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    Supernatural Players
    A player classes plugin for Minecraft

    Current Version: v2.5.2

    This plugin was originally inspired by TrainYourBrain's Vampire plugin. My server used and enjoyed Vampires, but we felt that more fun could be had by having multiple classes; each with their own unique abilities. After a lot of brainstorming, civilized debate, and shouting; we decided to start with an initial release of Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls and Priests.

    What's new in Version 2:
    Version 2 of Supernatural Players adds the classes of Demon and WitchHunter. Both classes are considered to be Ranged DPS type. Further details can now be found in the Classes list below. Also available is Multi-World support. To use this feature you need to set (multiword: true) in the config.yml. Then set for all permission groups in the worlds where you don't want the plugin to be active.

    version v2.5.2 (Recommended)
    version v1.1.9


    Recommended Plugins:
    - Permissions
    - WorldGuard

    • General Information:
      • Classes include Vampire, Werewolf, Ghoul, and Priest
      • All classes have active and passive abilities that depend on their current power level.
      • Each class has a slightly different method for gaining power (See class details below).
      • Using active abilities and dying both drain a player's power.
      • Each class has unique join and quit events (See class change details below).
      • Your current power/total power determines how well your passive abilities work!
      • In-game help is accessed by /sn help
      • WitchHunters' Kill List is randomly generated on server restarts. (Admin command /sn rmTarget can be used to remove players from the list)
    • Class Join/Leave Information:
      • Each class has a unique event required for joining or leaving.
      • Joining a Class:
        • Humans construct special Altars to convert to Vampires, starting with a solid Gold Block.
        • Humans sometimes convert to Werewolves when dying to wild wolves at night.
        • Pig Zombies sometimes have the ability to make humans undead rather than just dead.
        • Any human who shows proper devotion to the Church may become a Priest.
        • Non-Priest humans who can prove their Supernatural Hunting Abilities by slaying 3 different types of supernaturals without dying will be invited to the WitchHunters' Association.
        • Humans who enter the Nether covered in dead animal skins (leather armor) and sacrifice themselves to the Inferno will become Demonic.
      • Leaving a Class:
        • Vampires construct special Altars to regain their humanity, starting with a solid Lapis Block.
        • Werewolves must make themselves a Wolfbane potion, starting with an empty Bowl.
        • Priests merely have to insult the Church by offering Coal to the donations' Altar.
        • The Holy energy of the Church's Altar will sometimes cleanse a Ghoul and restore their humanity.
        • Demons who die in icy water while carrying snowballs will find the demonic fire in their blood cooled.
        • WitchHunters who exhibit extremely poor bow skills (kill themselves) will be removed from the Association.
    Classes (open)

    • Vampires (Melee DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
        • Gained over time while logged into the server (Passive)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Water Breathing (Drains Power)
        • Health Regeneration (Drains Power)
        • Increased Attack Damage
        • Combat Damage Reduction
        • Fall Damage Immunity
        • Truce with Some Monsters
      • Active Abilities:
        • Set Teleport Location (Right-Click with: Red Rose) - Uses 0 Power
        • Teleport (Left-Click with: Book) - Uses 9000 Power
        • High Jump (Left-Click with: Red Rose) - Uses 1000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Catch Fire in Sunlight (if not wearing Gold Helm)
        • Increased Damage Taken from Wooden Objects
        • Cannot Eat Food
    • Werewolves (Melee DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
        • Eating Food (excludes Bread)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Health Regeneration
        • Increased Attack Damage
        • Fall Damage Reduction
        • Truce with Wolves
      • Active Abilities:
        • Summon Wolf Pet (Left-Click with: Raw Pork) - Uses 2000 Power
        • Dash (Left-Click with: Feather) - Uses 400 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Abilities only Active at Night
        • Cannot Use Weapons at Night
    • Ghouls (Tanks):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Health Regeneration
        • Increased Attack Damage
        • Combat Damage Reduction
        • Fall Damage Immunity
        • Truce with Undead Monsters
      • Active Abilities:
        • Summon Zombie (Left-Click with: Raw Pork) - Uses 1000 Power
        • Unholy Bond (Left-Click with: Bone) - Uses 50 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Damaged by Water
        • Cannot Use Weapons
    • Priests (Healers/Utility):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Donating to the Church (Bread, Fish, Grilled Pork)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Additional Damage vs. Supernaturals
        • Smite (Fire) Damage vs. Supernaturals
        • Smite (Fire) Damage vs. Monsters
      • Active Abilities:
        • Banish Supernatural (Left-Click with: Feather) - Uses 4000 Power
        • Exorcise Supernatural (Left-Click with: Sugar) - Uses 9000 Power
        • Drain Supernatural (Left-Click with: Book) - Uses 1000 Power
        • Cure Supernatural (Left-Click with: Flint) - Uses 4000 Power
        • Heal Human (Left-Click with: Paper) - Uses 1000 Power
        • Guardian Angel (Left-Click with: Wool) - Uses 5000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Cannot Wear Armor
        • Cannot Attack Animals
    • Demons (Ranged DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
        • Standing in Lava
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Immune to All Fire Damage
        • Heal while in Lava
        • Immune to Fall Damage
      • Active Abilities:
        • Fireball (Left-Click with: Redstone) - Uses 2000 Power
        • Snare (Left-Click with: Ink Sack) - Uses 1000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Cannot Wear Armor
        • Lose Power when NOT in Lava or the Nether
    • WitchHunter (Ranged DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Players
        • Bonus for killing Players on the kill list (/sn KillList)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Fall Damage Reduction
      • Active Abilities:
        • Fire Arrow (Light target on Fire) - Uses 100 Power
        • Triple Arrow (Quickly fire 3 arrows) - Uses 100 Power
        • Grapple Arrow (Grapples on target) - Uses 500 Power
        • Power Arrow (Attack with bonus damage) - Uses 1000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Can Only Wear Leather Armor
        • Cannot Use Melee Weapons

    • Spell Details:
      • The term 'Supernatural' applies to Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, and Demons only.
      • All spells will consume the item used to cast them.
      • Priest spells have a range of 20 blocks.
      • Banish will send the target player to the Banish Location set by server admins
      • Drain will remove 15% of the target's current power
      • Heal restores up to 5 hearts of health per cast
      • Cure will restore the target to Humanity (reverting them to Priesthood or making them merely Human) [Both the Priest and the target must be holding Flint for this spell to function]
      • Exorcise also restores the target to Humanity, but does not require the target's cooperation!
      • Teleport to Coven will return the Vampire to a location set by server admins
      • Demons' Snare spell lasts only 10 seconds.
      • Cycle through a WitchHunter's Arrow Types by Left-Clicking with a Bow
      • A WitchHunter's Power Arrow will cause the bow to go into 'cooldown' before you can fire again.
      • Triple Shot is intended to help WitchHunters keep a supply of arrows. If you do not want WitchHunters to gain arrows this way then remove Triple Shot from the config.yml
      • Vampires are immune to sun damage when wearing a Gold Helm
      • Ghouls' Unholy Bond ability allows them to share damage taken with their supernatural target as long as they are close by
      • Priests' Guardian Angel ability will protect their friend from death once
    Future Features:

    • Adding Ice Elemental (Supernatural: Ranged Utility)
    • Adding NightStalker (Human: Stealth)
    If interested you can join us on our Minecraft server to 'beta test' new classes and provide feedback and suggestions.

    Forum Thread: ChaoticUniformity

    Altar Examples:
    AltarExamples (open)

    Vampire Cure Altar:


    Vampire Infect Altar:

    Priest Altar:

    WitchHunter Hall:

    <optional Parameter>
    [required Parameter]
    /sn help - Shows a list of available commands
    /sn power - Shows current class and powerlevel
    /sn list - Shows a list of online players in each class
    /sn classes - Shows a list of classes with a short description of each
    /sn admin - Shows a list of available Admin commands
    /sn cure <playername> - Restores player to humanity (either reverting them to Priest or making them human)
    /sn convert <playername> [class] - Converts a player to the specified class
    /sn power <playername> [amount] - Gives player specified amount of power
    /sn reset <playername> - Resets a player's power to zero
    /sn rmTarget <playername> - Removes player from the WitchHunter kill list
    /sn reload <type> - Reloads the config.yml or data.yml file
    /sn save - Saves both the config.yml and data.yml files (default: config.yml)
    /sn restartTask - Restarts the task timer used for many passive abilities (in case of it crashing due to overload)
    /sn setChurch - Sets the player's current location as the Church
    /sn setBanish - Sets the player's current location as the Banish location

    Permissions Nodes:
    Code: - access to /sn help
    supernatural.command.list - access to /sn list
    supernatural.command.power - access to /sn power
    supernatural.command.classes - access to /sn classes
    supernatural.command.killlist - access to /sn killlist
    supernatural.player.shrineuse - access to vampire and priest shrines
    supernatural.player.wolfbane - access to wolfbane potion creation
    supernatural.player.preventwaterdamage - prevents ghouls from taking water damage
    supernatural.player.preventsundamage - prevents vampires from taking damage in sunlight
    supernatural.player.witchhuntersign - allows player to create WitchHunter signs used for WitchHunter Halls
    supernatural.admin.infinitepower - gives player unlimited power
    supernatural.admin.partial.curse - allows player to change their own class only - disables supernatural players in world if: (multiworld: true) in the config.yml
    supernatural.admin.command.adminhelp - access to /sn admin
    supernatural.admin.command.cure - access to /sn cure
    supernatural.admin.command.curse - access to /sn convert
    supernatural.admin.command.power - access to /sn power <playername> [amount]
    supernatural.admin.command.reset - access to /sn reset
    supernatural.admin.command.reload - access to /sn reload - access to /sn save
    supernatural.admin.command.setchurch - access to /sn setChurch
    supernatural.admin.command.setbanish - access to /sn setBanish

    Setup Steps:
    1. Download .zip file
    2. Unzip files and place in plugins/ folder
    3. Start Server
    4. Go to Church location and use /sn setChurch
    5. Go to Banish location and use /sn setBanish
    6. Create a WitchHunters' Hall by placing an Iron Door with a nearby sign using the term 'WitchHunter' (default)
    Additional Note:
    Most features in this plugin can be changed in the config.yml for balancing or to help prevent conflict with other plugins. However, be warned that improper changes to the config.yml can cause the plugin to fail entirely! Most servers should not have to make any changes to the default settings in order to successfully run Supernatural Players.

    (Appreciated, but definitely not required.)

    Versions are numbered x.y.z
    x - major release (major incompatibility changes)
    y - feature release (feature changes, some incompatibility changes)
    z - bugfix only (general bugfix, bukkit version update)

    version 2.5.2
    • Corrected NPE bug with ghouls
    CompleteChangeLog (open)

    version 2.5.1
    • All Classes can have Armor/Weapons restrictions!
    • Ghoul Unholy Bond correctly considers Armor
    • Added Persistence for Guardian Angel, WitchHunter Application Progress, and Vampire Teleport spots
    version 2.4.1
    • Fixed several bugs:
      • Vampires can no longer eat ever
      • Players will not lose power while in a disabled world
      • Fireballs with not damage players with GodMode active
    • New Priest spell 'Guardian Angel'
    • New Ghoul ability 'Unholy Bond'
    • Vampires can now prevent sun damage with a Gold Helm (default)
    • Vampires can now set their own teleport location
      • Right-Click with a Red Rose (default)
      • /sn setCoven removed as it is no longer used
    version 2.2.10
    • Minor adjustments to help server load
    version 2.2.8
    • Minor Bug Fixes:
      • Ghouls now regen in rain when under glass
      • MultiWorld should correctly disable all Supernatural events
      • Hunters can no longer fire without arrows
      • All death events should penalize power
    version 2.2.7
    • New permission allows admins infinite power
    • Gave demons fall damage immunity to prevent lava-fall bug
    version 2.2.6
    • Completely fixed chance to convert to Werewolf
    version 2.2.5
    • Fixed chance to convert to Werewolf and Ghoul
    • Ghouls no longer regen in rain
    • Demons power messages in lava should now be accurate
    • Added CreatureKill to WitchHunters (against my will :'()
    version 2.2.3
    • Added new classes:
      • WitchHunter
      • Demon
    • Added Multi-World Support
    • Added Permission node for WitchHunter sign creation
    • Prevent Ghouls from taking water damage if in a Boat
    • Allows Priests to use Smite on Monsters
    • Added admin command to start Task Timer if it fails
    version 1.1.9
    • Re-ordered deathevents to give proper power credit
    version 1.1.8
    • Added Permission node for Sunlight damage on Vampires
    version 1.1.7
    • Added Permission node for Wolfbane Creation
    • Added Permission node for Ghoul water damage
    • Adjusted Vampire power usage math
    version 1.1.6
    • Made WorldGuard and Permissions Optional
      • Defaults to Op if Permissions is missing
      • Defaults to full build and full PvP if WorldGuard is missing
    • Added Permission node for Shrine Use
    • Added config option for Vampires burning in Sunlight
    version 1.0.6
    • Initial public release

    Attached Files:

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    That is a problem with your WorldGuard/WorldEdit.

    This is not true on my server. You must have a plugin conflict or something.

    supernatural.player.shrineuse - access to vampire and priest shrines supernatural.player.wolfbane - access to wolfbane potion creation

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    Love the concept of this plugin, @Matterz - keep up the good work
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    Sorry If this has already been suggested but would it be possible to have a class chat option so you can chat with only people of the same class?

    Love the plugin by the way!!

    Also the permission node 'supernatural.admin.infinitepower' doesn't seen to work form me, I was just wondering if it is just me or does everyone gets this?
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    Grommin on my server said that demons should be able to wear Chainmail since it is forged of fire and he put it like this: Hell Armor.
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    Think you can set a permission for abilities? We use magic on our server, and the abilities (no offense) pale in comparison to the spells we have in place.

    I love this mod!

    My two cents on some suggestions:
    Vampires- should HAVE to feed or else die. Feeding on living animals and people by attacking them means that they have to engage others, instead of just chilling and waiting for energy. A blood-line option would be neat too (they can turn others into vampires, but if they die, then everyone they turned dies too)
    Werewolves- they should get a bit more of a bonus when within a certain range of another a pack.

    Thanks again, and love this mod
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  7. I agree with this as well.
    I also feel a "hunger" on werewolves would be cool. If your hunger gets too high, you take damage. it basicly forces you to hunt down a player at night. Perhaps it could be a random entity?
    Like one night, yourself is craving pigs. another night, he's craving human! XD
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    so i finally got the changing class to work but now i have a bigger problem i cant use any powers in any of the classes. for example i am a vamp full power jump off a cliff and i still get hurt.
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    An other plugin can do it : BukkitContrib
    It's a client mod which is easy to install (execute the .jar and process "install")

    Nightvision is needed, please try to make it :)

    Maybe something like the Jack O'lantern does by putting a picture on the vision... but increasing the light.
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    Amazing plugin, I recently started a server for me and my friends and I installed Supernatural before allowing access to it :) Right now we are loving it but a lot of our minners want to be demon because they are immune (and even regen life) when in fire...
    So to deal with that I want to make the Ghouls more attractive for them, What can I add into the config file? I thought about allowing them to mine faster but I dont know how to do that.

    Thanks in advance and good job :)
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    How do you become a fucking priest?
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    Vampires Dont burn :S. Any fix or...
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    If you make armor editable, id actually love you
  14. Hey is it possible to have Banish return the victim to his last spot he was before being banished?

    Banished!-save victims coords
    In Hell for 15seconds..
    Returns!- at last coords.

    This turns this spell into a Support, like crowd control spell. instead of a one way ticket, back to spawn.
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    Would it be possible for specific classes to gain access to a permission? I can understand a lot of benefits to this as far as giving extra abilities, but in my case I want to remove certain abilities. I run mcMMO, and I'd like WitchHunters to have the archery skills removed (with a negative permission) so that their WitchHunter skills aren't blocked by mcMMO, or if they arent blocked already, to keep hunters from being overpowered with multiple skillsets.

    Another benefit I'd see to this is that it would let regular humans level up their mcMMO skills and have a fighting chance as simply regular humans. Of course, I have no idea what's possible and whats not, so if I'm asking something outrageous, feel free to let me know, lol.
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    Is it possible to add a class? and if so im wondering how id go about adding a half-demon class

    So far this plugin is making a great impact on my server but id like to add more rp elements to the server.
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    See my previous post to this exact question Here.

    Wow, people don't seem to be good at the 'Search thread' function on this forum do they? :(
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    :confused: I like this idea

    supernatural.player.preventwaterdamage - prevents ghouls from taking water damage supernatural.player.preventsundamage - prevents vampires from taking damage in sunlight

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  19. It's not an API.
    No way to add your own classes and there never will be.
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    i am getting this error when i try to use a power

    Show Spoiler
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.Packet18ArmAnimation.a(SourceFile:35)
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callPlayerInteractEvent(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at$10.execute(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at me.matterz.supernaturals.listeners.SNPlayerListener.onPlayerInteract(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at me.matterz.supernaturals.manager.DemonManager.fireball(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO at me.matterz.supernaturals.SupernaturalsPlugin.getPvP(
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] INFO java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.sk89q.worldguard.bukkit.WorldGuardPlugin.getRegionManager(Lorg/bukkit/World;)Lcom/sk89q/worldguard/protection/managers/RegionManager;
    02.08 10:35:01 [Server] SEVERE Could not pass event PLAYER_INTERACT to SupernaturalPlayers
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    I got an idea for WitchHunter. an ability.
    rightclick a block with a specific item. when that block is mined it explode. I call it Invisible Trap. should cost like 10 000 power? because it's invisible.
    love your work with this plugin! keep up the good work!
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    Phantom Index

    @Matterz Would it be possible to add a region feature that keeps everyone within hat region human until they walk out?

    Reason I'm asking for this because the Supernatural kind of conflicts with MobArena, where some classes can't fight because it's night or some because it's day.

    It would help to have such things named Safe Zones.
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    Look in the config.yml file there is a way if you know how to do it and understand what your doing(of which i do not) the reason i asked how is because i didnt want to risk causing internal errors on the server.

    Show Spoiler
    - human
    - vampire
    - werewolf
    - ghoul
    - priest
    - demon
    - witchhunter
    BreakTime: 120000
    SpreadChance: 0.35
    - ZOMBIE
    - GIANT
    AttackBonus: 2.0
    DefenseBonus: 0.65
    HealthGained: 0.1
    Material: PORK
    Start: 5000
    Summon: 1000
    CreatureGain: 200
    PlayerGain: 1000
    DeathPenalty: 2000
    SpreadCurse: true
    WaterDamage: 4

    EDIT: at least it appears like there is a way to add it.
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    Sorry if this is posted before... =S
    I have some problem with the chat colors not working correctly. It seems the name turns white after a person logs off and on again after turning. So the color on the name only shows in the same session the person turned.

    And no exceptions =/

    My plugins (open)

    ScheduledAnnouncer : 1.7.0
    CreativeGates : 1.1.3
    FalseBookExtra : 0.86.2alpha
    iConomyChestShop : 2.75
    AdminChat : 0.5.1
    FalseBookBlock : 0.86.2alpha
    Permissions : 3.1.6
    BigBrother : 1.10.1-SNAPSHOT
    WorldEdit : 4.6
    SimpleSave : 3.1
    Lockette : 1.3.8
    iConomy : 5.01
    iChat : 2.3.1
    TimeAnnounce : 1.5
    dynmap : 0.19.2
    WorldGuard : 5.2.2
    Jail : 1.2.2
    SupernaturalPlayers: 2.2.8
    FalseBookCore : 0.86.2alpha
    MultiVerse : 1.7.2
    Essentials : 2.3.3
    Citizens : 1.0.9
    Jobs : 2.4.3
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    Spout : the future of bukkit plugins
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    If somebody would make a video on how to become the classes that would be awesome
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  28. Offline


    Does this plugin make days/nights longer? Cause after downloading the nights are days are significantly longer by about 5 or 6 minutes. If so is their a way to change this in the config?
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    Doctor G33K

    Can you give demons a last ditch attempt attack or something? With something like an iron bar or a gold bar.

    My idea was to have them summon lightning on them. Since lightning doesn't damage demons, it would strike anyone who got too close to you.
  30. Offline


    WTF? I am a ghoul on Olat's server, tonight we were playtesting in pvp. I defeated a demon, a witchhunter, a vampire. Only thing i didnt even fight was werewolf.
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