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    Plugin Name: Sumo/Sumotori

    What I want: I want a minigame plugin that when a player hits a join sign they are teleported to a waiting room if a game is in progress. When the game starts the players are teleported to a arena, there is a 5 second grace period and then all players are given a stick with the knockback enchantment. the players must hit each off of the platform and into the lower areas.
    When a player is knocked out of the arena the game says that they are out of the game and then wait until the next game starts.
    The last player standing wins and is given a point which can be spent in the sumo shop.
    After the game ends there is a 15 second period when new players can join the arena. Once the 15 seconds ends the players are teleported to a new arena and fight out again

    Player commands
    /sumo join [Joins a game]
    /sumo leave [Leaves a game]
    /sumo shop [Opens the shop]
    Staff Commands
    /sumo stop [Stops the game and teleports all players out of the arena and waiting room]
    /sumo start [Enables the game]
    Arena Commands
    /sumo create <arenanane> [Creates a arena]
    /sumo setspawn <arenaname> [Sets the arena spawn]
    /sumo setfallzone <arenaname> [This is what detects if the player is out of the game]
    Lobby Commands
    /sumo setlobby [Sets the waiting room for the players waiting to join a game]

    sumo.player [All player commands]
    sumo.staff [All staff commands]
    sumo.arena [All arena commands & the lobby command]

    Other Features:
    Sumo shop - when a player does /sumo shop it opens a chest GUI which you can buy perks and classes e.g A perk that lets you respawn in the game if they fall off, A class that makes them have a stonger knockback but move slower.
    In Game Scoreboard that shows you how many players are left in game.

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