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    What I want: I Want a Ban Gui That Can ban anyone and that doesnt use the /tempban command for Essentials I want this to be a seprate plugin. Whats The Command? I Want It To be /Tempban <Name> Then a gui pops up heres a Picture

    Verison: 1.12.2 :D

    I Want the permissions to be Tempban.2row For Jrmods,Mods So They can only use the 1st 2 rows
    And for the SrMods and higher I want the permission to be Tempban.3row so they have all the ban reasons and can perm ban! I would love it if you can make it so only people with the permission Tempban.broadcast can see the ban that you made and I want the ban message to be: <Name> has banned: <name> for <reason> <how ever long the ban is>

    TempBan Times: Diamond ORE: 3 Day ban XRAY,Feather: 14 Day ban Fly,Iron Sword: 30 Day Ban PVP HACKS, EnderChest: 7 day ban for exploiting/Glitching,TNT: Greif 30 day ban,Book and Quil: Harassment 35 days, Creeper Head: Staff Disrespect, Compass: Advertising, White Bed, Minor Offence, 2 Hours,Wood Sword: Auto Clicker, 30 day,Book: Spam 3 day ban, Coal Block: Racism: 10 days,Leather: Inappropriate Skin, 30 day ban, Command Block: Botting/Raiding, 30 day ban,Web: FreeCam, 21 day ban, Armor Stand: Crouch Spam, 3 day ban, Dispenser: Lag Machine 37 day ban, Diamond Block: Hacked Creative Items/Duplication, 15 day ban, Coal Ore: 1 Hr Manual ban, RedStone Ore: 6 Hr Manual ban, Lapis Ore: 12 Hr Manual ban,Iron Ore: 24 hr ban, Gold Ore 14 day Manual ban, Emerald Ore: 30 day Manual ban, Diamond Ore 60 Day Manual ban, Slime Block: 90 day Manual Ban, BedRock Perm ban.

    I Want A Ban message Permission: tempban.broadcast so Helpers and people with this Permission can see the ban

    When I want it: I want it by maybe this Monday,The 17th Of September??? Thanks Guys Please Ask for any Concerns or Questions Thanks :D

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    What must every item do? in that gui ;o
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    If you look in the Picture and Zoom in the Diamond is XRAY 3 Day ban and so on please reply with any questions please thank you and Every Item has a certain thing you might be able to see if you zoom in far enough :D Please dont hesitate to ask any questions please Thanks!

    If You want to Start Working on that Tempban Gui you can make the Ban Times 5 days then after you finish everything I can Go to the config and change the ban time to my liking if you can do that That would be AWESOME THANKS

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    Hey Dude I Have a More Detailed In Depth Post so if you can take a Sec to read this that would be Great Thanks :D
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    What version for the plugin? 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, etc
    Also do you want a /tempban <player> [-s, -p]
    -s = silent, it will NOT broadcat the ban
    -p = public, ANYONE will see the ban even if they don't have the permission.
    One more thing, do you aready have a tempban plugin to do the banning part. It would make it eaiser than coding a tempban part.
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    @ItzDerock I Would like -s and -p after it and I do have a ban plugin Its Essentials I want the Verison to be 1.12 Thank you very much for making me this This means alot to me Thanks :D The Staff Disrespect is a 5d ban and the Advertising is also a 5 day ban Again Thanks for making me this means alot to me <3
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