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    UPDATE 1: I added private arenas, infect was changed to apocalypse, permissions, and
    deleted the classes part.
    UPDATE 2: Thanks for all of the positive feedback! I hope I could find a developer soon!:):cool::D[diamond][gold][iron]

    UPDATE 3: Added 2 new game types!!!

    UPDATE 4: I'm thinking of making my first plugin. Yes this will be a big transition for me but it introduces me to Java programming and gives me tough challenges like finding information that you can barely create. I'll try this but am going to need help with questions so thanks for reading these updates lol and I'll make more as I progress with my very own plugin. I might even send this to the public if they really need it XD. We'll see, but right now I'm just worried about getting $h!!t done so I could have a successful server.
    -One last thing. I'm having a problem with the program called Eclipse for Java projects. Could you help me out please? The link is here.

    Hello! I'm wanting to request a plugin called Team Battle! This is detailed so hang in there! Okay here are all the basics.

    Basics: This plugin allows you to create arenas with opposition colors that have main goals. This means if there were a red vs. blue battle in CTF (capture the flag), the main goal would be to capture the opposing team's flag. There are many game types that come with this plugin.

    -CTF (capture the flag)
    goal: to capture the opponent's flag and make it back to your base before you get killed to get a point. Maximum points to win a game would be 3. Maximum players on each team would be 15 (configurable). Colors are configurable in the config file.
    -TDM (team death match)
    goal: to fight until one team reaches 50 kills (configurable)in total (not deaths). Colors for teams are configurable in the config file. Maximum players on each team would be 15 (configurable).
    goal: 1 player starts out as a zombie. He has to kill people to gain more players on his team. The default team colors for this are red and blue. Blue being the good team and red being the zombie team. Zombies can one hit kill players on the opposite team to gain more players on their side. Maximum players are 15 to 1 (configurable). Zombies can also start out with weapons every time they die (configurable). Zombies also have the 8 minute speed potion. Every time a zombie kills 10 players even if they die or not in the arena, that zombie gets to be on the opposite team.
    -Weapon Level
    goal: to kill as many players as you can to get higher ranked weapons. Example: you start with a wooden sword, and every kill your sword levels up all the way to a diamond sword (configurable weapons using id's). The colors are also configurable. There are not teams for this game type!
    -One In Chamber
    goal: to kill as many players as you can to survive. Colors are configurable. There are no teams! Players can start out with an iron sword and other weapons (configurable) to try and kill as many players as possible. Every player has 3 lives. Once they die the automatically leave the arena to the arena hub. Iron swords can do 1 hit kills.
    -Survivalist (Survival)
    goal: to find resources in the ground and use them to kill the opposite team players. You can place blocks in this arena game type and also be able to open chests (chests reset every time the arena is started). Teams like red vs. blue (configurable)can kill each other to win the game. The amount of kills a team has to reach in total would be 75 (configurable)to win. Players can dig to bedrock finding hidden chests (you can add them)and digging up ores. The maximum amount of players will be 15 (configurable)on each side. The arena resets after the game has finished and every chest shall refill. To refill a chest just simply put in the items that you want the chest to refill with just like Survival Games.
    -Civil War
    goal: to capture land as your team dominates the battlefield. When you stand on an opposing team's pressure plate right next to the flag just like the CTF flag, it changes to your team color. You should get a message saying "(Minecraft name) captured (opposing team's color) flag!". Messages are configurable and so are the team colors as well. Every flag should be set to white so there are no unfair wins. The basics of the battle are TDM, but villagers can randomly spawn. When you stand next to a villager is should say "(Minecraft name) captured a villager". After you captured a villager, you receive 4 items (configurable using item ids). A player can only capture 1 villager per death. Villagers are basically slaves making food for the soldiers in the Civil War if you were going to ask. Flags cannot be taken and held in hand like the CTF flag where the flags can be taken and can bounce in your hand. Team colors are configurable. Villagers cannot be killed either. The maximum players would be 15 vs. 15 player (configurable).

    Here is some extra information about the game types:
    -Arenas automatically start without having people to vote
    -The countdown clock for arenas to start, stop, and wait until one starts would be the xp bar
    -Start times, End times, and waiting for arenas to start times are all configurable in the config file
    -There is a scoreboard for a person's kills, deaths, killstreaks, xp to level up your class, and also your minecraft name and your amount of cash you have from killing people in arenas in total
    -Killstreaks give you extra items which are configurable in the config file using item id's
    -Every time you kill a person in AN ARENA ONLY, you get 30 xp and $2
    -people don't lose their inventory or any items when their in the arena
    -every time someone dies, leaves an arena or an arena is over, their inventory regenerates to what they brought in when they previously joined the arena with newer items
    -The food bar is for running. Every time you run, your food bar goes down but you won't lose health after the health bar needs regeneration. The food bar heals at the exact rate it goes down when you run.

    Now onto the sort of harder part. Here are the plugin requirements:
    -Some custom scoreboard that has all of the things listed (kills, deaths, ect.)

    /tb createprivate (arena name) (game type)
    Ex: /tb createprivate pvparena ctf
    -creates a private arena only allow people with the teambattle.join permission to join it
    /tb delprivate (arena name) (game type)
    Ex: /tb delprivate pvparena ctf
    -deletes a private arena
    /tb create (arena name) (game type)
    Ex: /tb create pvparena tdm
    -creates an arena with Worldedit as the given game type
    -players cannot grief the arenas
    -the arena regenerates every time its used
    -you must use the Worldedit wand to select the region first!
    /tb (arena name) setspawn (1,2,3,4,ect.)
    Ex: /tb pvparena setspawn 1
    -sets the spawns where players will end up whenever they die or just spawn there
    /tb (arena name) random (deny or allow)
    Ex: /tb pvparena random allow
    -sets the spawn points to random so players would spawn in random places that are set
    /tb (arena name) setcwflag white
    Ex: /tb pvparena setcwflag white
    -sets the Civil War flag to white
    -only for the Civil War game type!
    /tb (arena name) setflag (color ex: red)
    Ex: /tb pvparena setflag red
    -sets the flag for the given team for ctf
    -this command is only for ctf!
    -to delete a flag, all you have to do is remove to fence and it removes the flag as well
    -you must select the fence that you want to be the flag post with Worldedit first!
    -wool block in ctf appear on the fence to be the flag with the given color of the team on that side
    -players cannot steal their own flag!
    -when a player steals the opposite side's flag, the wool block bounces in their hand
    /tb delete (arena name) (game type)
    Ex: /tb delete pvparena tdm
    -deletes the arena so no one can use it
    -game type must be part of the command!
    /tb (arena name) deletespawnpoint (1,2,3,4,ect.)
    Ex: /tb pvparena deletespawnpoint 1
    -deletes the specific spawn point where a player dies or just spawns
    /tb (arena name) setzombiespawn
    Ex: /tb pvparena setzombiespawn
    -sets a spawn FOR ALL infected zombie players in the Apocalypse game type arena to spawn there when they die or just spawn there
    -this is for Apocalypse only!
    /tb (arena name) delzombiespawn
    Ex: /tb pvparena delzombiespawn
    -deletes that specific Apocalypse zombie spawn point in that map
    -this is only for Apocalyse!
    /tb join
    -joins the arena that is about to start
    /tb leave
    -lets you leave the arena your currently in
    /tb setarenalobby (lobby name)
    Ex: /tb setarenalobby Mars
    -sets the lobby for everyone to wait until they go to the next arena
    -you must select the region with Worldedit first!
    /tb delarenalobby (lobby name)
    Ex: /tb delarenalobby Mars
    -deletes the lobby for everyone to wait until they go to the next arena
    /tb renamelobby (lobby name) (new lobby name)
    Ex: /tb renamelobby Mars Saturn -XD random planets
    -renames the arena lobby for people to join the next available arena

    Auto Announce:
    this announces every arena that is taking place at that moment. It tells what arena your in and also the objective.

    teambattle.join -joins the private arena
    teambattle.leave -leaves the private arena

    -every game type will start you out with dyed leather armor. The color depends on the color of your team.
    -I would really like this to be compatible with the Crackshot guns plugin, so can the config files for items be item ids so I can add the guns? Thanks and if your wondering why item ids, Crackshot cannot use item names because it doesn't work on Essentials sign shops and there are plenty of other problems with it as well. I just really want to use this on my guns server with real guns in Minecraft! That would be awesome!!!:)

    Well thanks for reading! I know its a lot to ask for but I made it as detailed as I can. I really hope this will be created! Lots of mini game, guns, or pvp servers could use this for their server! Can this be in one plugin? Also can the plugin allow people to bring in their own weapons but armor? THANKYOU FOR READING! -Don't forget to vote!:):cool::D[diamond][gold][iron]
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    wizard7611 These are mor than 1 plugin please make this 1) A few differnt plugin requests or 2) on different therads
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    wizard7611 This is to much to read for alot of people so im suggesting u make it more than one so someone that can make it but dosnt want the bulk of the project to have to do it.
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    Awesomeman2 Awesomeman, no no no no no.

    Why would someone make more then 1 plugin to acomplesh 1 task? My though is: Lag.

    I don't think you know java, but heres some reasons die.
    The plugins have to react with eachother, so API's
    Registering events/commands multiple times
    Bukkit has to read the diffirent events

    I re read your post and to be honost, your response sounded un educated. Why would it be to much to read? wizard7611 did everything completely amazingly, added a lot of detail, and made it clear.

    Also, don't make a comment instructing people that you don't even know what your saying, the "bulk of the project" makes no sense.

    EDIT: Im not sure if your asking the plugin dev to make multiple plugins, or the author to make multiple post's. Either way your response is very (mean words incomming) stupid.
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    JPG2000 ok, I edited it, but why does or did it sound un educated? What response are you talking about. I only said "ok" lol.
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    wizard7611 Hhahahaha. I wasnt talking about your post, you did everything perfcty. I talked about @Awesomeman2's post
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    wizard7611 Its pretty large, and Im not really good with arena stuff, but I'll ask a couple of my friends.
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    JPG2000 ok thanks!!! I've been waiting forever for this to be created!!! TY TY TY!!! :):cool::D[diamond][gold][iron]
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    JPG2000 Succes! I wouldn't do it, because all the games already exists....
    Why don't you create a new minigame that doens't exists?
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    TomTheDeveloper would you create the plugin if I made different game types? Also there are no plugins with everything I needed in it. Everything I need is separate. :( But I am thinking of changing the infect game type so that zombies can return to players every 10 kills. I'm thinking of great ideas right now. So thats why I wanted all the game types that were already created on this plugin. I know lots of people that could use it! lol:D
    Oh yes and I edited the arena information and the infect game type just so you know. The Infect game type is now called Apocalypse.
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    JPG2000 Dont get mad lol im just saying that more people might take a look at making them if he does what i said, I wasnt making him do it i suggested it and i do know what im saying when i said the bulk of the project.
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    Awesomeman2 Wait. Are you telling/asking the dev to make this in diffirent plugins?
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    JPG2000 No i was suggesting that he should make it different requests so someone who could make this but didnt want to take on the bulk of the project could make it.
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    lol are you arguing? I can't tell hmmm.:confused:
    Awesomeman2 I'd rather have it a full plugin. I really don't like multiple plugins. Its like adding the Essentials plugins. I mean there are soooo many of them like warping, shops ect. I hate adding multiple plugins. It takes too much time!:(
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    wizard7611 Were not arguing, but Awesomeman2 is being very very stupid.

    Why the actuall f*** would someone make 4 threads to say one thing? Its good for developers to have a lot of information, and one thread is a good way to keep that.

    wizard7611 Sorry for tagging you twice, but please dont split this up. Awesomeman2 doesnt know what hes doing...
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    JPG2000 will anyone create this plugin? :(:'(
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    wizard7611 It is a huge plugin, patience is key
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    yes but does anyone wan't to start it by just telling me ok?
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    Nemesis213 Hmmm, I have looked at it in the past. Its similar but the flags for CTF need to be realistic as what I described and also some other things like how I changed infect to apocalypse. Their explaining on that plugin is very bad and basically has one person in charge most of the time on that plugin, so I'd give that a big "No Thanks!"

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