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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Gizzy12Gazza, Sep 2, 2018.

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    What I want: I Want a Ban Gui That Can ban anyone and that doesnt use the /tempban command for Essentials I want this to be a seprate plugin. Whats The Command? I Want It To be /Tempban <Name> Then a gui pops up heres a Picture

    Verison: 1.12.2 :D

    I Want the permissions to be Tempban.2row For Jrmods,Mods So They can only use the 1st 2 rows
    And for the SrMods and higher I want the permission to be Tempban.3row so they have all the ban reasons and can perm ban! I would love it if you can make it so only people with the permission Tempban.broadcast can see the ban that you made and I want the ban message to be: <Name> has banned: <name> for <reason> <how ever long the ban is>

    TempBan Times: Diamond ORE: 3 Day ban XRAY,Feather: 14 Day ban Fly,Iron Sword: 30 Day Ban PVP HACKS, EnderChest: 7 day ban for exploiting/Glitching,TNT: Greif 30 day ban,Book and Quil: Harassment 35 days, Creeper Head: Staff Disrespect, Compass: Advertising, White Bed, Minor Offence, 2 Hours,Wood Sword: Auto Clicker, 30 day,Book: Spam 3 day ban, Coal Block: Racism: 10 days,Leather: Inappropriate Skin, 30 day ban, Command Block: Botting/Raiding, 30 day ban,Web: FreeCam, 21 day ban, Armor Stand: Crouch Spam, 3 day ban, Dispenser: Lag Machine 37 day ban, Diamond Block: Hacked Creative Items/Duplication, 15 day ban, Coal Ore: 1 Hr Manual ban, RedStone Ore: 6 Hr Manual ban, Lapis Ore: 12 Hr Manual ban,Iron Ore: 24 hr ban, Gold Ore 14 day Manual ban, Emerald Ore: 30 day Manual ban, Diamond Ore 60 Day Manual ban, Slime Block: 90 day Manual Ban, BedRock Perm ban.

    I Want A Ban message Permission: tempban.broadcast so Helpers and people with this Permission can see the ban

    When I want it: I want it by maybe this Monday,The 17th Of September??? Thanks Guys Please Ask for any Concerns or Questions Thanks :D

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    What must every item do? in that gui ;o
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    If you look in the Picture and Zoom in the Diamond is XRAY 3 Day ban and so on please reply with any questions please thank you and Every Item has a certain thing you might be able to see if you zoom in far enough :D Please dont hesitate to ask any questions please Thanks!

    If You want to Start Working on that Tempban Gui you can make the Ban Times 5 days then after you finish everything I can Go to the config and change the ban time to my liking if you can do that That would be AWESOME THANKS

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    Hey Dude I Have a More Detailed In Depth Post so if you can take a Sec to read this that would be Great Thanks :D
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    What version for the plugin? 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, etc
    Also do you want a /tempban <player> [-s, -p]
    -s = silent, it will NOT broadcat the ban
    -p = public, ANYONE will see the ban even if they don't have the permission.
    One more thing, do you aready have a tempban plugin to do the banning part. It would make it eaiser than coding a tempban part.
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    @ItzDerock I Would like -s and -p after it and I do have a ban plugin Its Essentials I want the Verison to be 1.12 Thank you very much for making me this This means alot to me Thanks :D The Staff Disrespect is a 5d ban and the Advertising is also a 5 day ban Again Thanks for making me this means alot to me <3
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    sorry i haven't been active. I will get to creating your plugin
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    Is it Done its Been a Month?
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    In Essentials you can't really silent ban a player if you want to make it so no one but staff sees it just give staff the permission; (http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Command_Reference/Perm)

    I can start this plugin and get it done by the end of today if you like

    I was going to do this: /tempban <player> <time> <reason> auto with just the data in the GUI but the player runs the command, so they need the perm to tempban, or would you like me to try and do it just by adding the perm, making them do it, then removing?

    EDIT: I am new and so my code is kinda messy if you find any issues please tell me, I did this because I saw no one was taking the plugin on.

    [ EDIT ] -------------- : I am done :)

    So the perm to use /tempban: tempgui.execute
    The perm for manual bans section (3rd row): tempgui.manual

    Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dYa0nFKcylODuJ-a2Lyfl4cPnH7seX4u

    Also if you get errors about file creating create a file named 'TempbanGUI' in ur plugin folder and then inside of that create 'UserData'; Just a little issue I couldn't figure out to fix, sorry!
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    hey is this safe to download or Cuz Im super like idk sketchy and you know what I mean I kinda have trust issues just be 100 honest please! thanks!
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    timtower Ninja on the waves Moderator

    Checked it for you, it is safe.
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