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    Hi, I need someone to develop a surveillance camera for my prison server. You would have a camera and a screen and you could see through the screen whatever the camera is pointing at. I would also like channel on each camera, so I can have more than one camera looking at different places at the same time. It will require spout, so if you do take on the project you will need to develop it with the spout plugin. I want it to be a like a real life 24/7 surveillance camera. Thanks!!

    Please pm me if you would like to take the project on. I will give you my Skype, so we can talk about it more. Thanks again!! :)
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    In order to do this, your character would have to be teleported to the camera locations, and that means the prisoners can see you, and it is not possible with sprout either.
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    Look, I want you to imagine it, A plugins modify the server, not modify the game, so think to yourself, have I seen something that could look like a camera while playing single player?
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    It could work out, I just need to find the right person.
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    Well tbh theres /vanish which seems to make you invisible? so just use that? :p

    could put a dummy-NPC while the player is tped around that looks like the players

    still won' thave a screen ofc
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    There's a plugin called Spectate which basically serves a similar purpose
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    All points made in this thread are completely true. This isn't a server modification but a client, and for that, you will need a client side addon/mod. I'm almost positive spout can't handle this either simply because of the whole "camera" aspect. When things progress and Bukkit starts merging with Mojang itself we can start to expect some changes for server modifications. Think of Minecraft like Gmod back in the day. Started off awesome, ended awesomer.

    Spectate only provides the viewing of a player through said players view. He wants a camera that you physically setup, record and play back in real time.
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    No matter how good the coder he/she is, it requires client modification.
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    Toby on the last 3 threads i have seen that require Client mods, you have posted that it needs client mods, just as i was about to post :O :D
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    it isnt posible whritought client mod!
    100 People askt this al ready!!!

    search before you post.
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