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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by aidan matzko, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. So i am taking SIMPLE plugin request. Nothing thats more than, say, 5 commands(under most circumstances)...
    Maybe random utilites that you need, or simple things like /growgrass, although that has already been done. Post em here!
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    this is VERY simple!
    Could you do a modification on the plugin blocksonglass to make it use fences instead of glass.
    there is like 3-4 entries you'll have to change.
    Thank you very much :D
    btw: sorry for using capslock WAY to much.
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    Brian Haberer

    A handy, yet simple, mod that I was just looking for would be one that simply enables the NORMAL world mobs/animals in the SKYLANDS map type.

    Currently the only mobs that spawn in Skylands are Chickens :-\
  4. i'll ask the plugin author and hopefully make it...
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    Can you make Minecraft maps play full HD porn?
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    i have sendt an message, but he's not replying.
    Could you make it for private use?
    I have tried to recreate the plugin using his source, everything seems to be ok. however, bukkit reports errors, and the "new" plugin does not work.
    i believe i have done everything correctly...
  7. im getting close, but right now im taking a quick break from that and doing another plugin of mine... i just need to figure out how to set the hardness...
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    awesome! thank you!
  9. just talked to the plugin author, look like he just finished modding his plugin to use fences. look here for a link :D
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    Done. It'll be up in a few minutes.
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    Sweet! thank you!
  12. i wish... i mean, NO!

    are you using multiverse? that might not be possible if you are...

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    Maybe this one for us Server owners who have cities, a RENT mod, I.E: You set a lots rent, someone wants to rent it they right click a sign to rent it and money is deducted and then gets deducted at a set interval determined by a config file...
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    A plugin where you can shoot a sphere of arrows from your body, or summon a small temp 2x3 wall from there same materials your standing on. Or a mod where you have a chance to land a K.O. punch that does damage + some knock back force, like when your standy close to tnt.
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    A mob type blacklist!
    Or a standalone mod which makes announcer signs (they tell you something when you go near)
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    @aidan matzko
    Here is good one.

    Make Fish randomly wash to shore aka if flowing water meets edge of land on ocean randomy spawn a fish item :p

    makes up for lack of fishing in smp
  18. i could do that, but it would be kinda resource intensive?
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    How intesive are we talking about here.

    Logblock intensive or movecraft intensive ?

    I run a 3ghz 2 core machine with 4gig ram 3gig ram dedicated and some jav tuning for garbage disposal and some 40 plugins already I could give it a whirl. that being said I do have reduced mobs from 2500 down to just 1000 per world.
  20. hmm. i wouldn't really know till i make it xD
    right now i'm pretty focused on RestartNow, but maybe sometime later i can take a look
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    Alright i have a fairly simple request. The name isnt really important, but will call it logintoggle.

    Basically you can type /logintoggle to toggle on and off viewing the player left and join messages in chat. This stores your name to a text file, and anyone in the text file does not see the login and logout messages form players leaving and joining the server.

    When you type /logintoggle again it removes your name from the text file.
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    -sorry for my bad English-
    ok, this my request:
    i want plugin that when i put sign and type for example "Arrow" its give you 1 set of arrows but infinte.
    its for creative server, i want something like this:
    when u click right click on sign u get 1 set of the item name u type in 2nd line but infinite.
    im dont want some stupid thing like this in sign:
    Red Wool
    and if its not too much made item.txt that i can choose the name of item in 2nd line
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    ok i dont know if this is simple or no or watever
    i have 2 plugins in mind, but ill just tell you one for now...

    What I need is a plugin thatwhen you walk through a set area (one that you set with a "wand") it says a message that you set for that area. (kind of like regios and its welcome messages) BUT this message can only be said ONCE!
    so after its said once, it doesnt say it again.
    is that simple?
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    Are you still doing this? I really need a mod that prevents chunks from being generated. What I have in mind is to erase all chunks besides one single row, and/or add undiggable walls on either side.

    All it needs to do is create new chunks in memory, but not fill them with blocks if the x-coordinate of a chunk is not 1 or 0 or whatever the origin chunk is.

    If you're interested, perhaps I could buy you a game on steam or something?
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    My Plugin Requests:
    1.Sign what shows who are online, left click goes down so more names show up.(color text would be nice on it)
    2.When stepping farmland it wont go back to dirt.
    3.Makes chests openable when there is a block top of it!

    il hope u have time.
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    I accomplished this by putting simple skylands on a test server with the plugin marcopolo, explored up to 8000 in my case (took up 4.1gb of hard drive space)... then I just copied the world directory to my main server and day/night worked so did mobs and everything else.

    In the end though, I didn't like the skylands because few people used it, not eveyone could fly well, and it took up 4.1gb so I took it out so people would focus on the normal world. It was fun for the weeks it lasted though.

    EDIT: Oh yeah, multiverse worked with it also.

    I could come up with plugin ideas all day...

    Healthbar: A bar over someone's head showing their HP (would probably use bukkitcontrib or something) (could even color the name differently to represent this.

    DayMobSpawn: Mobs spawn during the day instead of the night (so we can see what we kill)

    Anti-push: People aren't able to push others (into water/lava/anywhere)

    MumbleDirectionalAudio: A plugin that interfaces with mumble to give directional audio for other mumble users that are in game... Maybe reduce the volume to 60% for people 1000+ away?

    AntiMobGrind: Disable those grinders! Would disable grinder blocks from spawning mobs, and before a mob would spawn it'd check to see if there are any non-natural blocks within 20 meteres. There's a plugin like this, but the author seems disinterested in keeping it going and I'm not sure it works after trying it. Maybe refurbish it?

    I don't know how I get ideas, I just get them.

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    Ok heres my request, (searched and couldnt find anything)
    Name - Timedetector
    What does it do - Detects the time (eg: at night the sign would turn into a redstone torch and in the day it just stays as a sign or something like that)

    I dont know how easy / hard this would be to make though..
  28. Ok, as you see this was posted extremely long ago. I'm just now reading all of these, but I don't have nearly as much time to develop any more... PM me as I will always read those first :)
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