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    Plugin category: PVP

    Suggested name: SwordsBomb

    What I want: This is a PvP plugin, which will make the pvp little more interesting for a sword.

    I want a sword plugin, which, when activated will add a bomb to a player on hit with a diamond sword, The bomb pops after a constant time end - configurable in the config file.

    The bombs damage is true damage, which means it doesnt care for any armor, defence skills or anything at all, it has custom damage.

    When a player has a bomb on him, he needs to have some effect, so that others can see that he has this bomb on him.

    A message in chat - which says - you have a bomb on you, and it will explode in %seconds%. Preferably configurable.

    Cooldown for this skill would be great. Since it lets you drop a bomb on a player.

    Ideas for commands: /sb enable /sb disable /sb help - which shows you the information about this plugin, which could be configurable in the plugin folder. /sb reload

    Ideas for permissions: swordbomb.use

    When I'd like it by: Any time possible.
  2. Nice idea, but too op..!
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    @Link_Awesomesause Well thats just a request, it doesnt mean anybody has to take the idea, im just shooting in the dark as you can say.

    Trying to give my idea, for someone, if hes interested in it, then maybe trying to make it. ^^

    Im guessing, this one and my Bow Plugin wont probably be made, but well, lets hope somehow they will ^^
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    Is this too hard or too time consuming to make? or? Im just curious why wont nobody try and take this :D
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