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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MistahCheese, Jan 2, 2011.

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    How would you go about making a plugin in PHP? I understand how Python, JavaScript, Lua, etc would work, but I can't really see a web development scripting language would work.
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    What's in bold is not true. It's not web specific, though it's most commonly used on the web. You can run PHP directly from the command line and interface with it just like any other language. The main difference with PHP is that you don't have to bring in the main packages like String, Math, OS, etc. If you'd like you can post a bit of code in a Java or something else you'd expect to work and I'll give my PHP version of the same code to prove my point.
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    Interesting point you bring up. I haven't done anything with PHP really and didn't realize that it can be run through the command line. I might have to look into this a bit further.
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    Indeed. A lot of people seem to lump it in only with being able to work on the web when it's actually quite useful when run through the command line. I've actually used PHP to make my own chat server since it can handle sockets.
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    So its finally released, free of bugs and has reched its full potential?
    I dont believe that =D
    Dont try to trick me, i like you, you are young and very enthusiastic about coding, thats great, but dont fight with IT-Speacialists *g*
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    not saying im good at it and not saying it released :)
    also: im not making complex things, im just saying i know how to do it
    now how good i am :oops:
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    Im really against this.

    Adding other language support sound fun, but keep in mind every hook bukkit ads adds complexity and memory usage as well as additional requirements.. dont leave the people who use linux servers for minecraft out in the cold by requiring thier server can use C#, etc.
    --- merged: Jan 7, 2011 10:58 PM ---
    Another issue is that the more required ti get bucket running, the more limited people are in terms to cost to use bukkit , or to run a mc server.

    By requiring more third party tools/etc, you are effectively making it cost more to use bukkit.
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    Ben S

    If anything it wouldn't support a plugin written in C#, but something that compiles to native code, ie .dll or .so.

    If compiled correctly, Java can recognize the exports and can call functions.
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    Sosser what you are asking for is not possible for most people. I myself have ported C# stuff to Java, but even if a some would be easy.. its not always an easy conversion. Not to mention the languages have differing ideas on some supported features. Its not worth MC/Bukkit to try to support C# at all if the expectation is that it will be converted to java.
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    There are ways to add language support but not load them if they are unused. It is something mineserver is working on. I did a quick check and the python interpreter adds a little under 10 megs when run solo. It can add up if a server admin is using plugins from 10 different languages, but one or two is fairly trivial compared to how much ram a running world takes up.
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    If I am not using a plugin that requires it, I shouldn't have to waste RAM or Disk Space storing it.

    If I am using a OS that doesn't support a given supported language, I should not be forced not to use bukkit.
  13. Adding support for plugins in different languages is not going to break Bukkit platform compatability.
    It does mean, however, that the server will only be able to run the plugins for languages it have installed support for.

    And just to make it clear. C# and the entire .NET framework can be run on Linux and Mac using the Mono Project, which is an open source and platform independant implementation of the .NET framework.
    Except for a few exceptions, everything is implemented.
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    Yes but it may not be available on given hosts.
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    Well, how about we all try to do a bit of research of which languages would actually be able to compile into Java bytecode? I did some on PHP and found this: Caucho Resin/Quercus - compiles PHP to Java bytecode

    If you really want to make sure they can add the language, help them out by finding some resources for them like I did instead of arguing about what should/shouldn't be used or can/can't be used.
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    It is not the job of the development team to try and cover every possible hosting configuration in the world. Why should they limit functionality because there might be some VPS providers out there who don't have MySQL or mono? Heck if we go on that logic we should throw in the java binary because there might be hosts where java is not available as well so they can't even play minecraft!
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    Many, many people use ssh to manage their servers right now; you cant expect them to switch hosts, switch ips, risk losing thier entire communites, etc, or such just to use bukkit.
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    Then don't use it.

    Anyway, your argument is invalid. Support for other languages isn't going to mean you can't run Bukkit, and it isn't going to "load up your memory" with all these "languages". The worst case is that you won't be able to run a plug-in because it was written in something your server doesn't support. If that's the case, I'd say the server is the problem, not Bukkit
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    You should already be able to write plugins with Jython. It has access to everything that your Java code can access (including Bukkit). It might take a little experimentation to figure it out, though.
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    I'd only vote for compilable languages IF they forced open source.

    Python/Lua is a possibility. I don't know much about that though.

    I develop in PHP a lot, it's a nice scripting language, but I don't see it working well for anything but socket communication.
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    I would want C# because I am learning it for xna (gaming thingy that works with PC, zune, Xbox, and WP7) and if I could use those skills for my Bukkit server that would be awesome. Now back to my 1000 page book on C#
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    I vote perl.
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    The only thing to take in mind is that we should have a dedicated library or API for each language to make everything possible
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    @Zeerix My fault
    But a dedicated API should improve perfomance (i think)
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