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    Just post any MECH requests you have with the following conditions:
    1. No new blocks
    2. CAN be hackish, but not to a degree that can cause problems to the server
    3. Focuses a lot on mechanics and ingame stuff, not things that deal with management, security, etc.

    Also, the only reason I made this thread is that it is hard to see the scope of a request without the appropriate title, so if you make any requests OUTSIDE this thread please place the suitable type ([MECH], [SEC], etc), which would allow devs to choose the plugins they are the best at making.
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    Kevin Forte

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    Codex Arcanum

    There may be a reason that there isn't an infinite chests/dispsensers plugin anymore, but if that is still possible, that would be incredibly useful. I run an rpg server with hand-made dungeons with automatic rewards, but I've been wanting arrow traps for a while now.
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    i think he meant if you open a new thread..
    give it the proper TAG v_v
    having all requests within a post isn't this good, and you get lost in 10 different discussions very fast.
    so new topics please
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    MisanthropX, actually I did mean both. I want them to have the proper tag, but also list a few here. It'll just make things easier. You wonder why? Cuz the people who bother to look at threads in the requests are either plugin devs, or people with non-idiotic request. This'll help you separate the people who actually know the rules from the rest. So basically, make a new thread, link to it here.

    KevinForte: Looking at javadocs, there doesn't seem to be a method that gets the current uses, so I can't do this. If I find a method I will though.
    Codex Arcanum: Can't do it with dispensers, no event. Also, I'm not sure about chests either just stay tuned.

    EDIT: Found the current uses event. Look at your thread.

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    plantspreader plugin, update please :)
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    XD I replied to it :p
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    I'll see about that.
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    Are u able to make a trading plugin?
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    How so? What type of trading?
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    MobControl is pretty much an extended Advanced Zombies, without the block breaking. Go for that!
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    I'll see guys :p I can't do everything at once + I'm a bit busy these days.
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    I have a little MECH/FIX suggestion. Make it possible to walk against water currents again. They were already too strong before 1.4, and now they are ridiculous.
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    @pokerhermit: everyone asks that of me! :p i really don't know how to do that sorry XD
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    Um a plugin where if you right click a player a trade box opens. Then to finalize trade both players must click an accept button.
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    Thats client side, not possible.
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    Can you take a look at plantspreader?
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    I was wondering if it would be possible to either make the name tags (floating text above player characters) either more transparent (and thus harder to notice) or (and this would be better) completely invisible to players that are more then X blocks away.


    EDIT: I was looking through the entire list and found Hero Sneak... I would never have tried sneak as a keyword even though it makes sense now. Sorry.
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    Can u make if there isn't already (I can't find one) a plugin that gives you the ability to control crafting completely: such that if I wanted to make a group or a particular player unable to craft ... say a torch I could do that. I would be cool with using permissions to control which crafting recipes groups or particular players could actually use.

    I would most prefer a modification to the crafting system. I would like to see a crafting button or something like so that if I want players to have a 90% chance to craft something they have to make the pattern get the indication of what is they will craft and have to push a crafting button to proceed with crafting. Once the button is pushed I would like the materials to be consumed and whether an item is crafted or not to be configurable in percentage manner.
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