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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Divinity Realms, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Divinity Realms

    Im trying to make it so when a player respawns theres 5 locations that a player can spawn at. Its a random. I also want all locations to have the same chance. Can you guys help? heres what I have so far:
        public void respawnEvent(PlayerRespawnEvent event){
            World world = plugin.getServer().getWorld("world");
            Location loc1 = new Location(world, -90.500, 16, 0, 64, 0);
            Location loc2 = new Location(world, -65.500, 20, 12.500, -80, 0);
            Location loc3 = new Location(world, -34.500, 29, 25.500, 180, 0);
            Location loc4 = new Location(world, -65.500, 20, 38.500, 180, 0);
            Location loc5 = new Location(world, -109.500, 16, 22.500,-140, 0);
            Location locm = new Random().nextInt(loc1,loc2,loc3,loc4,loc5);
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    @Divinity Realms Put the locations in a List, then use Random#nextInt with the size of the list (keep the location list in a field as well as the random, there is not reason to create new objects every time a player respawns).
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    Divinity Realms

    @Konato_K Thx! and @CodePlaysMinecrat doesnt work xD
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    You're not even teleporting the player.
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    Divinity Realms

    @Arrays I know lol im just wondering how I can make the random work first..
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    1. Check if the world actually exists before you start defining variables.
    2. Try using "Bukkit.getWorld(string) instead of .getServer.getWorld()
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    Divinity Realms

    @Arrays ok thanks.. But how can I make this random work -.-
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    @Divinity Realms konato said all.
    Create an arraylist when the plugin load and store your 5 locations in.
    Then do a random for return a number between 0 and 4
    Then get back the location in the arraylist by a arraylist.get(int)
    And teleport the player
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