Taking off the coat?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Nijikokun, Feb 22, 2011.

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    *Here you go*

    Enjoy, for when you understand the meaning of this, it will be too late, and you won't recognize the reasons for why things delve out the way the do.

    Tons of things, are corrupt and tons of things have been for a while. I'm just going to leave this here in memory of some of the things that came, and have gone in the past; From the beginning, to the end, the thrive of those will never come to rest and the benefactor behind them will always remain.

    To those who can read, and comprehend this, I hope you will strive as a I have pushed, and continue as I have planned, here is my coat.

    https://github.com/Nijikokun/iConomy3 (JAR)
    http://mirror.nexua.org/Dependencies/IncDB.jar (Item Name Control Database) Very useful as a dependency hopefully someone can use it.
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    Oh boy.
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    Did he just...
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    Boon Pek

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    But he left his code/coat.
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    Really Niji? You're one of the most valuable developers in Bukkit history, please don't abandon us!
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    I'm taking a break, I'll be back whenever.
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    And here is why my server will never reach 1.3 :(
    Forever stay at 1.2_02 because all my mods I will ONLY use are right here.

    I will NOT use GroupManager as it is just a RIPOFF - Yea, I said it. - of your Permissions.

    iConomy cannot be matched! Especially when combined with SimpleShop!

    I will NOT use anything new. This is the end of me upgrading.
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    Thank you for releasing your source before leaving!
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    If you truly are leaving, farewell then and I can only wish you luck on where ever life will take you next. You were a great plugin developer and I loved your plugins as well as the entire GearCraft server. You will be greatly missed.
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    @Nijikokun good luck to your future endeavors.
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    Man, I respect you so much. You bring a lot of good plugins for us.

    I never wanted to make a war or nothing, just to make it clear for everyone.

    I expect take your work with Permssions ahead in a way that make you glad of it.
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    I can see why you'd want to step back. People seem to place unrealistic expectations on plugin authors considering that the work they do is in their free time, and that they are not paid for their work.

    I appreciate everything you've done for the community. Other plugins are beginning to be able to cover the area of yours...but your plugins made the conversion to Bukkit feasible for most server admins.

    Thanks again, and I'd love to see you make it back in the future.
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    Thanks for the plug-ins while they were around and having the letting others use your code before leaving.
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    Thanks Niji for everything.. That time you stopped by and checked out my setup. Remember I appreciated your work, and even sent donations and Xmas gift.

    Take a break if u need it. Thanks for leaving code for others.

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    I don't understand any of that. Thanks for your work, hope you come back soon, but I hope the work you do remains open source. What's the big deal anyway?

    For some reason, I picture you drinking some pina colada out of a coconut with a little umbrella on a warm sandy beach. Wish I could go too :(
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    Oh snap!
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    A shame... you did some good, fundamental work, Nijikokun.

    But things happen, and life continues. I understand that much, at least.

    Hope to see your work again someday.
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    Thanks Niji, hope to see you back soon.
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    Thank u for ur work, hope to see u again.
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    Well, if you decide to return, I'd love some help with the following:

    Otherwise, thank you for your contributions so far, and I'm sorry to see you go.

    Code... (open)

        public static PermissionHandler Permissions = null;
        private Listener Listener = new Listener();
        private class Listener extends ServerListener {
            public Listener() {
            public void onPluginEnabled(PluginEvent event) {
                if(event.getPlugin().getDescription().getName().equals("Permissions")) {
                    PluginName.Permissions = ((Permissions)event.getPlugin()).Security;
                    log.info(name + ": Attached plugin to Permissions. Enjoy~");
        private void registerEvents() {
            this.getServer().getPluginManager().registerEvent(Type.PLUGIN_ENABLE, Listener, Priority.Monitor, this);
    If I have the above, and call registerEvents in onEnable, Permissions appears to always be null.

    Also, it complains that "The static field Permissions.Security should be accessed in a static way" unless I replace Security with getHandler(). That doesn't work any better so far as getting Permissions usable.

    I'd love to know if there's something I'm doing wrong.
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    Sorry to see you go Niji, your plugins were great. Good luck with whatever you do next in life.
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    Been using your plugins for a long time. Cya

    Gosh this feels like a funeral
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    Nijikokun, thanks for your work and plugins!

    But there may be a resurrection:
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    Lord I hope not.
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    Oh well, see you later then![​IMG]

    Wrong emote, just ignore the text, couldnt find the waving only one.
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    I only used your permissions plugin. but man was/is it usefull
    I hope your vacation is gonna be short and until you come back I really wish whoever takes over a lot of luck inreplacing you.
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    Thanks for your awesome plugins while you were here.

    My server wouldn't have been able to make it this far without you.
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