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    I need a plugin that when you run a command it gives you an item and when you right click that item it gives you some items. nothing fancy is needed in this plugin. I wanna try and do some stuff with it, maybe a config file. Not sure! Thanks!
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    trenton_jeffro Do you want it to have configurable items in the config? Also, what item do you want the supply crate to be?
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    Yes configurable items and a chest would be cool, can it have an NBT Tag or something to make sure you cant just get a normal chest to get unlimited items
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    Hello Trenton_Jeffro, If you would like, feel free to try out Mystery Crates in my plugin. We also feature different types of crates such as Virtual/Key Crates.
    Crate Reloaded

    - Dinosawrs

    p.s. If you do choose to use the plugin, avoid using the Type:SupplyCrate if using protection plugins.

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