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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by phoenix21434, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Hi all, so I have written a plugin called Team Survival, which I am having difficulties testing. This is because it requires 4 or more people to be all on a server at once, and I do not have a server on which to organize this. So I turn to the bukkit community. I will attach the plugin to this post, and I ask for you to attach it to a server, attempt to use it, and report back any bugs to me. I will be happen to list the names of any of you who help me as "Testers" when I publish the plugin. The plugin basically provides support for a competitive game mode I came up with, in which any even number between 4 and 12 players into teams of 2, clears the players' inventories, and begins a timer. At the end of the timer, it reads the inventories of the players and attaches a point value to it, ranking the teams based off of the contents of their inventory.

    The commands and perms are as follows:

    description: Allows player to kick other players from a team slot.
    default: op
    description: Allows player to begin the game.
    default: op

    description: Remove the named player from their team.
    usage: /<command> [playername] to kick that player from their team.
    default: op
    description: View the players on the given team.
    usage: /<command> [teamcolor] to view which players on on that team. Colors are Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Orange.
    description: Join the given team team
    usage: /<command> [color] to join the team of that color. Colors are Blue, Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Orange.
    description: Leave your team
    usage: /<command> to leave your team.
    description: Sets the timer
    usage: /<command> [time in minutes]
    description: Starts the game if the clock has been set and all of the teams have either 2 or 0 people.
    usage: /<command> only works if the clock has been set and all of the teams are either empty of full.

    the biggest issues I have come across so far have been with the /tsstartgame command, which makes sense considering it is the main portion of the code.

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  2. with tsstartgame you should make it smaller
    maybe use this instead tsstart
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