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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 16, 2013.

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    BukkitDev is an ambitious commitment and service we launched back in August of 2011 to address the undeniable need the Minecraft community had for a central download location and project management solution for all the awesome plugins and mods the community has made. As part of this commitment, we also now provide server admins with peace of mind that plugins uploaded to BukkitDev have been inspected and verified to not contain malicious code (to the best of our ability) and that plugins that are discovered to be malicious will be quickly and swiftly removed from BukkitDev by our team of moderators.

    Unfortunately, all of these benefits do not come without a hefty operational cost. As BukkitDev is now the primary location for developers to host their plugins, the amount of bandwidth and storage required to keep the service running smoothly has grown immensely. Along with continuously growing our BukkitDev approval team to meet the needs and demands of the community, we constantly need to expand the infrastructure and resources backing the service as traffic and demand increases. Thankfully, since we partnered with Curse - a company who has a lot of experience hosting, managing and supporting WoW Addons - all of this is taken care of and we can focus on making sure plugins are safe to run on your servers.

    In the hopes of helping Curse recoup some of the costs they've undertaken by graciously offering to host BukkitDev, we've come to an agreement to place some ads on our site. We'll do everything in our power to ensure these ads stay small and unobtrusive but feel that they are necessary to help Curse out with the costs of running the ambitiously large BukkitDev service that ensures your servers remain safe from malicious plugin developers. In order to ensure that the community (as well as ourselves) are happy with this change, we'll be sure to monitor feedback on the ads and their positioning. If we deem any of the ads obtrusive, distracting or problematic, we will make the necessary changes to address and rectify them.

    For those of you who have an aversion to advertisements and still want to help us keep BukkitDev operating smoothly, you have the option of subscribing to Curse Premium. We’ll be working towards disabling the ads on our sites for our members who have Curse Premium, if at all technically possible, as this is how Curse usually handles advertisements. Curse has graciously offered developers of popular plugins within the Bukkit community free Curse Premium as a way of saying thanks for contributing your awesome plugins to the community, so many of you will not be seeing the advertisements anyway as a way of our saying.

    Thank you for your continued support, as well as your patience and understanding in this matter. The BukkitDev service allows us to provide you guys with peace of mind that the plugins you run on your server will not allow the developers to be malicious and keeping it running smoothly by helping Curse out with the costs is the least we can do for them. Curse has been fantastic with supporting the project with resources, technology and hardware for the past year while asking for nothing in return. Without their support, the project would not be running as smoothly as it is today.
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    I hope that at least when the Minecraft API is made, Minecraft can "adopt" the Bukkit community(maybe a future plugin repository is hosted on their servers?). That way, we'll have all our problems solved.

    Anyway, I guess this was pretty unavoidable.

    Having had my own bukkit plugin(and being awarded Curse Premium), I'm pretty sure you're awarded Curse Premium when your plugin has 10,000+ downloads total.
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    No, it happens every 1,000 downloads.
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    Every 1000 DL you get a month of prem
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    Spoutcraft isn't even up to date with Minecraft like Bukkit is sssooo yeah...Spoutcraft sucks, but if you like it that's cool by me.
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    • Watch your language please.
    hey idiot guess what thers been over 270,000 registered users and has generally 1000 + members online at a time. clearly you dont know anything you freakin retard think about your post. your saying that because bukkit has become more secure and is the safest way to run a server its going to fail? are you stupid -_- also your saying why should we donate for this when you just said your going to donate to get spout. im probably speaking for many when i say this, your server will fail because of your freaking stupidity and lack of common sense
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    Not everyone needs to yell at this guy...
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    true true
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    Whatever is needed to pay the bills. Ads are all over the web, if you don't like them, get an ad blocker. The ability to donate isn't going anywhere. I even think that the Donate link for developers should be more pronounced.
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    Edit by Gravity - removed quote

    although this doesnt make much money maybe you could put all the plugin download links to be on

    for the amount of downloads people do from here daily you would probably makes a few dollars a day
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    Bukkit has a rule against adfly links. We won't use them, nor will we force other's plugins and projects to fund Bukkit.
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    okay it was just an idea
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    Since when did I have Curse Premium. :confused:
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    Honestly I personally have no problem with this, as long as the ads are not intrusive (Pop up/unders(which I don't think CB team would allow) I don't see why anyone should complain about this. Most community sites these days have some sort of ad based revenue.

    At the end of the day this is a free service and dev's gotta eat.

    To all the people complaining, unless you're ready to step forward and fund BD/Curse, you don't really get a say imo. BD or their staff have NEVER asked for payment and still don't. Also I bet 99% of the people that are complaining ask for some sort of revenue on their server, just remember what your server is running off.
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    They've added the adds already? I guess I hit enough downloads then. That's cool :)
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    No they haven't removed them for curse premium yet, I suspect you have an adblock. I'm premium and I see ads.
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    Same here. I went to buffalo wild wings last night and now I see their add today. They must know something :eek:
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    Just adding to the list of "Hey guys, premium with ads kinda sucks" complaints.
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    For everyone with Curse Premium that is still seeing ads, please try fully logging out, logging in then checking if you still receive ads. Premium is meant to disable ads even on and we're looking into why this isn't the case. Thanks for your patience, understanding and help with figuring this out.
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    Awesome, logging out/in worked to make them go away.
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    EvilSeph yep they are gone.

    It's probably a cookie that gets set when you login...
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    We're going to wait and see how many more people are affected by this issue, however it looks like logging out and back in fixes it. We may decide to clear all sessions (log everyone out) to make sure everyone's Premium status is recognised depending on how many complaints come up and how frequent they are.
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    I never even saw the ads once without relogging in, so it may be a few individual cases :))

    My browser is Safari and I'm running Macintosh ;)
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    The Ad's blocked you.

    Anyway, still seeing ads after logging in/out. Don't want to clear all mah cookies.
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    You're in incognito mode >.>
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