGE problems with douche-bags logging in and griefing my server. I can't tell who did it because bukkit is down, so I cant use any of my logging plugins. I'm not a java expert. Also, since I don't have teleplus, or vanish, or warpz0r, due to bukkit being down, I can't spy on the players to find out who's doing it.

    All I really want is a way to protect cuboids, kind of like WorldEdit. It would be a blessing to have that, and or tp, or even warpz0r somehow working without bukkit. I understand the Bukkit Team is trying their best to get this problem fixed, but I can't wait any longer. I have to keep reverting the map, which takes around 10 minutes to upload to my VPS do to its size, and donations have currently stopped rolling in(The VPS isn't cheap.) due to their houses, etc., being griefed. Today I've had the least amount of players on in months :(.

    Any temporary alternative we can use, mainly for WorldEdit, while Bukkit is fixed? This is killing me here.
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    Seriously? I have my server on 1.5_02 and all plugins (30) except 2 are working fine. WorldEdit, world guard and all that work fine.
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    Bukkit has been updated since build 689 and most plugins like worldedit/guard are working.
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    downgrade to 1.4...
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    you have a backup?

    if not, make one of what's left, turn off the rules, and go wild..
    once there is a recommended build, restore the backup and re-enable rules

    best way to handle updates.. Apocalypse Party!
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