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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by MikaelOverby, Oct 21, 2021.

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    I know there is other portal link/helper/sync out there, but their often outdated or does not work.

    Only if its possible and not a huge time process (as the rules say), Im in need of a working portal link/helper/sync.
    1. Is it possible to make a plugin that will sync portals to their exactly correct position either in nether or overworld from where the first portal where made?
    2. Or something that tells you where to make the second portal in coordinates, and also tell you if their linked or not.

    I do indeed hope for the first mentioned, where it generates "portal b" at the right coordinate for "portal a". either if "portal a" is build in nether or overworld.

    Name: PortalSync
    Version: 1.17.1 java
    Command: Always active. Either makes "portal b" when "portal a" are made or gives you the coordinates to where you should build "portal b".

    Any question? let me know
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    you don´t need a Plugin for that. You can calculate it by your self. one block in the nether equals to eight in the overworld. And the Y coord is not important afaik. So if the coordinates in the overworld would be X:8 Z:8 it would be X:1 z:1 in the nether. 16 ~ 16 would be 2 ~ 2, and so on.

    If you wish, I can still create the plugin.
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    I fully understand what you wrote, but I still wish for a plugin as mention in the description. Would be nice to get a message that tells you the portals are linked.
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    When a portal is created in Overworld and then genereated in Nether by the player walking through the portal from Overworld, the Nether portal is rarly on the accurate position it mathematichaly should be. Thats why you often get the issue where two portals in the Overworld that are close, links to the same portal in Nether.
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