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    Hi guys!

    I am currently hosting a small server for around 15-20 friends. I have iConomy and some other misc plugins installed.I hope to one day get it opened up for other users. :)

    Currently players get money for killing mobs, lose money for deaths, and can gain money for doing quests. I am trying to keep people engaged and improve our community. I went through and mapped out a chunk of land for a city in WorldGuard and made it a safe zone for players.

    What I am looking for is two things. First I would like to know how to remove mobs in the safe city. Currently the mobs spawn but are unable to hurt player but I don't want mobs in the city at all. The CivilizedSpawn plugins looks promising but I want monsters to spawn everywhere else and that seems like players would be able to abuse it outside of the city.

    Second I would like to be able to map out a location, like you can with WorldEdit, and then set a sign down with a price on it. If a player would like to buy that property, they click the sign and the price is debited from their account and the property is transferred to their ownership... But I can't find a plugin to do that. I am tired of teaching messy commands to 15 different people. :)

    Does anyone have any ideas for ways to implement this? Should I transfer the server and use a MultiWorld Plugin and make a separate world for the city? Any other ideas for our server?
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    it doesnt really have all the features you want but it might be worth taking a look at iCoLand
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    Josh Ice

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    Thanks. I have been looking at that and that is what I will probably end up using. I just wish there was a way for me to map out the location as a plot and then the player just purchase only those plots. But.... that is probably not going to happen! Thanks a lot!

    Does anyone know how to keep Mobs from spawning withing a specific area?

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