TeamManager (under construction) (inter plugin communication)

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by TheBeefiest, Jan 30, 2011.

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    This plugin will hopefully make it easy for anyone to create TEAM based game modes.

    Currently under development (80% done), download the javadoc HERE

    Please make any suggestions for more features. And remember the focus is strictly on team management.

    • - Multiple plugins may create teams at the same time
    • - Opt-in for game modes
    • - Opt-out for game modes
    • - Restricting players to a single team (per plugin)
    • - Restricting players to a single game mode at a time
    • - Different methods for team creation
      • - Matchmaking (requires GNN plugin)
      • - Random teams
      • - Free player choice for teams
      • - Even teams via some player choice
      • - Locked, all teams chosen by the plugin (default)
    • - Location based services:
      • - Dynamic team locations
      • - Integration with Compass plugin (requires Compass plugin)
    Please tell me here if you plan on using this plugin, and what features are most important to your game mode.
Thread Status:
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