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    Supernatural Players
    A player classes plugin for Minecraft

    Current Version: v2.5.2

    This plugin was originally inspired by TrainYourBrain's Vampire plugin. My server used and enjoyed Vampires, but we felt that more fun could be had by having multiple classes; each with their own unique abilities. After a lot of brainstorming, civilized debate, and shouting; we decided to start with an initial release of Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls and Priests.

    What's new in Version 2:
    Version 2 of Supernatural Players adds the classes of Demon and WitchHunter. Both classes are considered to be Ranged DPS type. Further details can now be found in the Classes list below. Also available is Multi-World support. To use this feature you need to set (multiword: true) in the config.yml. Then set for all permission groups in the worlds where you don't want the plugin to be active.

    version v2.5.2 (Recommended)
    version v1.1.9


    Recommended Plugins:
    - Permissions
    - WorldGuard

    • General Information:
      • Classes include Vampire, Werewolf, Ghoul, and Priest
      • All classes have active and passive abilities that depend on their current power level.
      • Each class has a slightly different method for gaining power (See class details below).
      • Using active abilities and dying both drain a player's power.
      • Each class has unique join and quit events (See class change details below).
      • Your current power/total power determines how well your passive abilities work!
      • In-game help is accessed by /sn help
      • WitchHunters' Kill List is randomly generated on server restarts. (Admin command /sn rmTarget can be used to remove players from the list)
    • Class Join/Leave Information:
      • Each class has a unique event required for joining or leaving.
      • Joining a Class:
        • Humans construct special Altars to convert to Vampires, starting with a solid Gold Block.
        • Humans sometimes convert to Werewolves when dying to wild wolves at night.
        • Pig Zombies sometimes have the ability to make humans undead rather than just dead.
        • Any human who shows proper devotion to the Church may become a Priest.
        • Non-Priest humans who can prove their Supernatural Hunting Abilities by slaying 3 different types of supernaturals without dying will be invited to the WitchHunters' Association.
        • Humans who enter the Nether covered in dead animal skins (leather armor) and sacrifice themselves to the Inferno will become Demonic.
      • Leaving a Class:
        • Vampires construct special Altars to regain their humanity, starting with a solid Lapis Block.
        • Werewolves must make themselves a Wolfbane potion, starting with an empty Bowl.
        • Priests merely have to insult the Church by offering Coal to the donations' Altar.
        • The Holy energy of the Church's Altar will sometimes cleanse a Ghoul and restore their humanity.
        • Demons who die in icy water while carrying snowballs will find the demonic fire in their blood cooled.
        • WitchHunters who exhibit extremely poor bow skills (kill themselves) will be removed from the Association.
    Classes (open)

    • Vampires (Melee DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
        • Gained over time while logged into the server (Passive)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Water Breathing (Drains Power)
        • Health Regeneration (Drains Power)
        • Increased Attack Damage
        • Combat Damage Reduction
        • Fall Damage Immunity
        • Truce with Some Monsters
      • Active Abilities:
        • Set Teleport Location (Right-Click with: Red Rose) - Uses 0 Power
        • Teleport (Left-Click with: Book) - Uses 9000 Power
        • High Jump (Left-Click with: Red Rose) - Uses 1000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Catch Fire in Sunlight (if not wearing Gold Helm)
        • Increased Damage Taken from Wooden Objects
        • Cannot Eat Food
    • Werewolves (Melee DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
        • Eating Food (excludes Bread)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Health Regeneration
        • Increased Attack Damage
        • Fall Damage Reduction
        • Truce with Wolves
      • Active Abilities:
        • Summon Wolf Pet (Left-Click with: Raw Pork) - Uses 2000 Power
        • Dash (Left-Click with: Feather) - Uses 400 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Abilities only Active at Night
        • Cannot Use Weapons at Night
    • Ghouls (Tanks):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Health Regeneration
        • Increased Attack Damage
        • Combat Damage Reduction
        • Fall Damage Immunity
        • Truce with Undead Monsters
      • Active Abilities:
        • Summon Zombie (Left-Click with: Raw Pork) - Uses 1000 Power
        • Unholy Bond (Left-Click with: Bone) - Uses 50 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Damaged by Water
        • Cannot Use Weapons
    • Priests (Healers/Utility):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Donating to the Church (Bread, Fish, Grilled Pork)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Additional Damage vs. Supernaturals
        • Smite (Fire) Damage vs. Supernaturals
        • Smite (Fire) Damage vs. Monsters
      • Active Abilities:
        • Banish Supernatural (Left-Click with: Feather) - Uses 4000 Power
        • Exorcise Supernatural (Left-Click with: Sugar) - Uses 9000 Power
        • Drain Supernatural (Left-Click with: Book) - Uses 1000 Power
        • Cure Supernatural (Left-Click with: Flint) - Uses 4000 Power
        • Heal Human (Left-Click with: Paper) - Uses 1000 Power
        • Guardian Angel (Left-Click with: Wool) - Uses 5000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Cannot Wear Armor
        • Cannot Attack Animals
    • Demons (Ranged DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Creatures
        • Killing Players
        • Standing in Lava
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Immune to All Fire Damage
        • Heal while in Lava
        • Immune to Fall Damage
      • Active Abilities:
        • Fireball (Left-Click with: Redstone) - Uses 2000 Power
        • Snare (Left-Click with: Ink Sack) - Uses 1000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Cannot Wear Armor
        • Lose Power when NOT in Lava or the Nether
    • WitchHunter (Ranged DPS):
      • Gain Power By:
        • Killing Players
        • Bonus for killing Players on the kill list (/sn KillList)
      • Passive Abilities:
        • Fall Damage Reduction
      • Active Abilities:
        • Fire Arrow (Light target on Fire) - Uses 100 Power
        • Triple Arrow (Quickly fire 3 arrows) - Uses 100 Power
        • Grapple Arrow (Grapples on target) - Uses 500 Power
        • Power Arrow (Attack with bonus damage) - Uses 1000 Power
      • Weaknesses:
        • Can Only Wear Leather Armor
        • Cannot Use Melee Weapons

    • Spell Details:
      • The term 'Supernatural' applies to Vampires, Werewolves, Ghouls, and Demons only.
      • All spells will consume the item used to cast them.
      • Priest spells have a range of 20 blocks.
      • Banish will send the target player to the Banish Location set by server admins
      • Drain will remove 15% of the target's current power
      • Heal restores up to 5 hearts of health per cast
      • Cure will restore the target to Humanity (reverting them to Priesthood or making them merely Human) [Both the Priest and the target must be holding Flint for this spell to function]
      • Exorcise also restores the target to Humanity, but does not require the target's cooperation!
      • Teleport to Coven will return the Vampire to a location set by server admins
      • Demons' Snare spell lasts only 10 seconds.
      • Cycle through a WitchHunter's Arrow Types by Left-Clicking with a Bow
      • A WitchHunter's Power Arrow will cause the bow to go into 'cooldown' before you can fire again.
      • Triple Shot is intended to help WitchHunters keep a supply of arrows. If you do not want WitchHunters to gain arrows this way then remove Triple Shot from the config.yml
      • Vampires are immune to sun damage when wearing a Gold Helm
      • Ghouls' Unholy Bond ability allows them to share damage taken with their supernatural target as long as they are close by
      • Priests' Guardian Angel ability will protect their friend from death once
    Future Features:

    • Adding Ice Elemental (Supernatural: Ranged Utility)
    • Adding NightStalker (Human: Stealth)
    If interested you can join us on our Minecraft server to 'beta test' new classes and provide feedback and suggestions.

    Forum Thread: ChaoticUniformity

    Altar Examples:
    AltarExamples (open)

    Vampire Cure Altar:


    Vampire Infect Altar:

    Priest Altar:

    WitchHunter Hall:

    <optional Parameter>
    [required Parameter]
    /sn help - Shows a list of available commands
    /sn power - Shows current class and powerlevel
    /sn list - Shows a list of online players in each class
    /sn classes - Shows a list of classes with a short description of each
    /sn admin - Shows a list of available Admin commands
    /sn cure <playername> - Restores player to humanity (either reverting them to Priest or making them human)
    /sn convert <playername> [class] - Converts a player to the specified class
    /sn power <playername> [amount] - Gives player specified amount of power
    /sn reset <playername> - Resets a player's power to zero
    /sn rmTarget <playername> - Removes player from the WitchHunter kill list
    /sn reload <type> - Reloads the config.yml or data.yml file
    /sn save - Saves both the config.yml and data.yml files (default: config.yml)
    /sn restartTask - Restarts the task timer used for many passive abilities (in case of it crashing due to overload)
    /sn setChurch - Sets the player's current location as the Church
    /sn setBanish - Sets the player's current location as the Banish location

    Permissions Nodes:
    Code: - access to /sn help
    supernatural.command.list - access to /sn list
    supernatural.command.power - access to /sn power
    supernatural.command.classes - access to /sn classes
    supernatural.command.killlist - access to /sn killlist
    supernatural.player.shrineuse - access to vampire and priest shrines
    supernatural.player.wolfbane - access to wolfbane potion creation
    supernatural.player.preventwaterdamage - prevents ghouls from taking water damage
    supernatural.player.preventsundamage - prevents vampires from taking damage in sunlight
    supernatural.player.witchhuntersign - allows player to create WitchHunter signs used for WitchHunter Halls
    supernatural.admin.infinitepower - gives player unlimited power
    supernatural.admin.partial.curse - allows player to change their own class only - disables supernatural players in world if: (multiworld: true) in the config.yml
    supernatural.admin.command.adminhelp - access to /sn admin
    supernatural.admin.command.cure - access to /sn cure
    supernatural.admin.command.curse - access to /sn convert
    supernatural.admin.command.power - access to /sn power <playername> [amount]
    supernatural.admin.command.reset - access to /sn reset
    supernatural.admin.command.reload - access to /sn reload - access to /sn save
    supernatural.admin.command.setchurch - access to /sn setChurch
    supernatural.admin.command.setbanish - access to /sn setBanish

    Setup Steps:
    1. Download .zip file
    2. Unzip files and place in plugins/ folder
    3. Start Server
    4. Go to Church location and use /sn setChurch
    5. Go to Banish location and use /sn setBanish
    6. Create a WitchHunters' Hall by placing an Iron Door with a nearby sign using the term 'WitchHunter' (default)
    Additional Note:
    Most features in this plugin can be changed in the config.yml for balancing or to help prevent conflict with other plugins. However, be warned that improper changes to the config.yml can cause the plugin to fail entirely! Most servers should not have to make any changes to the default settings in order to successfully run Supernatural Players.

    (Appreciated, but definitely not required.)

    Versions are numbered x.y.z
    x - major release (major incompatibility changes)
    y - feature release (feature changes, some incompatibility changes)
    z - bugfix only (general bugfix, bukkit version update)

    version 2.5.2
    • Corrected NPE bug with ghouls
    CompleteChangeLog (open)

    version 2.5.1
    • All Classes can have Armor/Weapons restrictions!
    • Ghoul Unholy Bond correctly considers Armor
    • Added Persistence for Guardian Angel, WitchHunter Application Progress, and Vampire Teleport spots
    version 2.4.1
    • Fixed several bugs:
      • Vampires can no longer eat ever
      • Players will not lose power while in a disabled world
      • Fireballs with not damage players with GodMode active
    • New Priest spell 'Guardian Angel'
    • New Ghoul ability 'Unholy Bond'
    • Vampires can now prevent sun damage with a Gold Helm (default)
    • Vampires can now set their own teleport location
      • Right-Click with a Red Rose (default)
      • /sn setCoven removed as it is no longer used
    version 2.2.10
    • Minor adjustments to help server load
    version 2.2.8
    • Minor Bug Fixes:
      • Ghouls now regen in rain when under glass
      • MultiWorld should correctly disable all Supernatural events
      • Hunters can no longer fire without arrows
      • All death events should penalize power
    version 2.2.7
    • New permission allows admins infinite power
    • Gave demons fall damage immunity to prevent lava-fall bug
    version 2.2.6
    • Completely fixed chance to convert to Werewolf
    version 2.2.5
    • Fixed chance to convert to Werewolf and Ghoul
    • Ghouls no longer regen in rain
    • Demons power messages in lava should now be accurate
    • Added CreatureKill to WitchHunters (against my will :'()
    version 2.2.3
    • Added new classes:
      • WitchHunter
      • Demon
    • Added Multi-World Support
    • Added Permission node for WitchHunter sign creation
    • Prevent Ghouls from taking water damage if in a Boat
    • Allows Priests to use Smite on Monsters
    • Added admin command to start Task Timer if it fails
    version 1.1.9
    • Re-ordered deathevents to give proper power credit
    version 1.1.8
    • Added Permission node for Sunlight damage on Vampires
    version 1.1.7
    • Added Permission node for Wolfbane Creation
    • Added Permission node for Ghoul water damage
    • Adjusted Vampire power usage math
    version 1.1.6
    • Made WorldGuard and Permissions Optional
      • Defaults to Op if Permissions is missing
      • Defaults to full build and full PvP if WorldGuard is missing
    • Added Permission node for Shrine Use
    • Added config option for Vampires burning in Sunlight
    version 1.0.6
    • Initial public release

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    This mod is so amazing nd exactly wat ive been looking for!! But i have one suggestion could u make the classes actually look different? ex: Werewolves turn to wolves at night, demons look demonic, priests have robes or something.. etc. Do u think thats possible? Cuz i no theres mods that let u look like mobs so im sure the wolf one would be easy but if u put that on here u would be my hero for life nd this mod would b apsolutly perfect!
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    That would require a client side mod.
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    I think that Ghouls are underpowered currently for the following reasons

    They cannot fight anything with has a bow or ranged attack since they do not have a ranged attack themselves.
    The only other class without bow access, the Werewolf, has better manuvorebility,abilities, attack and equal defence when fighting at night. this means that the Ghoul can only face them in the day, but that is true for every class.
    Also there is a way to defeat a ghoul as any class, even as a werewolf in day. Carry a water bucket, place it and stand in the water. The Ghoul now has to place blocks to get to you, not easy against bows.
    This means that the Ghoul is unable to defeat any attentive player, supernatural or human.
    All this was tested 1v1 on a frozen lake,with infinite power and limited power, so maybe the Ghoul fares better in confined areas.
    Adding a ranged attack to the Ghoul, a slow effect ability, or extra defenses would make it viable as a combat class.

    On the flip side, Ghouls may be the best building class and can power up faster then other classes. Creeper, Zombie and Skeleton Truce is great for night building.
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  5. I highly agree. Perhaps, Ghouls summon should summon more than 1 zombie. Would help keep them off the target. and Perhaps add a "teleport" (The idea is, he melds into the ground, and reappears behind his target.)

    So Ghouls could summon 3 zombies, and then teleport to a different spot, to keep players off them.

    I had a new idea for Vampire's Wooden Fear.

    Right now, its sooooo easy to dispatch a vampire.

    Why not, make their bane be a stick(stake)? and have it required to hit the vampire in the back. So it requires sneaking up on a vampire, and if your caught, then the vampire faces you, no mortal can stake an alert vampire.

    Also, if your not keen on doing too many configs, could you atleast let us ditate if a class can wear armor/weapons? And what armor/weapons they are allowed to wear?

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    LOL... This is by far the most ass backwards post i have ever seen. Ghouls DESTROY everything. I have a city BUILT in the middle of a lake just to keep my ghouls at bay. They still manage to come destroy stuff. Dmg Reduc, Bonus Dmg, and ARMOR... When a fully powered up witch hunter with POWER SHOT only does 4 hearts of dmg to a Ghoul that is NAKED, There is something wrong. If a Ghoul has Armor and is Powered up, they are LITERALLY unstoppable unless you toss tons of water at them but then they just walk away.

    Extra Defenses would mean they would NEVER DIE. Werewolves are a class that I had to buff in my server because they get attack by mobs at night ONLY have power at night and have to eat tons of pork and or kill monsters to regen power and even then it is slow.. Werewolf Dash is fucking minimal at best unless you spam it even with increased Delta and lowered cost.

    Why dont you do some number crunching and actually look at the figures of Dmg dealt vs dmg recieved on Ghoul vs ANY other class and you will see they need a swift kick in the nuts with a NERF bat.

    Or your players just need to learn how to PvP.
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    Could some tell me how to put in a Spoiler cause im new at this and dont know how to do it
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    Show Spoiler


    but take out the ' '
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    I got it working just had to re download the config file thx for everyones help
  10. Pack Mentality for Werewolves would be cool. The more of them near each other, the stronger they are.

    Also, werewolf's name tags should be hidden during the day, so the can hide in with humans :D
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    You should add paladins, they'd have a major damage boost on monsters and ghouls.
  12. } else if(snplayer.isWere() && SNConfigHandler.wolfTruce && EntityUtil.creatureNameFromEntity(event.getEntity()).equalsIgnoreCase("wolf")){

    how about event.getEntity() instanceof Wolf?
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    lol getting the name and comparing a substring to another string is slightly more messy. It's obvious from the code that I just mimicking what I did for vampires and ghouls.

    I don't think:


    is really shudder worthy. If you really want to go through the code I'm sure you can find worse offenses :p

    As far as balancing goes...

    This is always going to be somewhat subjective. In version 3.0 I will add some additional abilities to the existing classes as well as adding in the 2 new classes. I will work to add some more customization so you guys can do your own balancing.

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    ok i am trying to convert myself to WitchHunter by useing /sn convert tcvs WitchHunter but it is not working wut do i do
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    I have a big problem ! when i give normal users acces to sujpernatural players with permissions it doesn't work ! why ? they can' convert to a class and they can't cure themselfe but if i as admin cure them it works ! what do i wrong ?
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    [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DEATH to SupernaturalPlayers
    at me.matterz.supernaturals.manager.SuperNManager.deathEvent(
    at me.matterz.supernaturals.listeners.SNEntityMonitor.onEntityDeath(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.die(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.entity.CraftLivingEntity.setHealth(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.c(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:91)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Bukkit 1000
    Running Heroes as well as a few other plugins.
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    Make sure you have:

    in your config.yml

    One of the plugins is doing something bad on player death. Do you have 'DeathNotifier'?

    Knowing more about how the player died would also help.

    Not sure what you are trying to do.

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    I do indeed. He was killed by a zombie.
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    id have them in the config.yml and when i type /sn list witchhunter is on it
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    im getting the "An internal error occured while attempting to perform this command" i do not have worldguard etc.
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    Make sure you are using DeathNotifier version 0.8 or higher. He had some bad code before that which caused other plugins to have errors.

    Check the server.log and post the error please.

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    Correction: HeroicDeath. I'll update that one too just in case though.
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    Any idea when 3.0 will be out? I love this plugin btw, it has improved my server and given me a and my friends a new reason to keep enjoying minecraft!
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    I have HeroicDeath with this and it works fine.

    You can give ghouls immunity to bows. I thought they had it by default, not sure.
    You can also change ghoul's damage reduction, regeneration rate, etc if you think they are underpowered.
    If you think using a bucket to keep ghouls away makes it too easy, turn down the water damage.
    If you think they can build too well because of their truces, remove some of them.
    Use the config file. Its there for a reason.

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    Matterz, I make you a proposal for witchhunters view that we have arrows of fire, why not have arrows of water ??
    it'll be really cool that you add this type of arrows
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    sorry to see such you get such problems from Ghouls Olat, but this is not about ambush or guerrilla stikes, but duels. Attacks without warning are not included in this as they will always result in an advantage to the ambusher no matter the class.

    I agree that it is too hard for Weres to get power on default settings.

    my rebuttal to Olat is rather long so it is in spoilers for those who don't wish to read it and to help avoid derailment.
    Show Spoiler

    I did check the numbers. I would not have posted if I had not, and we have had many duels on the field with both sides exchanging classes between fights, so skill should be no issue. Small server so large scale fights are not possible.

    Ghoul Damage Multiplier is 2 at default, damage reduction is 65%, Zombies can do additional damage, but will only attack a nearby player, so they never get a hit in to archers.
    Werewolf Damage Multiplier is 5 at default, 35% of which is 1.75, however he can hit once, dash away and let the wolves at the Ghoul, which more then accounts for the 1/8 damage difference, 1 dash is enough (on ice at least) to lose zombies.
    Both can wear armor
    base attack value for the ghoul vs ranged is meaningless as a ghoul will never get an attack in against a running archer.
    so in 1v1 Werewolf is superior when at a similar level and Ghoul's cannot really fight any other class effectively.

    The problem is this, the Ghoul cannot win 1v1 against any player with a bow and "well stocked"(assume about 124) arrows. The Player will always be on the retreat from the Ghoul, and the Ghoul can never catch up, this makes health pointless as it is impossible to get close for long enough to attack unless a player makes a very bad error, even high health ( not taken to extremes, no one want to use 100 arrows hits to kill a ghoul ) will not make the ghoul win if the other player has enough arrows, it will always be a stalemate at best for the Ghoul against an archer. If you use the bucket method the Ghoul is unable to win at all. It is a stalemate or a win for the other player always, after all the watersource can be moved with the bucket if the Ghoul tries to block it away.

    The only time a Ghoul will get you is if you do not know he is there, but is that is true for all classes.

    Demons have the snare/fireball combo, Werewolves have the Wolf attack/Dash Combo, Vampires have bow access and great regen, Witchhunter has bow exclusive skills. All of the classes have abilities that can damage from a distance reliably except the Ghoul and all have the same run speed as the Ghoul. meaning that Ghouls cannot fight against any kind of archer, which is everyone except Ghouls.

    Remember that this was a test on a Frozen Lake (so obstacles and cover is not frequent and ground is icy), with no external mobs, and 1v1, so the result may be different in a cave or other envoirenment, or when there are many ghouls at once. Also the fights were with both parties consent to eliminate surprise advantages, so ambushes are not considered. These removed conditions can favour any class however and so can be disregarded.

    The thing that Ghouls need is not health, but a ranged attack of some sort, which either slows or does minor damage (less then bow). perhaps the zombie summon can make the zombies run out at the targeting reticle direction for a short time or distance?

    just an idea as well for regen abilities, When a player is set on fire, regen stops for longer then normal because of cauterised wounds, it would make fire more of a hazard for regenerating classes.
    also an idea for the upcoming Ice Elemental, all water that touchs him turns to ice, allowing walking on water, but opening him up for trapping if in a waterfall or a bucket is emptied on him.
    a snow trail where he walks would also be awesome.

    EDIT: Unfortunately bow immunity makes the Human and Vampire very bad against the Ghoul since he is such a good melee-ist, and decreasing the melee capability of the Ghoul makes him underpowered against the werewolves. The Ghoul just needs a weak ranged attack imho to restore the balance. Thanks for trying to help though.
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    As a Ghoul, with Armor on, 1 normal arrow does .5 a heart. Power shot does does about 1.5. Thats 2k power and a 10 sec cooldown. Even lowering the dmg reduction and increasing Whitchunter power to 3 from 2. The dmg reduc and Armor value from a ghoul is RETARDED. If you cant dmg a Ghoul there is a problem. But your main issue seems to be with Water Buckets.. Reduce the dmg Taken from Water? That is in the config.

    On my server we have the Supernatruals Vs Humans so a Werewolf vs Ghoul doesnt happen. Im trying to make it like Red Vs Blue. And thats why I asked for more Human classes. If you think a Werewolf is too dominant and the ghoul to weak against him, wouldnt a nerf to Werewolves be the better option? Instead of buffing a class that already has HUGE potential to be a threat? Ive honestly dumped over 2 stacks of arrows into a ghoul and if he has ANY food on him it is almost impossible to kill him with out water. Even in that regards of Upping witcher Dmg, lowering the power and CD from power Shot and lowering Ghoul Dmg Reduc from .65 to .75 (Which i think is a nerf according to the testing. The % of dmg you take is the % in the config so instead of taking 65% of a 10 hrt attack which would be 6, he now takes 7.)

    On 1 hand, I will concede that water + range attack WOULD destory the ghoul. The balance with a Werewolf issue is another thing I think can be fixed by lowering Werewolf dmg. I think maybe a very Weak Range attack or Slow would benefit the ghouls, But I think Im gunna allow my Witchers to wear Iron. Not having a Melee Weapon is Truly atrocius, I wish I could allow them to have a stone sword or wood sword at least. Even a Wood Stick for a Stake.

    I truly like the Idea of a Wood Stick being a stake amd only can you stab a Vamp from Behind. What about Weapon Vunerabilty for a Werewolf at Night, Vunerable to GOLD swords like in Mo Creatures... I think that would be a good idea. I also like the idea of a Water Shot for witch hunters, make it cost alot but have a smalled 2 sec CD on it.

    I dunno my ideas and my data values from SN vs Humans, play testing.

    If you give us more Config options: Who can wear what, Who can use what, Truce for ALL Super Naturals that we can configure, along with any new features. Your plugin is amazing, and I thank you for opening this up to the public. I Visited your server and was talking to some of the Techie's there. Thanks again.
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    How do you become a priest because i dont understand
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    @Matterz i think demons should have truce with ghasts
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    OH! it works perfectly! i think i had to restart the server, or check in the server just to give it a little nudge. thanks for your concern anyway!

    how do i create a wolfbane potion? and also, could the werewolves have some sort of text telling them when their powers are active, e.g "your skin breaks out into fur, fingers turn into claws. time to dine." ?

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    What is the command to set unlimited power???

    And how do you create a wolfbane potion???

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