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  1. Hey i'm Fabian / Zyptic and i have a quite big plugin request

    What i want: I have a plugin called ChestCommands that opens a GUI where you can choose warps etc. My server is a 1v1 / Free for all server so a good respawn plugin is really needed, so yeah

    What i want it to do:

    When you opens the GUI it opens a list of Free for All arena’s, here comes the important: When a player clicks «Plains FFA» It spawns them random in the Plains ffa, with their kit (Needs to work with a custom /save plugin my friend coded me)

    And when a player dies they spawn random again in the «Plains FFA» If they want to leave the ffa they needs to do /lobby

    Ideas for random spawns:

    So if each arena has 6 spawns, config would look like this:



    Spawn1: «Coordinates1»

    Spawn2: «Coordinates2»

    Spawn3: «Coordinates3»

    Spawn4: «Coordinates4»

    Spawn5: «Coordinates5»

    Spawn6: «Coordinates6»



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  3. A plugin a friend coded me:) You click the compass
  4. BUMP, please?<3
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