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    I am looking for a plugin that will let me make a world that is deleted every day and a new one created. This would be used for new players to mess around in mainly, or for older players who want a break from the regular world. I thought about using worldedit to regenerate the terrain, but I would prefer to have a different seed each day, and regenerating would make a huge amount of lag.

    I don't think command blocks would be up to the task since they rely on timers and minecraft timers are notoriously unreliable, since tick rate is never constant. Also, if there is any down-time, for instance, that will totally mess up the timer.

    So what I would like is a plugin to do the following at a (configurable) set time once a day:

    1. Remove the world from multiverse config
    2. Delete the inventories of anyone in that world
    3. Delete the actual world files from the server, since I don't want to have these things piling up
    4. Create a new multiverse world

    Probably I would set this to go off right before the server restarts.

    If anyone knows of a plugin that can do this, please let me know.

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