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    Is there such a plugin?
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    I am way too lazy to make this, BUT!:
    For any developer who is going to make this:
    Save every player that logs in, BUT DO NOT SAVE THE PLAYER! Only save his/her location.

    When a player does /tp <name>

    Load the file, locate the player, and pull out his/her location.

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    That's a horrible way to do it.
    The player's data file already contains the needed information.
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    Awww... D: But isn't that how Essentials does it? And, where are the player's data files located? What if the player is in a different world (multiverse)?
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    The world is handled by Bukkit, player data is stored in World/players/name.dat. Essentials I think uses a similiar system, but for storing data that it needs besides what Vanilla stores.
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    Well, if it doesn't already exist, I'll throw it together whenever I get some time if no one else wants to make it.
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    Thanks! I'm surprised it doesn't to be honest. I've searched for it, yes :p
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    Bump. Or is there another way I can do this in the mean time?
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    if you have LogBlock installed, /lb tp player <playername> will teleport you to the player's last logged location. It will throw several errors in the console, but it works.
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    I finally got around to working on this.


    I'm planning on adding improved versions of about 13 vanilla Minecraft commands. In the current version I posted above /gamemode and /teleport have been updated.

    You can now teleport: online players to offline players, offline players to offline players, and offline players to online players.
    Also you can now teleport "everyone" to a target or location.

    (This is off topic, but included in the plugin)
    *offline player support
    *"everyone" variable support

    I did only just start putting this together, but if you notice any bugs, let me know.
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    lol768 Retired Staff

    Could you make a bukkitdev page if you haven't already?
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    It's still awaiting approval since I just made it, but you can find it here. The description is still a little bit lacking, so if you have any questions just ask.
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    This broke my server is someway. I did /tp <player> and I got "Could not find <player>. No tp.

    Also, all my plugins were loaded but commands like /lb and others involved with my plugin would not work...
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    I fixed the bug that caused other commands not register in this version.
    And you should only be getting "Could not find <player>. No tp." if "<player>" has never played before.
    What happens if you try teleporting to another online player?
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    I'll check tonight when no-one is on my server...
    Hm! Can you re-create that 'bug' but allow certain commands? Also have permissions added?
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    Do you mean you want certain commands to stop working? Because although it wouldn't be to hard to recreate the bug and add certain commands, there are certainly better ways of going about disabling commands (for example you could just remove a player's permission to use the command).

    Also if you're still having issues let me know and I'll try to fix them.
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    Thanks :)
    I want them to stop working, and stop showing the Denied Permission. Instead give the 'Unknown command' error :) Want to PM me about this instead?
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    /lb tp player <playername>

    Or get plugin that will save last visited co-ords of players, and /tppos there.

    Otherwise, you can TP to their home (/sethome) by doing /home <playername>:<home name/ usually home)
    so, /home Adriani6:home would TP you to my set home location.

    (last two require Essentials)
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    I actually started to make such a plugin a few weeks ago :)
    For the moment it's still in Pre-Alpha, So yea it doesn't do anything yet.

    This will be my first Java_Program/plugin so yea, it might take a little longer than it would if an
    Advanced Programmer did it :/

    Sadly enough most other offline Teleporters are heavily outdated, like the one one4me made ;(

    Feature Requests are more then welcome! :)
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    Author only requested TPing to offline players....

    Just add a onPlayerDisconnect or Leave listener and take their X - Y - Z and stick it in a YML with their name as the setting and their position as the 3 fields, then just pull information VIA command. I don't see what all the fuss is about...
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    Vastrix Crud41 You guys know that it has been more then a year that this thread was last used?
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    timtower Yep. I just felt like commenting either way.
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    But we need this plugin, i search one, and all aren't up to date :)
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    AndyMcB1 belfedia Vastrix I will take a look and make it. I can get players location before they quit, log it. And when a player teleports to that player offline it will get the information and tp you to the last place the person logged off. :) Im not making this plugin just for you guys, i was thinking about making this but thought it was not a good thing, but i guess it is :) I will make it

    I made it, theres some errors i will fix first thing in the morning.

    AndyMcB1 belfedia Vastrix Here you go

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    But i already made one.. :s (as i kinda said) If there's anything you want added or if you find bugs, Let me know! :)
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    There is a better way! if you have Essentials. simply type /seen <playername> and then it should give you last location when players logged out. then simply go to that world and type /tp <yourusername> <cordinates>
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    Yea, i'm aware, but that's too mush of a hasle :p
    (+ my plugin allows you to tp an offline player to you)

    fyi: With essentials, the second command should be /tppos <world><coorrds> iir :p (no need to go to that world first)
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    Vastrix I didnt read all the comments, i just seen the last comments of people saying that they need it really bad, and davewolax alot of people dont use essentials. and its not /tp <yourusername> <cordinates> its (/tppos)

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