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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by MistahCheese, Jan 2, 2011.

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    So, I saw the "plugins don't have to be developed in java" thing, but I was wondering specifically what languages are supported (hoping for Python and/or C++). Anyone know? Thanks!
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    Seconding this thread, native (p|j)ython support would be awesome.
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    Lua would be awesome to program in. But I can learn Python. And I can stick with Java, if need be.
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    I think I'm mixing it up, but is python the easy one to learn or was it perl.
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    Python is incredibly easy to learn; I learned it in a single day at work. On the other hand, compared to Java, I don't really care for it much.
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    If they're taking the route I think they are (which would be having a TCP server or something so you can interact with the mod), any language with a network library could be used to script for bukkit. Of course, I don't know how they're going to do it so you'll have to wait for a developer.
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    But still keep in mind that adding a lot of plugin languages doesn't support the performance in the worst case.. especially if you have to send your "plugins" through a set of parsers, which may not lead to the wished gaming experience.

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    Dinnerbone: Plugins are handled through a PluginLoader
    Dinnerbone: We can write PluginLoader to handle all interaction with a given language
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    But the question is how many will actually be supported. Of course people won't (and shouldn't) spend their time writing middleware for eleventy billion languages. In other words, how many plugin languages are there concrete, definite plans to support?
    I've seen several people push C# and Lua, (I couldn't agree more,) for Python (I don't know it, but it seems great,) a few for C/C++ (eurgh) and since there are dozens of more or less suitable languages, assuming that they'll all work is probably going to lead to bad surprises.
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    I know! Let's push for them to support Lolcode!!! Best programming language ever! xD
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    Apple Script! lol. I am not a developer, but have been really tempted to try. If they can make it so at least one really easy/simple language is usable, I will be content lol.
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    Ben S

    C/C++ vote here. Although I'm content with any decent OO language as well. I think scripting should be avoided. It's just a little slow considering some servers can have up to 100 players.
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    I would have to agree just based on keeping it light
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    This is kind of early -- Bukkit is still very early in its development -- so no one has seriously considered supporting another language yet. Feel free to pick the job up though :p
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    I'd love to see Python as a useable plugin code although I really don't mind java eithr.
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    Can I write plugins in PHP?
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    Is C# a viable language for this? I'm currently learning it and would love to start developing plug-ins :)
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    Depends on how Bukkit will be implemented I guess. If it is a native code DLL and we decide to hax0r Notch's code, we can make it run using any DLL capable language, well, on Windows only. I don't think Notch will like having a whole new modified server released though...
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    i am a learning c# programmer and i always wanted to make plugins for hMod but that was java
    if this supports c# i can't thank the developers of bukkit more than i will do
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    By the sounds of it, we probably be able to code in just about any language we want, someone just needs to code the right hooks and intereters for it. Brainf*ck and Befunge anyone?
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    See, torrentails, that's exactly what I'm saying: Lolcode ftw! xD

    In any case, I'd be happy to program plugins in C++, Java, Python or Lua. I suppose I never really thought of PHP for writing plugins (I've always thought of it as web-page stuff, but I suppose it IS a scripting language), but I'd be pretty happy programming in that, too. I'd be happy just programming in general. It's what I do for fun xD
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    C# would be nice.

    Playing around with the MCAdmin source code was so fun ;)
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    asm :)

    any language will do, really - most of the object orientated languages share enough syntax to be pretty easy to learn once you have an initial base language.
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    Yes, that's true.

    So i suppose any c based language will do for me ;)
    (As i am not that familiar with c just yet)
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    I'll opt for just Java. Since the minecraft server and minecraft itself is written in Java. Best support imho.
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    i would prefer C++, but doing this plugin dev keeps me doing something in java which is good
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    I'm thinking whitespace!
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    C# or would be most excellent.
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    +1 for Python. If you're going the TCP route for the core plugin might I suggest ZeroMQ instead of a raw protocol? It's somewhat higher level and there are tons of libraries for different languages so you'd get interop basically for free.
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