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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DirtL, Aug 7, 2022.

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    Plugin category: mechanics

    Minecraft version: Minecraft 1.16.5

    Suggested name: Teleportation wand/Grappling hook

    What I want: I need an item that teleports player only forward (depending on where they are looking), NOT up or down however. I need it to be customizable, so here's what I would like to have in config. Also, player is not allowed to teleport into walls. As for config:

    -Maximum distance in blocks (how far you can travel)
    -Cooldown time in seconds or ticks
    -Item (like a stick, sword, etc.)
    -Sound effect on teleportation
    (IF POSSIBLE, NOT NECESSARY): if player is looking at a specific block, allow them to teleport. So for example, block type is oak planks. If player is looking at anything else he can not teleport. So for config, you can add which blocks are allowed.

    That is pretty much all of it. You can look at the plugin as some sort of horizontal grappling hook as well.

    Ideas for commands: command for config reload, nothing else

    Ideas for permissions: no permissions are needed

    When I'd like it by:
    Take your time, possibly under 20 days.
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    Hello, made it! :)
    If there are any changes you want to make or bugs you found, let me know!

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    Hello, I didn't check bukkit in a while but thank you so much!
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