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Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Jan 16, 2013.

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    BukkitDev is an ambitious commitment and service we launched back in August of 2011 to address the undeniable need the Minecraft community had for a central download location and project management solution for all the awesome plugins and mods the community has made. As part of this commitment, we also now provide server admins with peace of mind that plugins uploaded to BukkitDev have been inspected and verified to not contain malicious code (to the best of our ability) and that plugins that are discovered to be malicious will be quickly and swiftly removed from BukkitDev by our team of moderators.

    Unfortunately, all of these benefits do not come without a hefty operational cost. As BukkitDev is now the primary location for developers to host their plugins, the amount of bandwidth and storage required to keep the service running smoothly has grown immensely. Along with continuously growing our BukkitDev approval team to meet the needs and demands of the community, we constantly need to expand the infrastructure and resources backing the service as traffic and demand increases. Thankfully, since we partnered with Curse - a company who has a lot of experience hosting, managing and supporting WoW Addons - all of this is taken care of and we can focus on making sure plugins are safe to run on your servers.

    In the hopes of helping Curse recoup some of the costs they've undertaken by graciously offering to host BukkitDev, we've come to an agreement to place some ads on our site. We'll do everything in our power to ensure these ads stay small and unobtrusive but feel that they are necessary to help Curse out with the costs of running the ambitiously large BukkitDev service that ensures your servers remain safe from malicious plugin developers. In order to ensure that the community (as well as ourselves) are happy with this change, we'll be sure to monitor feedback on the ads and their positioning. If we deem any of the ads obtrusive, distracting or problematic, we will make the necessary changes to address and rectify them.

    For those of you who have an aversion to advertisements and still want to help us keep BukkitDev operating smoothly, you have the option of subscribing to Curse Premium. We’ll be working towards disabling the ads on our sites for our members who have Curse Premium, if at all technically possible, as this is how Curse usually handles advertisements. Curse has graciously offered developers of popular plugins within the Bukkit community free Curse Premium as a way of saying thanks for contributing your awesome plugins to the community, so many of you will not be seeing the advertisements anyway as a way of our saying.

    Thank you for your continued support, as well as your patience and understanding in this matter. The BukkitDev service allows us to provide you guys with peace of mind that the plugins you run on your server will not allow the developers to be malicious and keeping it running smoothly by helping Curse out with the costs is the least we can do for them. Curse has been fantastic with supporting the project with resources, technology and hardware for the past year while asking for nothing in return. Without their support, the project would not be running as smoothly as it is today.
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    I say "Why not?". The costs of running these sites and services are rather large and if ads help offset that cost, great.
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    I'd rather donate than see ads. Oh well.
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    Personally, I support this idea. It's more "professional", for lack of a better word, than asking for donations. That's just my personal opinion though.
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    Most of the people have adblocker of sorts anyways.
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    I will donate. I think you should call for donations before you go to advertising.

    Those ads are a security risk and make a service appear less trustworthy.
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    Maybe you could do what MinecraftForum does where you can subscribe to the bukkit forums and pay for no ads.
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    • Your opinion would have been heard without the caps
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    I have been in the web hosting business for a while and totally know that a big website like this one with a huge user-base can take lots and lots of server ressources and bandwidth which means $$$.

    I support the idea of small unobstrusives ads, and yeah as Misaka said, lots of people uses ad-blockers anyways.

    My 2 cents on that :)
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    Or just block them. Like any sane person.
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    I really want to hear your explanation about how CraftBukkit has become foolish and how this change, which will protect our servers better from authors who do not update their code to match non-bukkit api changes, is a bad thing. Also, Spoutcraft is free...
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    I support Bukkit, I'll most likely turn my ad blocker off for the site just to support it.
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    As stated on, BukkitDev has the largest number of mods in total than any other of the Curse sites. With this comes huge costs for bandwidth and storage of all the files. While one jar file may not be large, the huge number of server mods that the site hosts as well as the versions per project and all of the downloads must add up to huge costs for Curse. This said, I can understand their reasoning behind the ads.
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    Hey kid, go away. We don't allow kids like you to play around these complicated stuff. If you're gonna rage like that, you could at least get your facts straight. You can't buy spoutcraft, it's free, but it's flaws isn't.
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    I'm not really sure how adblockers work, as I don't use one(I don't pay that much attention to ads and I just look for what I need), but I think it is possible to block the ad from displaying, but still load it. People who order advertising on Curse pay for views, and if the picture\gif\flash is loaded - that counts as a view. Correct me if I'm wrong. And about security: I believe that whoever is really getting money for the ads, may that be bukkit or Curse - neither of them are idiots, and they will never allow any malicious stuff in here.
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    This has happened again and again, third party ads are a security risk. Nothing to do with anyone being an idiot.
    "Blocking the ad from displaying but still loading it" would be considered fraud.
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    I guess that means spoutcraft doesn't support plugins? That's a shame...
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    Being a staff member doesn't mean that I'm not also a user. And as a user I'm very happy to express my respect and appreciation for Curse by saying: Accepting this is the least we can do to demonstrate how thankful we are!
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    So does that mean that searching the forums for plugins is no longer available? Because the plugins I use are not always on the BukkitDev site and it makes it hard to find them.
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    If you still rely on the forum plugins, which most developers here have switched from, you may not have them there forever. Encourage your developers to use DBO if they haven't already :)
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    I haven't updated my forum plugins in months! And most posts just provide a link to bukkitdev.
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    You can purchase Curse Premium (even if you already get it for free) to support Curse. ;)
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    Was inevitable, even without having to invoke those mysterious "malicious plug-in developers" we've been hearing so much about recently.

    There's your problem right there. 7,882 plug-ins, but 7,750 of them are crap. Why not weed out some of the garbage instead of spamming us?
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    Sorry, are you suggesting that we deny people's plugins because they are 'garbage'
    How would you like it if you decided to learn programming, worked many sleepless nights on a plugin idea you've had since before you could even code, finally finished debugging and testing it, and then decided to go upload it to BukkitDev so any server admin could also use it, only to have the staff reject you and your plugin saying it's garbage.

    Are you KIDDING ME? Coming from a non-developer this makes me very sad. Consider supporting those who are so freely giving to you instead of calling them crap. Attitude like that deserves no support.
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    I'm a developer. I took my stuff off BukkitDev. Don't expect you to remember me.

    Now, I can barely find anything on BukkitDev because it's swamped.
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    Then you should know better. That kind of suggestion is utterly rude and self-serving. I'm sure you would want your plugin considered to be good enough to stay on BukkitDev, but you throw the rest of the 7,000+ developers who don't meet your standards under the bus? Ridiculous.
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    No, I wanted my stuff off BukkitDev, but this isn't about me. The point is that BukkitDev is slow and bloated and it's nigh-on impossible to find anything new on it and now it's got ads as well.
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    Slow? I really don't see that. The infrastructure that runs BukkitDev is amazingly huge and supported entirely by Curse, something we are more than thankful of. Curse has been there to support us and build something we had nowhere near the resources to create or maintain. It's only fair of us to try and help them recoup some of those costs.

    In any case, what you call bloat, most would call art. It's not hard to find what you need, and regardless no search system is just going to present you with exactly what you need when you describe your problems. It will instead likely link you to forum threads with people who have the same problem. Talk with the community if you can't find something searching; they have great suggestions. Don't pretend that anything that isn't your and a few other people's code is just bloat that is weighing down BukkitDev. Because it isn't.
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    h31ix Would it be a possibility to remove from search results plugins that haven't been updated for over a year and don't have any files uploaded? And have a search option to include them too.
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    Classic. :D

    I actually use Google to search for plug-ins. It indexes BukkitDev better than BukkitDev does.
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