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    Hi There,

    I would preferably like this by tomomorow/day after
    I am wondering if this could be made:
    basically a sumo plugin that you can /sumo (player name) and a message will appear in there chat requesting to sumo them, if they accept, they will be teleport-ed to the arena and they can punch each other off, and if anyone hits water then the other player loses.

    Version 1.15.2
    Perms: sumo.player (basic /sumo accept etc cmds)
    sumo.admin (sumo set spawn et)

    /sumo %player% (sends a request to a player)
    /sumo leave (leaves the game)
    /sumo set arena spawn (sets the location players will be teleported to once accepted.)
    /sumo accept (accepts a sumo request)
    /sumo deny (denies a sumo request)

    And the following features:
    When teleported your inventory will be cleared and you will be put in survival
    No damage will be done (only knockback)
    If a player hits water while in a sumo match they will instantly lose.
    A You won or You lost message will appear on players screen after each match
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