SurvivorZ - Custom Plugin for Minigame Server

Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by Xerfox, Aug 21, 2013.

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    It's a fairly large plugin. I am certainly capable to completing it myself but it would take a while that way. If anyone would like to help , please let me know below!

    It's just a simple MineZ type of plugin (yes I know there are a lot out there). You will be granted a rank on the server for helping too! The only thing we need, is to make zombies spawn in daylight, not burn in daylight, remove spawning of all mobs but zombies and fish, and this will only happen inside one world and will not be active in any other world. Like I said, if you want to help, let me know!

    Requirements -
    - Must be able to work with configs!
    - Must have decent Java and Bukkit experience
    - Must be able to work with listeners
    - Must be able to help whenever you can!
    - Lastly, you must have Saros. If you don't, I can inform you on how to do it!

    Contact Info:
    Skype - The_Xerfox
    Email -

    Kind Regards,
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    Xerfox: To stop zombies from burning: EntityCombustEvent

    Spawn zombies via a scheduler/timer

    Cancel EntitySpawnEvents

    Fishs won't spawn ;)
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