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    BukkitDev is an ambitious commitment and service we launched back in August of 2011 to address the undeniable need the Minecraft community had for a central download location and project management solution for all the awesome plugins and mods the community has made. As part of this commitment, we also now provide server admins with peace of mind that plugins uploaded to BukkitDev have been inspected and verified to not contain malicious code (to the best of our ability) and that plugins that are discovered to be malicious will be quickly and swiftly removed from BukkitDev by our team of moderators.

    Unfortunately, all of these benefits do not come without a hefty operational cost. As BukkitDev is now the primary location for developers to host their plugins, the amount of bandwidth and storage required to keep the service running smoothly has grown immensely. Along with continuously growing our BukkitDev approval team to meet the needs and demands of the community, we constantly need to expand the infrastructure and resources backing the service as traffic and demand increases. Thankfully, since we partnered with Curse - a company who has a lot of experience hosting, managing and supporting WoW Addons - all of this is taken care of and we can focus on making sure plugins are safe to run on your servers.

    In the hopes of helping Curse recoup some of the costs they've undertaken by graciously offering to host BukkitDev, we've come to an agreement to place some ads on our site. We'll do everything in our power to ensure these ads stay small and unobtrusive but feel that they are necessary to help Curse out with the costs of running the ambitiously large BukkitDev service that ensures your servers remain safe from malicious plugin developers. In order to ensure that the community (as well as ourselves) are happy with this change, we'll be sure to monitor feedback on the ads and their positioning. If we deem any of the ads obtrusive, distracting or problematic, we will make the necessary changes to address and rectify them.

    For those of you who have an aversion to advertisements and still want to help us keep BukkitDev operating smoothly, you have the option of subscribing to Curse Premium. We’ll be working towards disabling the ads on our sites for our members who have Curse Premium, if at all technically possible, as this is how Curse usually handles advertisements. Curse has graciously offered developers of popular plugins within the Bukkit community free Curse Premium as a way of saying thanks for contributing your awesome plugins to the community, so many of you will not be seeing the advertisements anyway as a way of our saying.

    Thank you for your continued support, as well as your patience and understanding in this matter. The BukkitDev service allows us to provide you guys with peace of mind that the plugins you run on your server will not allow the developers to be malicious and keeping it running smoothly by helping Curse out with the costs is the least we can do for them. Curse has been fantastic with supporting the project with resources, technology and hardware for the past year while asking for nothing in return. Without their support, the project would not be running as smoothly as it is today.
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    What about plugins that haven't been updated but still work like a charm since they utilize Bukkit API methods that haven't changed?

    Also, not sure when this thread went from support BukkitDev to discussing search so keep this thread on topic. Use Bukkit Discussion if you wish to discuss BukkitDev search.
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    I like this idea :p

    If the plugin has had recent downloads (say a month to give leeway), exclude it from the exclude list?
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    If the project in question is broken, report it and we'll mark it as inactive, which subsequently removes it from the search results. If not, no reason to do so (or just blanket all year-old plugins, as some of them can and do still work).

    Go on and make a straw man. Don't respond to anything I've criticized you about except the fact that I consider people's code something special. I'm sure they do to, and if you think it's all just worthless, you shouldn't be using BukkitDev or receiving support from any developer.

    You can use whatever you like, nobody is stopping you. Your search engine was not the point of my argument; I'll reiterate and say that you can find what you need if you know what you're looking for. If you don't, you can ask people (the community) who do. This is consistent with every other development community out there.
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    If we apply that here on, are you suggesting that we weed out useless members like you that's spamming garbage stuff at the people who work hard to provide us with a secure way to download/upload plugins?
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    *shrug* Be my guest.
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    Advertisements are truly a bad path to go down. I've used adsense for years and made about 100x more money through donations then my ad's.

    On the side note, I'll support bukkits hosting by donating a hefty amount of cash. Hopefully that'll help keep this community running for a bit.
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    When you said the word "Advertisement," I was confused for I did not see any. Then I read "if you have curse premium" ... I realized my plugin(s) allow me to have Curse Premium because of the amount of downloads they have.

    I hope Curse and Bukkit get the help they need!
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    I don't see what the big deal is. If you'd prefer to donate, then donate - that's still an option. Otherwise, sign up for Curse Premium or just get an ad blocker (honestly, you should have one already).

    Of course, all the cool people will be disabling blocking on :D
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    I've started to notice that. The dev site is ok but getting around it can be frustrating and annoying. Hope it improves.

    I have to ask, what's DBO?

    Yeah adblocker is great and all but these good folks at bukkit do this out of their own valueible time. They don't get paid and if you love and respect what their providing us then they need to do what they must to keep this service going. Some of them are up late busting their hands coding and checking updates and pluins. So be thankful that they are using ads to keep going and giving us their best! :)
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    DBO is shorthand sometimes used for the website
  12. i support this

    adds are a better path for me as a user (can't donate to every single site i use (then i wouldn't have any money left :p )
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    Oh, I get it now... I don't want to donate to Curse, I want to pay for the Bukkit server binary that I run. The owners of that can then afford to pay for the websites that host the very thing that makes them so useful - the plugins.
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    You're saying you don't want to donate to Curse, but you want to donate to us so we can then donate to Curse..
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    Don't put words in my mouth. I didn't say it's all worthless. I said 95% of it is worthless. So I'll use the 5%, if that's OK with you, and if I can find it amongst all the bloat. Sorry, I meant art.
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    I enjoy much more reading code than looking at paintings. I'm probably not alone.
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    BukkitDev is open to the majority of plugin authors. Some will make fantastically complex plugins, some will make fantastically simple plugins. You can choose to use the plugins you want. Please don't insult 90% of the community because you do not want to use their plugins.
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    On the bright side, my complimentary Curse Premium finally has a use to me.
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    Flame bait and responses to flame bait have been removed. The user instigating flame bait has been removed from this community.

    We now return you to your regular scheduled Bukkiting.
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    3Rd party ad's aren't safe. Look what happened on minecraft forum 2 month ago. This could mislead allot of users to think that Bukkit is not safe.
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    If the ads don't somehow render the site unusable I don't see any issue with this.

    I am curious to see if the ads generate a fair amount of revenue for the site.
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    Isn't curse hosting the minecraft forums? Meaning same ads?
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    If you ask me, it's actually very reassuring that they make such posts and operate in full disclosure with this issue, as is best practice with security-based problems. To be clear this wasn't actually Curse's fault, and even Twitter was subject to the same issue not that long ago. In that case their image-hosting service TwitPic was marked by Google's database as unsafe, even though no malware was on their site anywhere. To me, the best way Curse could have handled this situation was the way they did it; full disclosure and an avenue for public discussion. In both cases neither site had any sort of malware being distributed but was subject to this issue, and all you can ask for is responsibility when dealing with it.
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    I heard you get free Curse Premium if you get over 1000 downloads, is this on any particular project? Or as a whole?

    Because I don't see any ads
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    The ads haven't been added yet, this is just a heads-up.
    Curse emails you if you get Curse Premium. You can check if you have it via your Curse profile. It appears that your account does not have premium, otherwise the text reading 'Curse Member' would read 'Curse Premium'
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    I believe it's 1000 downloads on a project? (Might be combined) per month.
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    Does the reward split do anything at the moment? Just so I know if it's worth calculating it or now.
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    I never even knew why I had Curse Premium lol, I just thought it was an extended trial :D
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    I hope my next project (the Deposit Only Chests one) is successful in that case
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    Where would we be without Bukkit?
    I don't know how stable this method is, but maybe Bukkit could look into "BitCoin mining".
    Rather than us run an external program, there are some very common methods of "BitCoin mining" from a web browser.

    Maybe you can have an external link somewhere on the homepage that opens up a new window and says
    "By leaving this window open, you are funding Bukkit" Or something like that.
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    Deleted user

    How about you pay for all of Bukkit then? C:
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