Solved SYSTEM CANT KEEP UP ??? 0_o

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SneakyGuyDavid, Jun 17, 2012.

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    Overloading.png helpp ! , i only have like 2 people , not including me , in my server and its saying warning cant keep up! did the system time change , or is the server overloaded? . can it really be overloaded ? i havnt restarted server since yesterday (almost 24 hours ago) , could that be the cause ? i had this problem like 3 times before , but what i can remember it usually goes away or eventually crashes the server.

    BTW my CPU usage is no higher than 30% usually around 27% , so it cant be my cpu ? can it ?

    CPU: AMD FX-4100 (Quad Core) (3.6-3.7Ghz)
    RAM: 8Gb's of ddr3 ram (3 GIGS OF RAM IS DEDICATED TO SERVER)
    OS:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (is up to date)
    Java: version 1.7.0_04 64-bit
    Hamachi: no
    Bukkit Version: 1.2.5 R4.0 <recommended/stable release
    • Backup
    • Essentials
    • EssentialsChat
    • EssentialsGeoIP
    • EssentialsGroupBridge
    • EssentialsGroupManger
    • EssentialsProtect
    • EssentialsSpawn
    • EssentialsXMPP
    • Hawkeye
    • jChat
    • LWC
    • Minecars
    • Mobdisguise
    • Multiverse-core
    • Multiverse-netherportals
    • Multiverse-signportals
    • Mywolf
    • ShowCaseStandalone
    • SimplyVanish
    • SkyTrash
    • TrollCommands
    • Vault
    • Weatherman
    • Worldedit
    • Worldguard
    • xAuth

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    okay a restart fixed the problem , and my ram usage went like 1-2 gigs down , so kinda of dramatic changes , was the cause the lack of free ram ? , how does it consume so much ram when i dedicated 3 gigs ?

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    Minecraft tends to eat ram like that :p
    One of your plugins could be causing it though. Multivirse and adding lots of worlds would be a big one for consuming memory. The server will always use less ram after a restart.

    Those warnings will start coming up anyway and they don't really help things. Was there any noticeable lag on the server? You can disable them warnings in the bukkit.yml. Set warn-on-overload: false
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    wow thanks for the help :D
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    mark as solved plz
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