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    Is there a tax plugin out there to tax players like tax in real life? It would be amazing to have that on my server, there is too much money in the economy. Can someone help me?
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    Maybe I can help you. But then I must have more information about that, what you want. And please excuse my English. I came from Germany and my English isn't the best.
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    I am just looking for something to tax players on each purchase or sell of items, to re deduce the amount of money that players have or get. I don't know if it is possible but also maybe something that will deduct money from players after a certain numbers of hours that have passed, for example for every 10 hours of play time there is a $5000 tax. Thanks for helping me!
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    Taxing people for playing on your server... :confused:

    Good luck with that.

    I'd just add a "0" or "00" to each price so it costs a lot more.
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    I thought about that but then again the new players wouldn't be able to afford anything...
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    then reset economy? If your economy is SO bloated that new players get screwed over and old players have billions, reset it.
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    well i thought about that too but some players might rage if i do that.. but the tax would help too....
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    Do what you want, I just know I would never play on a server who taxed me in-game currency just to play. :/
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    it is just a temp thing. i will prob reset the economy in a few months when we build an updated map.
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    is there any way to tax a player after they have been on for a certain amount of time?
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    iConomy can do this.
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    If you're ChestShop than there is built-in tax options.

    iConomy tax options don't think it worked, but never used it and can't be for certain.

    However, CraftConomy has a tax options where you create multiple taxes and provide them the permission node based on group.

    Now, - Does look like a good plugin, but I try to stay within what I usually already have and not use extra plugins if I don't have to, but this does look interesting enough to try as an added bonus.
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    I get an error whenever I try to use your plugin. Any chance you could help me out? I put detailed information on the plugin page. Thanks :)

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