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Have you manage to get Pex working with SuperPerms?

  1. Yes and its easy.

  2. Yes but had some issues.

  3. No.

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    Hi there everyone,

    Ive been using PEX for a long time, basicaly almost since its release. But I never end up using the SuperPerms support.

    Now I have 2 plugins that are SuperPerms ONLY plugins and I need it now.
    I tried multiple stuff and nothing worked.

    An example of my permissions.yml at bukkit folder:
        description: Iron pick skill
        default: false
            crafting.iron.pick: true
    My Pex Config:
          file: permissions.yml
      backend: file
        enable-wildcards: true
        disable-unmatched: false
        strict-mode: true
        parent-nodes: true
        enable: true
        debug: true
        compatibility-mode: true
      createUserRecords: true
      debug: false
      basedir: plugins\PermissionsEx
    Then what I try to do is give the permission "craft.iron.pick" to the player I want to be able to craft an iron pick. But they still cant, even with the permission.

    Can anyone help me? Ive been watching tutorials everywhere and I cant find no one explaining this, SuperPerms + Pex.


    Note: Changing Permissions manager isnt an option since I need Modifyworld.
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    PEX does not support setting up custom nodes in bukkit's permissions.yml. Unless it got added later, I haven’t tried doing it since SuperPerm support was first added.

    PEX’s SuperPerm support basically means it will feed its permissions into Bukkit's SuperPerm system, so that SuperPerm only plugins can still check for permissions without being PEX aware. So all you need to do is give crafting.iron.pick to you users like normal, PEX will handle the rest in the background.

    One note: After adding a permission in-game, I always have to type /pex reload before SuperPerm plugins see the change.
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    That is what I though and I did that the first time, I got suprised when it didnt work.
    So I though It could have been a wrong config or something.
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    It works with bPermissions :3
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    Deleted user

    Always advertising your plugin eh? ;).
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    You dont have ModifyWorld XD

    "If you need any help with PermissionsEx, send me a PM!"

    Can you help me?? :)

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    Deleted user

    I personally aren't that good with the superperms support that PermissionsEx has. I will take a look for you and tinker around a bit though.
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    I have an equivalent called AntiGuest :)
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    Which two plugins are you trying to setup?

    That is good to know.
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    Im trying to set up CommandShop and BanRecipe.
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    I did a really basic setup with both of those plugins, taking their default settings. Using PEX, the SuperPerm support is working.

    For CommandShop, I granted group User commandshops.user.* and group Admin commandshops.manager.*.
    For BanRecipe group Default was given total permission and then I negated TNT in group User.

    Hope this example helps.

    Excuses my type-o's in the server log.
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    Command shop default permissions for user is True. What I wanted was deny shop select and create, but the only way I did it was by blocking with CommandHelper xD

    banrecipe.46 ?? that worked? that blocked the crafting and default was able to do it? Intresting.

    Thanks a lot, I will try it was soon as possible, going to school now =)

    Hi there Paswaru,

    I tried that test server you set-up. And weirdly ban-recipe doesnt seem to be blocking any crafting table. If Im not wrong the default recipes that were there was TnT and flit'n'steal (didnt check). Tryied to deny those to default group and it still allows them to craft everything.

    Im in class, so I will try more around it later.

    Thanks for the help,

    Paswaru, Ive been testing arround in the small set up you did for me, which I apreciate a lot but you have the exact same issues as me. The BanRecipe permissions are denied whatever what and the commandshop ones, I cant deny it.

    Anyone knows any solution to this?


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    ZeroZX4 Want to take a stab at it?
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    im too lazy to read everything here Ralm tell me in short what is your goal and what is the problem and i see what can be done + plugins names
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    Oh, you! xD
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    Get 2 SuperPerms permissions only plugins, such as CommandShop and BanRecipe to work with Pex.

    Altough BanRecipe seem to be working on the other day, it was weird.

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    many users use command shop with pex so i dont believe it need anything more to work

    as for ban recipe i gonna try it now but well why you just prevent users from using some items ? cause pex's modifyworld can do that
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    Im not preventing anyone to use stuff, Im preventing from crafting. Its for a mechanic I have in my server.

    My problem with commandshop was, since its normal commands are default true, I wanted to block shop creation.
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    why you dont switch from command shop to for example showcase ?

    and if you really need that command shop i found this

    1st you need to extract commandshop.jar for example to desktop and than open that folder and there you will have plugin.yml open it and hit ctrl and push F to trigger search now search word "create"
    and now 1st thing you will find is

    description: Owners and Managers can create, move or destroy shops and manage shops (using the set commands)
    default: true

    i dont know and this should be set to op

    description: Owners and Managers can create, move or destroy shops and manage shops (using the set commands)
    default: op
    now you need to select all files and add it to jar ALL FILES NOT FOLDER COMMANDSHOP.JAR
    and after you pack it it need to have commandshop.jar name and should work now

    as for ban recipe i check on later

    or maybe its that one

    description: Owners and Managers can create, move or destroy shops and manage shops (using the set commands)
    default: true
    commandshops.manager.add: true
    commandshops.manager.create: opcommandshops.manager.destroy: true
    commandshops.manager.move: true
    commandshops.manager.remove: true
    commandshops.manager.set: true
    commandshops.manager.set.owner: true
    commandshops.user.*: true

    i dont know you will need to make tests

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    Hm, I didnt knew I could just change that, ok thanks. You dont need to caps like that :D I know to do stuff, Im event starting in programing plugins.

    Thanks a lot, I will give it a try.
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    OK hmm if i want use permissionsEx and superperms I must write superperms nodes to permissions.yml in server folder or config.yml in PermissionsEx folder???
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    What in the end I kinda figure out is that Pex can manage permissions nodes from the plugins even if they are declared as SuperPerms nodes.
    Just add them normaly.

    Doing stuff like custom nodes in permissions.yml wont work in PEX.
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    This statement may no longer be true. I got a PM today from someone asking for help on how to format the Bukkit's permissions.yml. After helping him with that, he tried assigning it with PEX and says it worked. I've not tried it myself yet, but PEX may have added support for custom nodes from permissions.yml.
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    I tried it 3 weeks ago and it didnt work. On top of that I just checked Pex change log and there no note on that.

    Very much likely that guy made the node default true, giving access to everyone whenever they have permission or not, since you can do that in permissions.yml

    Im not sure but I still beleive it doesnt support, although I havent tried the true lattest version of pex.
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    That in fact maybe the case. The example I sent him had everything set to true. I didn't know Bukkit's permissions.yml would actually assign stuff.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    You don't need to touch bukkit's permissions.yml to utilize superperms.
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    OK thanx so much :D now i have nice plugins :D Multiworld and moooore with pex and superperms THX SO MUCH !!!!
    houba1970 from Czech republic
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