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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DJ411, Jan 19, 2011.

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    So i'm using CraftBukkit and i'm having fun building some Spawns... Well i'm using steps atm and i'm getting a weird glitch. I first thought it might be because i did the /give step -1 command, that kind of gives me unlimited. But its not that... i use the command /give step 20 i still reproduce the glitch.

    Heres the glitch, when placing one step on another block it places one step. When i then place another step on the first step i just placed it places two. But not two from my inventory. So if i have 20 Steps i place one i now have 19. I then place another step on top of that step i just placed and it places two blocks, I now have 18 steps.

    Bukkit Build - 95


    WorldEdit - v2.11
    WorldGuard - v2.2
    GroupUsers - v1.4.2
    General - v1.8
    LWC - v1.46
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    try installing the latest build? #102 and see if you still have that. If you do ill give a quick test on a fresh install and see what happens if ya want
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    Crap... new build totally fixed this.. Next time i will check for new builds..
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    just glad it fixed it :)
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