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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by JustBeJan, Jun 2, 2017.

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    I am starting a survival server but I need a claiming plugin, GriefPrevention doesn't work (already searched for what it whas) and I found no other good plugins, so I would love if someone can make one for me ;)

    A player can claim an area with a wand. The claim costs money per chunk ($200) only you and trusted people can build, break, open doors, open chests, use redstone etc. in them, also protecting blocks getting pulled out using pistons, tnt damage being done to a claim etc. If a claim owner wants to claim another chunk, he must claim next to his old claim, this to prevent players to claim random spots all around the map.

    Changable in the config



    /claim [no permission] - Claim the chunk you're standing on, costing $200 (in-game money by vault)
    /unclaim (all) [claim owner only] - Unclaim the claim you are standing in, if the argument 'all' is specified, unclaim all chunks from the player, the money from the claim gets charged back automaticly
    /trust <player> [claim owner only] - Trust a player to your claim
    /untrust <player> [claim owner only] - Untrust a player from your claim
    /transferclaim <player> [claim owner only] - Give a claim to another player
    /claiminfo [no permission] - View claim info, like the claim owner, the trusted players etc.
    /showclaims <player> [no permission] - View all the claims from a player, displayed by coordinates
    /forceclaim <player> [claims.force] - Force the chunk you're standing on to be claimed by the specified player (claim the chunk for the player)
    /forceunclaim <player> [claims.force] - Force the chunk you're standing on to be unclaimed by the specified player (remove the claim for the player)
    /clearallclaims <player> [claims.clearallclaims] - Clear all claims claimed by the specified player
    /clearworldclaims [claims.clearworldclaims] - Remove ALL claims from the world you're in
    /ignoreclaims [claims.ignore] - Ignore claims, allowing them to build/break etc. in every claim, also allows a player to light TNT in a claim

    1.8 and up

    ASAP, I would love to see the plugin as I said earlier. I don't know how hard it is to code this and if it's too hard I will look for another plugin.
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    AreaShop, but you have to pre define all the regions players can claim or buy
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