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    Plugin category: Teleport

    Suggested name: TP Timed
    (you can make up your own)

    What I want: A teleport all plugin (like /tpall) where every X amount of minutes it teleports you to the next location in the config.yml and its automated.
    Once it teleports everyone it then sets the spawn point of the world in that location.

    Ideas for commands:
    /tpset # - Sets each teleport location
    /tpto # - Teleport's you to the location
    /tpall # - Teleports everyone to the location
    /tpstart - Start the queue
    /tpstop - Stops the queue
    /tpsettimer - Set the time between each teleport

    Ideas for permissions:
    tp.admin - Does all the above

    When I'd like it by: When ever you can.

    I haven't seen this plugin, I wouldn't doubt it one is made if so please link it to me.
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    Il try to make this, but cant make any promises, il start asap
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    If you want to add me on Skype so I can explain more details you can.
    Skype: LiLCraft

    Or jump on our servers, you can catch me either in the Hub or Faction server most of the time. :)
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    I can make this for sure, but I can't at this very second. If thepaperboy99 doesn't make it by later on today, I may make it for you.
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    I'm stuck on this part that I can't figure out so just let wolf make it for you, sorry
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    Thanks again both of you and anyone else who wants to give this a try. :)

    Let me know if you can work on it or even work together with thepaperboy99.

    Hmm that is cool, maybe you can post your source so others help?
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    I just got home, and I am capable of working on the plugin now.

    It's done. Let me just put it on my testing server to test it for a while.

    It took so long because I did get distracted a few times while writing it.

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    Wow you finished it already?
    I am so happy I want to cry. :'(

    Thank you!
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    I'll send it to your PMs. I'm also creating a Bukket Dev page for it.
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    Awesome, will give it a try when I am home. :)
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